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A Dialog With Robert Oswald


Robert Oswald wrote: While I am ready at any time to be convinced that the Warren Commission was wrong,….

BK Notes: Robert already has demonstrated how the WC was wrong in that Lee did not practice, when he wrote: “If Lee did not practice with that rifle in the days and weeks prior to the assassination he did not take the shots that killed the President and wounded Governor Connally.” Robert refers to the doctor and son who engaged with “Oswald” at the rifle range, which had to be a second rifle, and an associate who he handed the rifle over a fence to – a second suspect. And where did the ammo come from? Robert also wrote in his book that he was suspicious of the Paines, as I am. 

Robert: I have not yet read or heard or seen any evidence that has shaken my conviction that Lee and Lee alone fired the shots that wounded Governor Connally and killed the President of the United States. I base my own judgement largely on the physical evidence and on the words spoken to me by Lieutenant Cunningham and Henry Wade in the first twenty-four hours after the assassination. Cunningham's report of Lee's strange behavior at the Texas Theatre and reports by both Cunningham and Wade of what various eyewitnesses had said made me impatient to hear some explanation from Lee. When I saw him on Saturday, he offered no explanation.

BK: So it wasn’t that he thought Oswald had a motive to kill the President, it was Cunningham’s report on Oswald’s behavior at the Theater that convinces him of his brother’s guilt? I don’t think so. What does Cunningham say?

Robert: Despite the blunders by the Dallas Police and the errors and omissions of the Warren Commission, I am convinced:

1. Lee ordered the 6.5-millimeter Mannlicher-Carcano from Klein's Sporting Goods in Chicago in March, 1963. Handwriting experts told the Commission that the mail-order form and the money order were in Lee's handwriting.

BK: Yes, shortly after Volkmar Schmit told Oswald Walker should be killed as Hitler should have been – which he did at the party set up for the Oswalds to meet the Paines, Oswald ordered the rifle though the mail using the Hidel alias traceable to him, when he could have purchased a similar rifle at any department store, pawn shop or gun shop within walking distance of Dealey Plaza with cash and no paper trail. Why did he establish a paper trail that led directly to him?

2. Lee received the rifle. It was mailed to Post Office Box 2915, Dallas, and this was the last address Lee gave me for his mail. While he denied that he owned any rifle, Marina's testimony and the photographs found in the Paine garage on the afternoon of November 23 prove that he did own one.

BK: Yes, Oswald owned the rifle, and ordered the pistol COD – a month apart, but they arrived on the same day, and the day the WC says he picked them up at the PO he was working at Jaggers/Chiles/Stoval from 8am until after the PO closed, so he didn’t have the opportunity to pick it up. And no one at the PO remembers handing him the rifle over the counter – it couldn’t fit in the PO Box, and there’s no record of Oswald paying the COD cash at the PO for the pistol. WTF?

Robert: 3. The rifle was taken from the Paine garage sometime before November 22, 1963. I believe it was taken by Lee when he made his unusual visit to the Paine home on November 21, 1963.

BK: Then Lee did not practice with that rifle in the days and weeks before the assassination, and as Robert says if he didn’t do that, he “didn’t take the shots that killed the President and wounded Governor Connally.”

Robert: 4. Lee did have a package with him when he went to the Texas School Book Depository on Friday morning, November 22, 1963. If the package actually contained curtain rods - as he told Buell Wesley Frazier, the neighbor who drove him to work - then those curtain rods have never turned up after the most intensive search of the Depository building.

BK: If it was the rifle, it had to be disassembled, and there is no screw driver or tool or even a dime that Oswald could have assembled the rifle in the building. An intensive search of the building failed to find Oswald’s clipboard on the wall, or his jacket found weeks later in the Domino room window sill by the table he said he was sitting reading a paper at the time of the shooting.

Robert: 5. Lee did have the general opportunity to shoot at the President without being seen by anyone else in the depository. Charles Givens, who was working with a floor-laying crew on the sixth floor, Lee on the fifth floor around 11:50 or 11:55 A.M. on November 22, 1963. Lee was then carrying a clipboard which was found ten days after the assassination hidden on the sixth floor.

BK: Yes, and then Shelley saw Oswald at noon on the first floor standing by a telephone as if waiting for a call. He said he then went into the Domino room and read a newspaper by the window where his jacket was found, and from where he said he saw two black guys walk by, and they acknowledge having done so. If Oswald wasn’t there how did he know they were? Then Oswald was seen by a secretary at 12:15 on the first foor.

Robert: No one has ever come forward with any testimony that proves that Lee was not in that general part of the Depository building at the time of the assassination.

BK: Mr. Ochis Campbell, a senior executive, told a New York Herald Tribune reporter on the day of the assassination that when he reentered the building immediately after the shooting he saw Oswald standing by the first floor storage closit under the stairs leading to the second floor. Ninety seconds after the shooting DPD officer Marion Baker saw Oswald walk past the window of a closed door to the second floor lunchroom as he ascended the stairs with Roy Truly. For Oswald to have been the Sixth Floor sniper he would have had to ditch the rifle on the sixth floor, descend the four flights of stairs and go through the door Baker saw him through the window. But Truly, seconds ahead of Baker, didn’t see Oswald go though that door, as he would have if he did. After confronting Oswald with drawn pistol, Truly said Oswald worked there, and Oswald bought a coke and walked out of the lunchroom the same way he went in, through the secretary’s office. A secretary who just returned saw Oswald with the coke and talked to him, but he didn’t respond. He was described by Baker, Truly and the secretary as being cool, calm and collected, unlike anyone who had just blown the president’s head open, ran down four flights of steps and was confronted by a cop with a gun pointed at his belly.

Robert: 6. The 6.5-millimeter Mannlicher-Carcano, serial number C2766, was found on the sixth floor of the Depository building about 1:22 P.M. on November 22, 1963. The rifle still had one live round in it. About ten minutes earlier three empty cartridge cases had been discovered near the window in the south-east corner of the sixth floor.

BK: Yes, where did the cartridge case come from? It holds five bullets, but only four are accounted for. Where did they come from? Bullets are like cigarettes, you can’t just buy one or four, you have to buy a pack. And the pack they were traced to were last sold in a bulk box lot to the US Marine Corps in 1948. Where did they come from? And were did the US Air Force side arm holster used for the sling on this rifle come from? It had to come from somewhere.

Robert: Unfortunately, an officer - Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman - said the weapon was a 7.65 Mauser bolt action rifle. He made that statement before he had taken the trouble to examine the weapon closely, and he was wrong - as he later admitted. Actually there are certain resemblances between the 7.65 Mauser bolt action rifle and the 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano, and under ordinary circumstances, the officer's casual statement would have been treated as an unfortunate but unimportant error - as though he had said a suspect was "about 5 feet 9 inches" when he was actually 5 feet 8 inches. The error Weitzman made does not alter the fact: Less than an hour after the assassination, the Dallas police had found in the Texas School Book Depository Building the rifle mailed to Lee from Chicago about seven months earlier.

BK: Yes, the same rifle shipped to Oswald’s PO Box was found in the TSBD, the only solid piece of evidence that links Oswald to the assassination, and the bases for the frame up that made Oswald the “Patsy” he claimed to be. And that rifle was incapable of taking the head shot, which was taken by a first class trained sniper – “one shot one kill” and they go for the head. It was shot from somewhere in front or behind as the target moved away or approached him, and used a diffent type of bullet that shattered on impact.

Robert: 7. Lee did leave the Depository building almost immediately after the assassination.

BK: Yes, he heard Shelly say there would be no more work that day, and a number of others left as well.Oswald then went into “Operational” mode, walking eight blocks away from the TSBD, then got on a bus going in the opposite direction. Getting off the bus stuck in traffic he called for a cab at the bus station, and offered it to an old lady. He took the cab five blocks past his rooming house and walked back, using trained counter-surveillance intelligence trade crafts. As former CIA agent Bob Bair says in his TV series “JFK Declassified – Tracking Oswald,” Oswald practiced intelligence tradecraft HE – Bair was trained in by the CIA.

Robert: 8. Lee did return to the rooming house at 1026 North Beckley about one o'clock on November 22, 1963, and left three or four minutes later.

BK: Yes, and he retrieved a jacket and a pistol, while a cop car beeped its horn out front, and he was last seen standing by a bus stop.

Robert: 9. Police Officer J.D. Tippit was shot near the intersection of Tenth and Patton, a few blocks from 
the rooming house, at approximately 1:16 P.M.

BK: Yes, and Oswald or someone who closely resembled him was seen in a 57 Plymouth near the scene of Tippit’s killing, a car owned by Tippit’s good friend Carl Mather, whose alibi was that he was working at the time at Collins Radio, in Richardson, Texas, where he worked on the radios on Air Force Executive planes, including Vice President LBJ’s plane. Three weeks earlier, on Nov. 1, the NYTs reported in a front page story that Collins Radio had leased the CIA Cuban raider ship “Rex,” that had deposited commandos with high powered rifles on a Cuban beach on a mission to kill Castro.

Robert: 10. When Lee was arrested at the Texas Theatre, about eight blocks from the spot where Tippit was shot, between 1:45 and 1:50 P.M., he had a Smith & Wesson .38 Special caliber revolver, serial number V510210. Four cartridge cases found a few minutes later in the shrubbery at the corner of Tenth and Patton by three eyewitnesses had been fired from that particular pistol, according to expert testimony.

BK: And where did those bullets come from? Mixed match makes, and bullets found in his pocket TWO hours after his arrest show black leather scuff marks as if they were in a police holster.

11. Lee had ordered that revolver in January or February, 1963, from Seaport Traders, Inc., of Los Angeles. He had used the alias "A.J. Hidell," and had used the same address he gave me and later used in ordering the rifle - Box 2915, Dallas, Texas.

BK: Yes and he ordered it COD – Collect On Delivery, but there’s no record of this payment or a PO employee who recalls taking the money and handing him the gun, that he could have bought, as John Hinkley did, for less for cash with no paper trail at a pawn or gun shop or even a department store.

Robert; 12. Five different people picked out Lee as the man they had seen shoot J.D. Tippit or run from the scene of the shooting, emptying his revolver as he ran.
If that was Lee who was the man who resembled him sitting in Carl Mather’s 57 Plymouth a block away? Or was that the guy who resembled Oswald and killed Tippit. Oswald looked like any ordinary USMC jar head – who fits the COP personality profle.

Robert: I do not believe any of these twelve statements can be disproved, and I find only one explanation for this sequence of events: Lee shot President Kennedy, Governor Connally, and Officer J.D. Tippit. I kept my mind open for other explanations as long as I could, and I am ready at any time to be proven wrong. But those who chip away at details in the twenty-six volumes issued by the Warren Commission seem to me to accomplish nothing unless they can offer some alternate explanation for this series of actions by Lee between January, 1963, and November 22, 1963.

From Robert L. Oswald’s, "Lee: A Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald by His Brother". (1967).

BK: Okay Robert, I wish you were still among us as I intend to offer a more reasonable alternate explanation for this series of actions by Lee between Jan and November 22, 1963 that will include all of the facts and evidence.

Lee: “Don’t believe the so-called evidence.”

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Scripps Howard News Service (SHNS) at Parkland

Howard News Service (SHNS) and Jack Ruby at Parkland Hospital

White House correspondent for SHNS and former Dallas street reporter Seth Kantor couldn’t understand why his telephone call records from Parkland Hospital on the day of the assassination of President Kennedy were sealed for reasons of national security. He was writing a book about his friend Jack Ruby and needed the records to refresh his memory.

Shortly after the President was shot Kantor went to Parkland hospital where he ran into Ruby, who was a source for a number of stories Kantor wrote over the years, and he thought it was natural for Ruby to be there as he was always at major news events. But the Warren Commission refused to believe Kantor and said he must have been mistaken, even though Kantor stuck to his story.

Then when he finally obtained his telephone records, he realized why they were sealed. From Parkland Kantor kept in touch with his Scripps-Howard News Service (SHNS) editors by phone, and called them frequently as news developments warranted. When he learned that Lee Harvey Oswald had been arrested in the murder of a policeman and was suspected of killing the President, he called it in, and was told to call another SHNS reporter in Florida – Hal Hendrix.

When he got a hold of him Kantor thought he would be giving him information about the suspect, but instead, Kantor was incredulous as Hendrix in Florida had more information about Oswald than Kantor could gather in Dallas. Kantor knew Hendrix as a reporter who covered Cuban matters from Miami, whose career would include reporting on a coup in the Dominican Republic that didn’t occur until the next day, earning him the nickname among other reporters as “The Spook.”

I didn’t think much of it until a few years later when I read an op ed – editorial by a retired SHNS editor who confessed that he had published articles submitted to him by the CIA, and that the publishers he worked for had a standing relationship with SHNS to provide such services.

Years later I read a Jim Hougan article about Hal Hendrix’s daughter, who had a relationship with former CIA agent Frank Terpil, whose shennigans with former CIA officer Ed Wilson in Libya got him in trouble with the agency. Terpil told Hougan that he knew the shadowy covert case officer known as “Maurice Bishop,” whose CIA file indicated was actually David Atlee Phillips.

While that file has since disappeared, Phillips did become entwined in the JFK assassination story as the suspected case officer for anti-Castro Cuban terrorist Antonio Veciana, who had been involved in a plot to kill Castro with Sylvia Odio’s parents, who were arrested and did time in Cuban jails.

I became interested in Phillips and read his books – an autobiograpy – “The Nightwatch - Twenty Years of Peculiar Service,” a book about the Cullen Davis murder trial and Texas Justice in Phillips’ hometown of Fort Worth, and a novel “The Carlos Contract,” in which a former CIA agent is called out of retirement to help find Carlos the Terrorist. One of the characters is “Hyphinated Jake,” an obtuse reference to Jacob Easterline – the CIA officer who ran the successful Guatemalan Coup of 1954 and the failed Bay of Pigs. Another character is named McLendon, as in Gordon McLendon, who owned a string of Texas radio stations, including one in Dallas, where he knew Jack Ruby.

When Phillips retired from the CIA he wrote his autobiography and formed the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) to promote the intelligence profession, McLendon joined and with Phillips put together a pilot TV script that they tried to sell to CBS that promoted the CIA much like the popular FBI TV show did.

In one of Phillips’ books he tells a joke, a story about an immigrant who comes to the United States and gets a letter from his brother back home informing him that his pet cat had gone up on the roof, fell off and died. In response the immigrant said not to tell him such bad information all at once, but break it down, telling him one thing at a time – the cat went up on the roof, then in the next letter that he fell off, and then that he died, so it won’t be such a shock.

The next letter he got simply said, “Grandmother’s on the roof.”

Phillips said the story illustrates what intelligence analysts should look for – that small piece of information that indicates something bigger was in the works, a head’s up that something newsworthy or important was about to happen.

I remember that day in mid-March 1981 when I saw the headline in a Philadelphia Daily News vending machine at a mall, with a headline that read: “Castro Plot to Kill Reagan,” and said to myself, “Grandmother’s on the roof.” 

And boy was she. 

Scripps-Howard News Service – By R. H. Boyce.
Thursday, March 12, 1981

Washington – The National Security Agency has alerted the CIA, the White House and State Department to a Latin American newspaper report saying Cuban President Fidel Castro is plotting the assassination of President Reagan, Scripps-Howard News Service has learned.

The NSA, which monitors published and broadcast information around the globe, does not makes such “alert” messages available to the press. But SHNS obtained a copy, which was marked “for official use only.” It included the text of the newspaper report as well as a garbled message about the news story directed to the head of Castro’s controlled news agency, Presna Latina.

Without revealing its sources, the news report, published yesterday in the Caracas, Venezuela, newspaper El Mundo, asserted the assassination plot called for the slaying to be carried out by Illich Ramirez Sancho, an international terrorists known as Carlos the Jackal. Carlos is said to have organized the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, West Germany, and has been involved in dozens of terrorists acts.

U.S. officials said the NSA’s action in alerting the U.S. intelligence community “suggests that while they are not necessarily ready to believe the report of an assassination plot, nevertheless they (NSA) find it at least worthy of looking into.”

The Caracas newspaper story said the assassination plan, “was discussed in a meeting of the International Trust of Crime in Cojimar, an exclusive beach club east of Havana, with the participants of Montonero and Tupamaro thugs, Illich Ramirez, Ramiro Valdez, Cuban Police Minister Carlos Rafael Rodriguez and Fidel Castro.”

Presna Latina (Latin Press) often has been used by Castro for political ends. The Pressa Latina correspondent in Caracas, at 9:47 a.m. EST yesterday, began transmitting the El Mundo article by cable to Prensa Latina headquarters in Havana. NSA monitored it. At the close of the text, Prensa Latina Caracas began adding what appears to be commentary on the El Mundo report. It reads:

“Everything seems to indicate that Fidel Castro is planning the assassination of U.S. President Ronald Reagan in the same way that he previously ordered the assassination of John F. Kennedy and whose participation the high-ranking U.S. government circles hid…”

There the Prensa Latina cable transmission stopped. Had it been ordered broken off by the Venezuela government, say U.S. officials, NSA would have added the words: “transmission interrupted,” to show Venezuela’s action. There was no such NSA notation. Officials provided no explanation of why the transmission ended in mid-sentence.


Note that this is a really good example of Paul Linebarger's Black Propaganda disinformation, as the original source of this article is the Scripps-Howard News Service and based on a leaked National Security Agency (NSA) document, but attributed to Cuban communists.

Of course a few weeks later, on March 30, 1981 John Hinkley tried to assassinate newly sworn in President Ronald Reagan at the Washington D.C. Hilton with a gun he purchased at a pawn shop on Elm Street near Dealey Plaza in Dallas, while his brother was meeting with Vice President George H. W. Bush’s son.  Coincidence or Conspiracy? You make the call.

This was the topic of an article I wrote with John Judge:

When the Assassination Records Review Board requested all NSA documents related to the assassination, this was not included. Why weren’t the records of this incident released by the NSA under the JFK Act?
Because the psychological warfare campaign to blame the assassination of President Kennedy on Castro continues today, as we see with former CIA agents Brian Latell and Bob Baer and their media assets Gus Russo and Phil Shenon, and the recent report by the Cuban Studies Institute.

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The Psy Op Part of the Plan that Failed

The Psy Ops  Part of the Plan that Failed

The Psy-Op that Failed - the Crack in the Dealey Plaza Plan


Previously Posted: The Black Prop Op that Failed

            “Black Propaganda is a fundamental intelligence operation…because it never identifies its real source and pretends to originate within or close to the enemy.” 
 - Ladislas Farago

                     TWO CONSPIRACIES – The Murder and the Cover-Up

            There are two documented conspiracies associated with the assassination of President Kennedy – the first was the arrangement of his murder, while the second concerns the cover-up, deception and thwarting of justice. The second conspiracy was made part of the first, and continues today, so it should concern us all.

 The recent mainstream media attention given to the decades old story of the Cuban who was in Dallas who flew back to Cuba on a flight alone is one, the TV reports by former CIA Agent Bob Bair (JFK Declassified - Tracking Oswald), and the book by former New York Times reporter Phil Shenon all try to imply that Oswald killed JFK alone, but he did so for Castro, or inspired by Castro, or encouraged by Castro agents, none of which is true. Then as, detailed in the recent article in Kennedys and Kings, the Cuban Studies Institute issued a report trying to tie Oswald to Castro, continuing the fake cover-story today. 

            The evidence of both the assassination and cover-up being virtual covert intelligence operations comes in the form of fingerprints – as Senator Richard Schweiker (R. Pa) put it - the distinct fingerprints of intelligence techniques at work. Evidence of the first conspiracy comes in the form of foreknowledge - individuals who had knowledge of the assassination before it occurred and expressed this knowledge to others.

            Sun Tzu, the fifth century Chinese philosopher and author of the classic manual “The Art of War” said that foreknowledge “cannot be elicited by spirits or obtained by magic” but rather can only be acquired from an operational network of spies. “Foreknowledge,” he said, “is the reason the enlightened prince and the wise general conquer the enemy whenever they move.”'

Such foreknowledge is obtained by what Sun Tzu called the “Divine Skein,” a skein being a net, like a fisherman’s net that pulls in information, a network of spies, - an intelligence network.

            Proof of the second conspiracy – evidence of the cover-story stems from the fact that very distinct and identifiable black propaganda operations were conducted before the assassination, and continue to operate today to maintain security and protect those responsible for the first conspiracy. This very distinct, descriptive and deceptive black propaganda disinformation operation attempted, but failed to blame the Dealey Plaza operation on Cuban Communists and Fidel Castro.

            That people had foreknowledge of the assassination before it occurred and black propaganda operations were conducted in concert with the murder are clearly established facts that would not exist at all if the murder was the work of a lone nut and clearly indicates that the assassination was carried out by trained covert intelligence operatives and not by a lone wolf or the Mafia. This does not preclude however, members of organized crime or crazy people from being involved in the operation.

            That Fidel Castro was behind the assassination is a clearly defined disinformation campaign and was made a part of the deception plan - the pre-prepared cover story that continues to shield those actually responsible for the President’s murder. Over two dozen incidents, most if of which can be traced back to the same source, attempt to portray the assassination as the work of Castro. 

            Tracing the deceptive disinformation back to its source should also give us the source of the operation that resulted in what happened at Dealey Plaza. Since disinformation, propaganda and psychological warfare operations utilize explicit techniques, they can be identified, isolated and studied as to their content, intention and source, and thus provide a window into the nest of the responsible network.

The conspiracy behind the assassination of President Kennedy was, in the words of government security consultant Gene Wheaton, “convoluted but not complicated,” so we can figure it out, especially the parts of the plan that failed – the psych-war deception part to blame the murder on Fidel Castro.

Because that part of the plan failed, it gives us a window of insight into the mechanism behind the operation that we wouldn’t have if it was successful.

As one of five aspects of the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler that was to be utilized against Castro but redirected to JFK in Dallas, the idea to falsely blame communists for the crime just didn’t take hold – and has been completely debunked, except for those agents, operators and assets of the responsible intelligence network who continue to parrot the party line.

Those who pre-planned the Dealey Plaza operation to kill President Kennedy assumed that the assassination would be identified as a conspiracy and intentionally deflected the attention of the law enforcement and public opinion using black propaganda techniques to implicate a Fidel Castro and shield the identity of the actual sponsors.

Professors Peter Dale Scott and John Newman and former House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) attorney Dan Hardway have all called attention to the significance of what Scott calls the “managed Oswald stories,” – the “Phase One” black propaganda and disinformation campaign to blame what happened at Dealey Plaza on Fidel Castro – a clearly defined intelligence operation that continues today.

John Newman's Hypothesis One is that, "At some point in 1962, regardless of how much earlier one might have wanted President Kennedy to be assassinated, the contours of the plot that eventually emerged began to fall into place: An American Marxist, Lee Harvey Oswald would appear to have assassinated JFK, and to have done so for Fidel Castro with the assistance of the KGB." 

                       PETER DALE SCOTT – The Deeper Truth Still Not Revealed

Peter Dale Scott in Deep Politics 3 writes:

“In the days after the murders in Dallas the U.S. was flooded with dubious stories, most of them swiftly discredited, linking Oswald to either a Cuban or Soviet conspiracy. Those which most preoccupied the FBI and CIA all came out of Mexico. These stories exhibited certain common characteristics.”

“1. They all came from either directly from an intelligence source, or from someone in the hands of an intelligence agency. Nearly always the agency involved was the Mexican DFS or secret police. The DFS, along with the Nicaraguan intelligence service, which was also a source, were under CIA tutelage.”

“2 The Stories changed over time, to support either a pro-conspiratorial hypothesis (‘Phase One’) or a rebuttal of this (“’Phase Two’).”

“3. The Warren Commission was led to believe that the ‘Phase One’ stories were without basis. In fact a number of unresolved anomalies suggest that behind them was some deeper truth, still not revealed.”

“4. As noted the two main sources, Silvia Duran and Gilberto Alvarado, gave varying stories while detained by the DFS. Of the two, Duran was actually tortured, and Alvarado reportedly threatened with torture... In retrospect, these stories should not have been taken seriously. In fact the CIA was able to rely on them, not as a source of truth, but as a source of coercive influence over the rest of the government. It will help us to understand what was going on if we refer to the stories, not as 'information' or even as 'allegations,' but as MANAGED STORIES. To say this leaves open the question of who were the ultimate managers – the DFS, U.S. Officers in Mexico, or higher authorities in Washington.”

“The full history is complex and confused, with many unanswered questions. But nearly all of these managed stories, along with others outside Mexico.....resolve into this simple pattern of a Phase One/Phase Two evolution. To this day both 'Phase-One' and 'Phase-Two' versions are trotted out from time to time. These control public perceptions of the Kennedy assassination seize the debate from genuine critics who have less access to the media.”

“I do wish to argue that these managed stories, fleeting and insubstantial though they are, were of central importance in determining the outcome of the Kennedy assassination investigation. In succeeding years, furthermore, the discredited ‘Phase-One’ stories have been revived to manipulate public opinion, even after the CIA and FBI had agreed on a ‘Phase-Two’ interpretation of Oswald's movements in Mexico City. In 2013, for example, the discredited Garro story of the twist party was revived in a mainstream book by Philip Shenon. [Philip Shenon, A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2013), 496-98 etc.].”

John Newman agrees with this assessment and adds how this disinformation campaign continues today: 

“As I predicted six months ago, we are up against a full court press by the Castro-killed-Kennedy psych-warfare frame op cooked up by the true perpetrators behind the president’s murder. And, now, beginning with Shenon (prompted by Arlen Specter) in 2012, followed by other famous amazing experts like FOX’s O’Rilley, MSNBC’s Matthews, and UVA’s Sabato, it has been regurgitated again. If that wasn’t enough, we are being fed that old canard again today by hundreds of news items written by youngsters whose entire perspective and information about the assassination has taken place in just the last two weeks.”

            That Fidel Castro was behind the assassination is clearly defined disinformation and part of the deception plan - the pre-prepared “cover story” that shields those actually responsible for the President’s murder. Over a dozen incidents, most if not all of which can be traced back to the same source, attempt to portray the assassination as the work of Castro or his G2. 

            Tracing the deceptive disinformation back to its source should also give us the source of the operation that resulted in what happened at Dealey Plaza. Since disinformation, propaganda and psychological warfare operations utilize explicit techniques, they can be identified, isolated and studied as to their content, intention and source, and thus provide a window into the nest of the responsible network.

                                                       BLACK PROP OPS    

           Paul Linebarger, a professor at the School for Advanced International Studies at John Hopkins University, also taught the black arts of propaganda and psychological warfare operations at his Washington D.C. home. Every Friday evening student spies would take round-a-bout means to unobtrusively get to his house where they learned the secret techniques of propaganda and deception.

Not a subject found in the curriculum of most colleges, the textbook is rare, Linebarger’s“Psychological Warfare – International Propaganda and Communications” (Arno Press, 1948, 1952, 1972, Duell, Sloan and Pearce, N.Y.) is a still used by today’s psychological warriors.

            One of his students, Joseph Burkholder Smith (“Portrait of a Cold Warrior.” G. Putnam/s Sons, N.Y., 1976), relates how Linebarger explained that Black Propaganda is “carefully labeled to be acts of the enemy.” According to Linebarger, “Psychological warfare, in the broad sense, consists of the application of parts of the science called psychology to the conduct of war; psychological warfare comprises the use of propaganda against the enemy, together with such military operational measures as may supplement the propaganda. Propaganda may be described in turn, as organized persuasion by non-violent means. War itself may be considered to be, among other things, a violent form of persuasion. War is waged against the minds, not the bodies of the enemy.”

            The term propaganda stems from the name of the department of the Vatican which had the duty of propagating the faith. Specifically defined, propaganda consists of   “the planned use of any form of public or mass produced communication designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given group for a specific public purpose, whether military, economic or political. Military propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of communications designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given enemy, neutral or friendly foreign group for a specific strategic or tactical purpose.”

            Note that if the communication is not planned, it cannot be called propaganda, and that if does not originate from an intelligence agency or service, it is not disinformation.

            Linebarger developed the STASM formula for spot analysis, in which propaganda can be distinguished by the consideration of five elements – 1) Source, 2) Time, 3) Audience, 4) Subject, 5) Mission. According to Linebarger, this formula works best in the treatment of monitored materials of which the source is known. First point to note is the character of the source – the true source (who really got it out?), the ostensible source (whose name is signed to it?); also the first use source (who used it the first time?) and the second source (who claims merely to be using it as a quotation?).

It is soon evident that the mere attribution of source is a job of high magnitude. A systematic breakdown of the STASM formula produces the following analysis outline: applicable to any single propaganda item, civil or military, in war or peace, spoken, visual or printed. There are five kinds of propaganda: Defense – maintains an accepted form of social action; Offensive – interrupts social action not desired; Conversionary – change allegiance; Divisive – split apart enemy components; Consolidation – insure compliance of occupied civilians; Counterpropaganda – refutes. Security is designed to keep useful information from reaching the enemy, while propaganda operations are designed to get information to him.

            According to Smith, “Linebarger’s two leading operational heroes whose activities formed the basis for lessons he wished us to learn and whose examples he thought we should follow were Lt. Col. Edward G. Lansdale and E. Howard Hunt,” who had what Linebarger called “black minds.”

            Besides his own textbook, Linebarger used another book in his classes, - “The Big Con” by David W. Maurer (Pocket Books, N.Y., 1949), which is the book that was used as the basis for the screenplay of the movie “The Sting.”

      Maurer, a Kentucky linguistics professor, began to study the unique slang of confidence men, but developed that interest into a unique analysis of the Big Con confidence games that proliferated during the early part of the last century. That book, “gives ideas on how to recruit agents, how to handle them and how to get rid of them peacefully when they’re no use to you any longer.”  What the con-artists called “blowing off the Mark.”

        Linebarger concluded, “Believe me, that last one is the toughest job of all,” as David A. Phillips learned with Antonio Vecina, because even though the mark has been taken, they enjoyed the play and want to do it again, much like Veciana wanted to re-establish his association with “Maurice Bishop,” rather than blowing his cover.

            As Maurer writes: “The big time confidence games are in reality, only carefully rehearsed plays in which every member of the cast EXCEPT THE MARK knows his part perfectly.”

            According to Linebarger, “Propaganda is directed to the subtle niceties of thought by which people maintain their personal orientation in an unstable interpersonal world. Propaganda must use the language of the mother, the schoolteacher, the lover, the bully, the policeman, the actor, the ecclesiastic, the buddy, the newspaperman, all of them in turn. And propaganda analysis, in weighing and evaluating propaganda, must be even more discriminating whether the propaganda is apt to hit its mark or not.”

            Those who pre-planned the Dealey Plaza operation to kill President Kennedy assumed that the assassination would be considered a conspiracy and intentionally deflected the attention of the law enforcement and public opinion using black propaganda techniques to implicate a Fidel Castro and Communists in the operation, and shield the identity of the actual sponsors.


Former HSCA investigator Dan Hardway said at a conference presentation: "If (the 'Oswald, the Pro-Castro Commie' story) was that coordinated, that quick, and as detailed, it would be reasonable to infer that it had been laid on in advance. I set out to identify the sources of these stories that came out immediately after the assassination with detailed information on Oswald and his pro-Castro activities. I started asking for the CIA files on all those sources. I got a lot of them before we lost access, but I did not get them all. That was one of the things I was really pressing on, when I got shut down."

In a deposition in the Morley v. CIA case Hardway made some rather specific allegations that can be followed up and provide what they call “actionable intelligence” that could make a significant breakthrough in the case.

In the Declaration of Dan L. Hardway [05/11/16 Re: Civil Action 03-0254 (RJL) Page 6 – 8], he states that: “During the course of my research I was able…. to review CIA 201 files on individuals who had been sources for stories that appeared in the immediate aftermath of the assassination tying LHO (Lee Harvey Oswald) to Castro or the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. I was able to establish that most of the sources of these stories were, or had been, agents or assets used at one time or another by David Atlee Phillips…..I had been able to document links between David Phillips and most of the sources of the disinformation that came out immediately after the assassination about Oswald and his pro-Castro proclivities.”

“I confronted Phillips with those in an interview at our offices on August 24, 1978. Phillips …was forced to admit that many of the sources were former assets that he had managed in the late 1950s and early 1960s – but were also assets whom he was personally managing in the fall of 1963. Mr. Phillips was asked, but could not explain why the information that came from anti-Castro groups and individuals pointed to Cuban connections all seemed to come from assets he had handled personally, but acknowledged that was the case.”

“An extension of materials used in preparation for this interview of David Phillips has not been found so far as I know. The memorandum of that interview has not been located in the official records of the HSCA, although a partial copy has been circulated in the JFK assassination research community.”

“Phillips stated that he had no familiarity with the Catherwood Foundation or Cummins Catherwood or E. Wharton Shober. He was not specifically familiar with the Foundation’s Cuban Relief operation in Miami. Phillips said that debriefing centers in Miami were under the aegis of the CIA but the Agency only got the product…, they were actually run by another agency. He said that it many have been ran by military intelligence.”

That the black propaganda aspect of the plan failed compromises the whole operation and gives us an open window - a crack in the door into the intelligence network responsible for the otherwise successful Dealey Plaza operation. 

The failure of the Covert Cover Story - both Phase One – (Cuban Commie) and Phase Two (Lone Nut) - provide the strands of loose ends that when pulled, make the whole operation come apart. Now it’s time to pull that strand of the network that killed a President and got away with it, thus far. 

There are a number of other aspects of the Psych War Castro Cuban Commie Cover-Story that I have worked on in some detail that should be dealt with but separately.

One is about the “Twist Party” where Oswald was supposedly in the company of two other Americans, a red-haired Cuban while in attendance at one of Sylvia Odio’s house parties where, according to Phil Shenon, Oswald could have been encouraged to kill JFK by Cuban embassy personnel. Another concerns the American – Man on the Motorcycle who reportedly gave Oswald a ride to the Cuban embassy on the back of his motorcycle. And finally there is enough on the public record that indicates the Scrips Howard New Service (SHNS) worked closely with the CIA and NSA in distribution of disinformation and black propaganda, examples of which will be given.

In addition, since I wrote this I have developed the hypothesis that the Dealey Plaza Operation was originally planned for Fidel Castro an assassination and coup based on the German military plot to kill Hitler – the Valkyrie Plan that culmulated in the failed July 20, 1944 bombing. Of the five aspects of that plan that were utilized in the Dealey Plaza Operation, the final one is to blame the conspiracy on Communists, which fits in very well with what is detailed here. 

For more on Military Deception at Dealey Plaza and the US Army Manual for the use of Deception in support of military operations see:

There are more aspects of this story that will be elaborated on in Part II - The Psy Op that Failed, 
regarding the NANA and SHNS support for CIA disinformation in regards to the assassination. 

More to come. 

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Dear Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D.N.Y.) Chair of House Oversight

Image result for Rep. Carolyn Maloney

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D. N.Y.)
Chairwomen of the House Oversight Committee
2157 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington D.C. 20515
Phone (202) 225-5051
Fax (202) 225-4784

January 20, 2020

Dear Rep. Carolyn Maloney,

As the new chair of the House Oversight Committee, you have assumed a powerful position that requires you to represent all of the citizens of this country and not just your constituents.

One of the major tasks assigned to your committee is the oversight of the laws of this land and ensure compliance. One of these laws is the JFK Act of 1992 (44 U.S.C. - 2107), unanimously passed by Congress and signed into law by President George H. W. Bush in October 1992. This law was passed because of the overwhelming public response to Oliver Stone’s film “JFK,” which noted in a trailer that the government’s assassination records were sealed and kept from the public. The law required all of the government’s records on the assassination of President Kennedy be released to the public in full twenty-five years after the passage of the act – in October 2017.

While millions of documents have been released, there remains many tens of thousands more that are being withheld or redacted because President Trump was convinced, at the last hour, to continue withholding these records for reasons of national security. Even the Archivist’s letter of recommendation to the President is still sealed.

As Federal Judge John Tunheim, former chairman of the Assassinations Records Review Board (ARRB) told members of CAPA – Citizens Against Political Assassinations at the National Press Club, there are no records from over fifty years ago that could reasonably be considered a threat to our national security.

Because this law has been legally thwarted by the administration, because there are many destroyed, missing and wrongfully withheld assassination records, and because the American people require the full truth about these mattes, it is imperative that Congress provide proper Oversight of the law, as the Constitution requires. The last Congressional oversight hearing on the JFK Act occurred over twenty years ago, when the life of the ARRB was extended by one year to allow it to complete its job.

Now the House Oversight Committee is responsible for providing the proper oversight of this law in order to account for the destroyed, missing and wrongfully withheld records, release the remaining sealed and redacted records in full as the law required, and permit the Archivist of the United States to inform the President, Congress and the American people that the law has been upheld, and the last secret record on the assassination of President Kennedy has been released.

As a journalist and historian who has been reporting on these matters, I would like to be informed of when a JFK Act Oversight hearing is scheduled so I can attend.

Thank you for your time and attention and good luck in your new position, 

|William Kelly
 P.O. Box 250
 New Lisbon, New Jersey, 08064
( – 609-346-0229)

Thursday, January 16, 2020

JFK Resolutions for 2020

JFK 2020 Resolutions

PLAN A for 2020 - JFKCountercoup Research and Writing

Where Do We Go From Here?

I started writing this on New Year’s Eve, and I'm still not done, but trying to stay focused.

I remember sitting in my St. Joe’s school room in the early 1960s reading 1984 and wondering - where I would be in 1984? When Stanley Krubeck’s 2001 A Space Odyssey came out in the 1970s and - I wondered what it would be like come 2001?

Then when the JFK Act of 1992 was passed by Congress requiring all of the government’s JFK assassination records be released by October 2017, I wondered – where would I be and what would I be doing come 2017?

And here we are in 2020 and 1984, 2001 and 2017 have come and gone, and many thousands of JFK Assassination records remain withheld and no one is asking for the law to be enforced and the records released.

So I’m going to set my own agenda, as I laid it out to myself on New Year’s Eve 2020.

My JFK New Years Resolutions for 2020 are:

1)      Get the JFK Act of 1992 enforced, convene the House Oversight hearings as required by the law, get all of the records released, as the law prescribes, and determine what became of the destroyed, missing and still withheld records.

2)      End the Great Debate over the role of Lee Harvey Oswald, - dispose of the Patsy and move on to the real assassins and the total truth, so no one can rationally say one man alone killed the President.

3)      Legally Exonerate Oswald in a Texas Court of Inquiry so that other legal processes – Dallas Grand Jury, Federal Grand Jury, etc. can kick in.

4)      Interview as many of the remaining living witnesses as possible, as part of the CAPA-TRC project. I will be doing this in two or three spurts - this spring, summer and fall, driving my Honda Odyssey van around the country interviewing researchers, witnesses and suspects, as I have been doing, but mainly on the phone. I will be knocking on doors soon, and will keep you posted on what I learn. Maybe I'll even put a camera in my cap and go live on occasion. 

5)      Write and Publish three books – beginning a trilogy on the assassination – one that resolves it to a moral and legal certainty, a second Anthology of important news reports, articles, book chapters and conference presentations that are necessary to understand what really happened, and a third book, sometime down the line, of my personal journey on this trip. All of my supporters and patrons will get advance copies of these books as soon as they are available. 

For starters, I still feel as I did when I made the opening presentation at the Lancer conference in 2018, and that is the emphasis should now be on Washington D.C. rather than Dallas, though I am going to vote for CAPA to return to Dallas for another two day event, Friday and Saturday, November 20-21. That will be a few weeks after the election and removes the excuse not to pursue Congressional action until after the election, a decision I understand but firmly disagree with.

Most of those running these shows, including those in Washington D.C., don't believe that the current Congress will do anything, let alone hold JFK Act Oversight hearings, mainly because of the preoccupation with Donald Trump, the impeachment and impending election. 

Since Donald Trump is the one who is responsible for the continued withholding of assassination records, despite threatening to release them all as the law requires, so we should try to make the still secret records a campaign issue, and maybe even a part of the impeachment proceedings, though I don't like the whole impeachment shennagans. 

Former Chief of Staff USMC General John Kelly was in charge of the Oval Office at the White House when Trump made his sudden about face regarding the release of the records, literally at the last hour on the last day, so he must have played a major role in that decision. The letter of recomendations from Archivist of the US David Ferrerio must have also been important, especially since that letter is still sealed and not available to the public. 

Since Kelly is now gone, there may be a chance of getting Trump to reverse himself again and just release the remaining records, if only someone will ask him. And I just happen to know Democratic Turncoat Jeff Van Drew, a former Cape May County neighbor whose hosting Trump in our backyard this week. Maybe Jeff will be able to convince him to just do it. 

Whatever becomes of the still sealed records, the JFK Act remains in force until the Archivist informs the President, Congress and the American people that the last previously sealed and secret government record on the assassination of President Kennedy has been released. That's not going to happen soon. 

And Congress will still have to have Oversight hearings on the JFK Act because they are required to do so by law, it's just a matter of when they do it, in our lifetime or the next. 

Once the elections are over in the first week of November, there will be a Lame Duck Congress that may be willing to do some radical things, like enforce the JFK Act, and if they don't maybe the next Congress will, but I don't have time to wait for them. We need to at least make the effort, now. 

As I said before I thought the previous chair of the Oversight Committee, the late Baltimore Congressman Elija Cummings was The Man to do this, but he was old, and sick and nobody made the effort. His replacement however, is a healthy blonde women who knows Karate, so don't give her any trouble, but ask her politely to please hold JFK Act Oversight hearings. 

So in the spirit of MLK I ask all my friends and associates, readers and everyone interested in this cause, to use MLK Day of Service to write a letter, make a phone call, send a fax to the House Oversight Committee requesting to know in advance when they will be holding Congressional Oversight of the JFK Act of 1992.

Of all our legal objectives in the JFK case getting Congressional Oversight Hearings of the JFK Act of 1992 is the easiest, but also the one the opposition opposes, and for good reasons. The still withheld records ARE Explosive, and they will do everything in their power to keep them sealed. 

It took Oliver Stone’s “JFK” movie trailer to get people to demand their representatives in Congress release the government records on the assassination of the President, and it will take a similar public response to get Congress to do anything, but it is something that’s already been done and we can probably do again if it is prepared and planned in advance.

So I, as the soul proprietor of  the JFKCountercoup blog internet site, be it resolved and without any opposition, all those international citizens against political assassinations, those who seek truth and reconciliation without retribution, and those who just want to know the truth, dedicate their one day of service for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day  Monday - Jan. 20, 2020 – towards seeking the complete and total enforcement of the JFK Act of 1992 and release all of the government records on the assassination of President Kennedy in full, in accordance with the law, passed by Congress, signed in to law by President George H.W. Bush, acted on by President Clinton, and extended by President Trump in October 2017.

The provisions of the law require that it be reviewed and overseen by the House Oversight Committee, currently chaired by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D. NY), the only person who has the power to schedule oversight hearings.

Having Congressional Oversight Hearings on the JFK Act would be carried live by ESPN and be sensational in the  testimony it would elecit, so it isn’t likely such an oversight hearing will happen, unless the people, the citizens of the United States REQUIRE it to happen, as they did in response to Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK.”

It doesn’t seem likely that we will ever see another film have such an important impact than “JFK,” but we may need something like it to kick start a new campaign for JFK Act Oversight Hearings.

All suggestions are welcome, other than from Roger Stone.

But I’m going to start another petition, directed at Rep. Maloney, requesting she schedule JFK Act Oversight Hearings, a petition that I will try to circulate at first among recognizable people and then to everyone, and see how many we get. It WILL NOT be a free internet petition (ala, who do not give the email addresses of those who sign on, except to use for their own purposes. It will be an internet petition that will enable us to communicate with those who sign on so we can keep you posted on the resultes of our efforts.

The MLK Day – JFK Act Congressional Oversight project is just the beginning, as in mid-March we want to take over the 2020 Sunshine Week program to at least include the still withheld government records on the JFK assassination.

If our MLK Day requests are answered, Sunshine Week (Mid-March) would be the perfect time for Congress to hold JFK Act Oversight hearings, and whenever and where ever Sunshine Week events are held, the records on assassination of President Kennedy and the failure of Congress to oversee the law should be the primary aspects of the discussion.

If your representative in the House are among those listed as members of the House Oversight Committee, either Democrat or Republican, you could hit the jackpot, as your letter as a voting constituent will be given priority over those of us who are writing as citizens. Please check the list and email me and let me know if your congressman is on the committee. If we can get a half dozen constituents of committee members to visit their Congressonal office or the Committee office, they will be given a ten or fifteen minute meeting with their Representatives, and you have the opportunity to tell them why this is so important, and they will listen to you.

If you want to be a part of this JFK-MLK Day Campaign please write a clear and concise, one page letter to the chairwomen of the House Oversight Committee, the only person in the world who can schedule an Oversight Hearing on the JFK Act, and ask her to do so. You can also request that you be informed of any JFK Act Oversight hearings as soon as it is scheduled so you can make arrangements to attend. 

Then fax it, email it and then mail it through the regular mail to make sure they get it. Calling them and talking to a staff member in a polite way can also get their attention. I will be posting my letter as an example soon.

House Oversight Committee Chairwomen
Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D. N.Y.)
2157 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5051
Fax: (202) 225-4784

And many thanks to those who have assisted me to keep me going. Two thirds of the way towards the goal I set a year ago. I love the $20 donations, because that’s what I can give to my causes, but the two $500 anonymous awards really helped at a critical time. One was from someone who said they read about my association with the late, great Mae Brussell, and I will be writing about her again soon, and believe that I am continuing her work.

If you support my work, please contibute via:
Or you can mail me at

William Kelly
P.O. Box 250,

New Lisbon, N.J. 08064