Monday, October 23, 2017

Subject to Further Information - Trump Tweets on JFK Records

Trumps Tweet on the JFK Assassination Records - By William Kelly
President Trump tweeted that "subject to further information," he will not interfere with the scheduled release of the remaining sealed records on the assassination of President Kennedy according to the JFK Act of 1992.
The JFK Act requires the government release all of the remaining sealed records on the assassination of President Kennedy by Thursday, October 26, 2017, 25 years after the JFK Act was signed by President G. H. W. Bush.
According to the JFK Act of 1992 it "remains in effect" until the Archivist of the United States informs the President, Congress and the citizens of the United States that the last remaining government record on the assassination of President Kennedy has been released to the public.
If he does that on October 26th, it will be a lie because the CIA and other government agencies are stonewalling, destroying and illegally withholding records that supports the generally held belief that one man alone was not responsible for the murder and there was a conspiracy that the government and agencies will find embarrassing to their organizations.
A quarter-of-a-century - twenty-five years ago the JFK Act was unanimously passed by Congress and was reluctantly signed by President G. H. W. Bush, contingent upon adapting the objections in his signing statement.

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When was the last time Congress did anything unanimously?
This is an issue that everyone agrees on, except the guilty and those intelligence officials and military officers who want to protect their "means and methods," - the "crafts of intelligence" as Allen Dulles called it, the very covert intelligence operational techniques that were used to kill the president and allowed those who did it to get away with it.
With the passage of the act in 1992 the mainstream media turned to attorney Gerald Posner and professor John McAdams, who proclaimed the files are free and there was no conspiracy. Now, even after Posner has been exposed as a serial plagiarist and McAdams has been fired for misconduct, they are still being called on to provide quotes and soundbites for the mainstream media, as Posner has done in the New York Post article that also included my comments.

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But today the new media darlings are journalist Philip Shenon and academian Larry Sabato, who continue to propagate the false myth that JFK was killed by one man alone, though Shenon tries to promote the discredited original covrer-story that the lone wolf assassin was encouraged by Castro Cuban Commies.
They recently wrote in Politico that the upcoming massive data dump of thousands of records will be a logistical fiasco and only encourage conspiracy theorists, when in fact, as researchers have done with the tens of thousands of records already released, they will be systematically reviewed, reformatted, read, categorized and prioritized in a reasonable fashion.
As Ramon Herera reformatted the original list of withheld records, the Black Vault organized the July data dump batch and Mary Ferrell has posted many of them over the years, the real researchers aren't overwhelmed and confused as Shenon would have you believe.
In fact, the real researchers - Peter Dale Scott, John Newman, Bill Simpich, Rex Bradford, Malcolm Blunt and dozens of others, don't have a conspiracy theory to promote but are simply searching for the truth. They are united in their belief that there was a distinct cover-up after the fact and what happened at Dealey Plaza was not just a conspiracy, but a more specific covert intelligence operation, and the withheld records are the missing pieces to the puzzle that is nearly complete.
But where are the real journalists and reporters writing news stories and feature articles on this subject? Why do we keep hearing from Posner, McAdams, Shenon and Sabaato, parroting the same old fake news - one man alone, no conspiracy, Cubans encouraged him and there's so many documents they will only promote chaos and silly conspiracies?
Why won't they call the real researchers to promote the truth as we know it today - that one man alone wasn't responsible, that the MO - modus operandi was that of a covert intelligence operation, that it was connected to CIA Cuban operations, and the records reflect that the government knew that all along.
The conspiracy that emerges from the files is an intentionally convoluted affair but not that complicated.
Rather than a plot, it was a plan - a CIA contingency plan to kill Fidel Castro in an ambush with high powered rifles as he rode in an open jeep, a plan that was redirected to JFK at Dealey Plaza.
Regardless of Lee Harvey Oswald's role of lone gunman or self-proclaimed patsy, this covert intelligence operation was designed to deceive by the planting of false evidence to blame the murder on Castro, a dis-information scheme that failed. It is the part of the plan that gives us a window into the operation that succeeded in killing the President and protecting the actual sponsors.
That's what the withheld and newly released files will tell us - they are the "subjects of further information" that will fill in the pieces to the puzzle of Dealey Plaza.
But we won't be able to see the full puzzle until that day comes when the Archivist of the United States tells the President, Congress and the American people that the last government record on the assassination of President Kennedy has been released.
That day will come, but it won't come this Thursday, October 26, 2017, and it may not come, as Earl Warren said, in our lifetime, but it will come one day, and with all the cards and pieces of the puzzle on the table, those still alive can put it together and will know the full truth.

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