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Putting the Ducks, Dominoes and Game Pieces in Order

Playing the Great Game on the Devil’s Chessboard - 

Putting the Ducks, Dominoes and Game Pieces in Order 

David Talbot in his book “The Devil’s Chessboard” quotes Allen Dulles as saying that as one who served on the Warren Commission he found that “it was so tantalizing to go over that record [of events], as we did, trying to find out every fact connected with the assassination, and then to say if any one of the chess pieces that were entered into the game differently at any one time, the whole thing might have been different.”

The Chessboard analogy is a good matrix model, as some of the major players called themselves “Knight” and “Bishop” and the accused assassin has always been described, by both conspiracy theorists and lone-nuters, as a “Pawn.”

Seldom in the history of the game of chess, or in the Great Game of espionage – has the King has put himself in a position to be taken out by a Pawn, whose movements and means of attack are strictly limited.

Chess master Bobby Fisher once said that it isn’t putting the opposition into the position of checkmate that is satisfying, it is the moment that the opposition recognizes the game is lost.

As for Dulles’ analysis that “if any one of the chess pieces that were entered into the game differently, at any one time, the whole thing might have been different.”

Exactly – the end result depended on every move to be made – which reminds me of a major part of John Newman’s new book “Into the Storm,” in which he describes how six separate events led to JFK winning the majority of the black vote and thus the 1960 election.

In Chapter One - The Kennedys, King, and the Race Issue – 1960 - Fourteen Days that Changed the Course of History, Newman writes, ….“In… this chapter, I will lay out what I believe was a causal chain of six race-related events that led to Kennedy’s victory in the 1960 presidential election. Those six events took place during a crucial fourteen-day period, just before the election, in the following order”:

17 October: JFK scuttles a proposed meeting with Dr. King.
19 October: King is arrested at student sit-ins in Atlanta, Georgia.
26 October: Approximately 3:00 a.m; King is transferred to chain gang in Reidsville Federal Penitentiary.
26 October: Approximately 10:00 a.m.; Kennedy makes a sympathy telephone call to Coretta King.
27 October: Robert Kennedy makes a call to Judge Mitchell to secure King’s release from Reidsville prison.
28 October: The “Blue Bomb” scheme is secretly launched; the pamphlets are distributed on Sunday, 6 November, two days before the election.

“….It is my contention," Newman writes, "that 1) each one of these events had to occur in order that the next event could take place: and, 2) if any of these six events had failed to take place, John Kennedy would not have been elected president on 8 November 1960. There would have been no New Frontier;…”

It is in that same vein, as Dulles’ points out in regards to the sequence of events that took place prior to the assassination, and Newman’s analysis of the sequence of events that led to the black voters supporting Kennedy, another sequence of events must take place before the case of the murdered president can be resolved to a legal and moral certainty.

There are many legal options, but they must take place in a very specific order to succeed.
And they are:

1)      A Congressional Briefing held in a briefing room in Congress. Any Congressman can request a briefing room reservation at any time, but we need a friendly Congressman to reserve such a room. I arranged for my Congressman William Hughes (D. 2 NJ) to arrange for such a room for a Press Conference announcing the formation of COPA –the Coalition on Political Assassination, and Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D. Ga.) arranged for a large hearing room to be utilized for a Congressional Briefing on the 911, so we have done this before. This Congressional Briefing in Congress must feature the top JFK assassination lawyers, researchers and investigators who could call attention to the most serious issues and convince Congress to hold public JFK Act oversight hearings. We must get the STAFF of the Congressional Oversight Committee to want to do this, as well as the chairman – Rep. Cummings (D. Md.) who should meet with a small select group of our key people. The Congressional Briefing is a preliminary step for a full House Oversight Committee hearing, in which each Congressman on the Committee gets a set time to question special expert witnesses and those responsible for the destroyed, missing and still withheld records. This Congressional Briefing must be held before Congress recesses for the summer.

2)      The Congress of the United States must, by law, eventually conduct meaningful oversight of the JFK Act of 1992 by holding public hearings that would be televised live on CSPAN focusing on illegally destroyed, missing and wrongfully withheld records on the assassination of President Kennedy. This hearing should be held in early September after Congress resumes.

3)      All of the remaining withheld records must be released in full as the law requires, but only Congress can make that happen.

4)      Congress should appoint a new – permanent Review Board that will oversee the JFK Act but also the recently enacted Cold Case Civil Rights Records Act, that requires a new Review Board.

5)      All of the living witnesses should be questioned and properly interviewed on the record, officially subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee or its sub-committee on NARA if necessary, and the witnesses should be required to testify under oath.

6)      The Mainstream Media must be convinced to cover these briefings and hearings and detail how JFK assassination records were illegally destroyed, illegally went missing, and are still being wrongfully withheld, which should spark the justice department to take action.

7)      The Justice Department should appoint a special prosecutor and convene a DC Federal Grand Jury to investigate the crimes related to the assassination – including the destruction of records, the illegal theft of and the wrongfully withholding of specific records that we identify.

8)      CAPA attorney Bill Simpich has proposed convincing a Texas Municipal Judge convene a Court of Inquiry, a legal venue unique to Texas that could legally exonerate Lee Harvey Oswald for the assassination of President and require a new official inquiry. Any Municipal Judge in Texas could order such an Inquiry and the positive aspect of this is he is not required to conduct the inquiry, which another judge would be appointed to do. The Innocence Project, which has exonerated hundreds of falsely convicted victims, could cooperate in this endeavor. 

9)      The newly elected Democratic District Attorney of Dallas County should be briefed privately on the cold case homicides in his jurisdiction that requires further investigation – including the assassination of President Kennedy and the murders of J.D. Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald. He should respond by convening a local Special Dallas Grand Jury to conduct an investigation into these crimes to see if any new evidence and records and compel witnesses to testify. While this local Dallas Grand Jury would only require one assistant – District Attorney to conduct such a Grand Jury, most of the leg work, research, investigative leads and targeted records and witnesses could be provided by independent researchers who have been working on this case for decades.

10)  Both the DC based Federal Grand Jury and the Dallas based local County Grand Jury have the power to order an exhumation of the remains of the victims (JFK, John Connally, J.D. Tippit, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby) for proper FORENSIC autopsies using the most up to date scientific equipment (X-Ray, MRI, photo, etc.) that will provide an enormous amount of new evidence that would be admissible in a court of law. A regular autopsy only determines the cause of death while a forensic autopsy creates evidence that can be introduced in a court of law.

11)  If neither the Federal Grand Jury nor the local Dallas Grand Jury determine that there are living suspects that could be indicted for crimes related to the assassination – including the destruction of evidence, destruction of historic records, theft of records, wrongfully withholding of records, perjury, obstruction of justice, conspiracy and murder, then they can produce a public report, much like the Grand Jury Reports issued in the case against Rockwell International in Colorado (published by Westword, Denver) and the more recent case of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Pennsylvania.

12)  The new Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC) had proposed a Public Inquest be held in Washington D.C. in the first week of December that would focus on the assassination of President Kennedy, as well as other political assassinations of the Sixties.

13)  The recently passed Civil Rights Cold Case Records Act could include the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, and Malcolm X as well as the hundreds of other murders of innocent civilians that came under the Emmett Till bill, and declared Federal homicides.

14)  If all of the events occur in the proper sequence, then all of the evidence, records, facts and witness testimony should be made available to the public so even if justice is not served, anyone can know who killed President Kennedy, how they did it and why. 

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What I am Doing

WHAT I’M DOING – Spring - 2019

As I serve on the Board of Directors of CAPA – the Citizens Against Political Assassinations (, Dr. Cyril Wecht Chairman, and am co-chair of the Research Committee and am also on the Steering Committee of David Talbot’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC), I am in a unique position to help coordinate some of the most important activities that are planned for this year.

There are many projects in the works, including some major documentary films and television series in production, a slew of new books have been published that give us greater insight into the still unresolved assassinations of the Sixties and how political assassinations are still influencing worldwide policies today.
CAPA, after holding successful events for Sunshine Week (2017) at the National Press Club in DC featuring former Assassinations Records Review Board (ARRB) chairman Federal Judge John Tunheim, John Newman and Jim Lesar, CAPA held a Mock Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald at the South Texas College of Law in Houston (2017) and a one day Last Living Witness program at the Old Red Courthouse at Dealey Plaza in Dallas last November. That event featured a reunion of four of the Parkland doctors and technicians who worked on the body at Bethesda.

Now, since JFK LANCER, after a twenty year run, will no longer be hosting conferences in Dallas,  CAPA is planning on holding a two-day conference on Friday and Saturday November 22-23 at the Marriott Courtyard near Dealey Plaza, which will be on the weekend before Thanksgiving, just as it was in 1963.
Even more new witnesses are expected, a new computerized 3D scan of Dealey Plaza and the TSBD will be presented, and the single bullet theory refuted once and for all. CAPA is also coordinating researchers reviewing the most recently released records and CAPA researchers and investigators are following ujp on some interesting lines of inquiry that are panning out.

The CAPA research committee is also working closely with FOIA attorney Jim Lesar at the Assassinations Archives and Research Center (AARC), Rex Bradford at, Jeff Morley ( and the newly formed Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC) in lobbying Congress to hold JFK Act Oversight Hearings this year, as it is required to but has so far refused to do. This lobby effort will be a well planned and smartly executed campaign to finish the work began by Oliver Stone’s film “JFK,” something the law required to be completed two years ago, but remains in limbo. The Congressional Oversight Committee, chaired by Baltimore Democrat I. Cummings, should hold non-partisan public hearings on why the JFK Act is not being enforced, who deliberately destroyed assassination records, why so many records are missing, and why thousands of documents are still being wrongfully withheld.

While the details haven’t been set yet, after the public release of the Ten Points of Agreement, which made major media waves, the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC) has been incorporated as a non-profit, donations have already been made, a web site is up and running, and plans are being laid to hold a public Inquest into the political assassinations of the Sixties in Washington D.C. in the first week of December.

Both CAPA and the TRC are concerned with the broader analysis of political assassinations in general, and focus mainly on the still unresolved murders of JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcolm X, and each has their own teams of lawyers, researchers and investigators. The TRC has a great team working on the RFK murder and attempting to obtain the parole of the accused but innocent patsy Sirhan B. Sirhan, and with the assistance of RFK, Jr., Paul Schrade, who took a bullet, and some good attorneys, they may be successful.

As for me, I am strictly concentrating my research and writings to the JFK assassination, am working with CAPA and the TRC committee in lobbying Congress for JFK Act oversight hearings and with the TRC-JFK Committee compiling lists of living witnesses that we will be contacting and formally interview before time catches up with us.

 I believe we can wrap up the case of the murdered president to a legal and moral certainty very soon - if all of the pieces of the puzzle come together, the ducks and dominos are lined up properly, and everything falls together instead of apart, if you get my drift.

Because of what we are up against – teams of successful assassins, intelligence networks, covert operators, well planned disinformation campaigns, a mainstream media that has been bought off, and compromised government agencies, most of the real important work is being done quietly, behind closed doors, so we hope to have surprise on our side once we engage and begin to play our hand.

And I will be keeping track, writing and posting about all of these things on my JFKCountercoup blog. Since I have dedicated much of this year to wrapping up my fifty year, life long work on the assassination of President Kennedy, and will be traveling to the Archives, DC and Dallas, with limited income, I am asking for those who are interested in these things to support my work.

Consider supporting my work on these important projects and I will keep you posted here. 

I also ask you to support CAPA by joining and becoming an active member – volunteer to work on a committee (Legal, Media, Research) and donating –as CAPA is now a non-profit so that donations can be tax deductable.

Also please support our friends and associates – JFKFacts, MaryFerrell, AARC, and TRC.

As John Judge used to say, “We have a lot on our plate,” but not so much that we can’t finish the job, especially for those who began this fight and are no longer with us. 

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The Psy-Op that Failed - the Crack in the Dealey Plaza Plan

The Psy-Op That Failed


 The Black Prop Op that Failed

            “Black Propaganda is a fundamental intelligence operation…because it never identifies its real source and pretends to originate within or close to the enemy.”  - Ladislas Farago

                     TWO CONSPIRACIES – The Murder and the Cover-Up

            There are two documented conspiracies associated with the assassination of President Kennedy – the first was the arrangement of his murder, while the second concerns the cover-up, deception and thwarting of justice. The second conspiracy continues today, so it should concern us all.

            The evidence of the assassination and cover-up being virtual covert intelligence operations comes in the form of fingerprints – as Senator Richard Schweiker (R. Pa) put it - the distinct fingerprints of intelligence techniques at work. Evidence of the first conspiracy comes in the form of foreknowledge - individuals who had knowledge of the assassination before it occurred and expressed this knowledge to others.

            Sun Tzu, the fifth century Chinese philosopher and author of the classic manual “The Art of War” said that foreknowledge “cannot be elicited by spirits or obtained by magic” but rather can only be acquired from an operational network of spies. “Foreknowledge,” he said, “is the reason the enlightened prince and the wise general conquer the enemy whenever they move.”'

Such foreknowledge is obtained by what Sun Tzu called the “Divine Skein,” a skein being a net, like a fisherman’s net that pulls in information, a network of spies, - an intelligence network.

            Proof of the second conspiracy – evidence of the cover-story stems from the fact that very distinct and identifiable black propaganda operations were conducted before the assassination, and continue to operate today to maintain security and protect those responsible for the first conspiracy. This very distinct, descriptive and deceptive black propaganda disinformation operation attempted, but failed to blame the Dealey Plaza operation on Cuban Communists and Fidel Castro.

            That people had foreknowledge of the assassination before it occurred and black propaganda operations were conducted in concert with the murder are clearly established facts that would not exist at all if the murder was the work of a lone nut and clearly indicates that the assassination was carried out by trained covert intelligence operatives and not by a lone wolf or the Mafia. This does not preclude however, members of organized crime or crazy people from being involved in the operation.

            That Fidel Castro was behind the assassination is a clearly defined disinformation campaign and was made a part of the deception plan - the pre-prepared cover story that continues to shield those actually responsible for the President’s murder. Over two dozen incidents, most if of which can be traced back to the same source, attempt to portray the assassination as the work of Castro. 

            Tracing the deceptive disinformation back to its source should also give us the source of the operation that resulted in what happened at Dealey Plaza. Since disinformation, propaganda and psychological warfare operations utilize explicit techniques, they can be identified, isolated and studied as to their content, intention and source, and thus provide a window into the nest of the responsible network.

The conspiracy behind the assassination of President Kennedy was, in the words of government security consultant Gene Wheaton, “convoluted but not complicated,” so we can figure it out, especially the parts of the plan that failed – the psych-war deception part to blame the murder on Fidel Castro.

Because that part of the plan failed, it gives us a window of insight into the mechanism behind the operation that we wouldn’t have if it was successful.

As one of five aspects of the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler that was to be utilized against Castro but redirected to JFK in Dallas, the idea to falsely blame communists for the crime just didn’t take hold – and has been completely debunked, except for those agents, operators and assets of the responsible intelligence network who continue to parrot the party line.

Those who pre-planned the Dealey Plaza operation to kill President Kennedy assumed that the assassination would be identified as a conspiracy and intentionally deflected the attention of the law enforcement and public opinion using black propaganda techniques to implicate a Fidel Castro and shield the identity of the actual sponsors.

Professors Peter Dale Scott and John Newman and former House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) attorney Dan Hardway have all called attention to the significance of what Scott calls the “managed Oswald stories,” – the “Phase One” black propaganda and disinformation campaign to blame what happened at Dealey Plaza on Fidel Castro – a clearly defined intelligence operation that continues today.

John Newman's Hypothesis One is that, "At some point in 1962, regardless of how much earlier one might have wanted President Kennedy to be assassinated, the contours of the plot that eventually emerged began to fall into place: An American Marxist, Lee Harvey Oswald would appear to have assassinated JFK, and to have done so for Fidel Castro with the assistance of the KGB." 

                       PETER DALE SCOTT – The Deeper Truth Still Not Revealed

Peter Dale Scott in Deep Politics 3 writes:

“In the days after the murders in Dallas the U.S. was flooded with dubious stories, most of them swiftly discredited, linking Oswald to either a Cuban or Soviet conspiracy. Those which most preoccupied the FBI and CIA all came out of Mexico. These stories exhibited certain common characteristics.”

“1. They all came from either directly from an intelligence source, or from someone in the hands of an intelligence agency. Nearly always the agency involved was the Mexican DFS or secret police. The DFS, along with the Nicaraguan intelligence service, which was also a source, were under CIA tutelage.”

“2 The Stories changed over time, to support either a pro-conspiratorial hypothesis (‘Phase One’) or a rebuttal of this (“’Phase Two’).”

“3. The Warren Commission was led to believe that the ‘Phase One’ stories were without basis. In fact a number of unresolved anomalies suggest that behind them was some deeper truth, still not revealed.”

“4. As noted the two main sources, Silvia Duran and Gilberto Alvarado, gave varying stories while detained by the DFS. Of the two, Duran was actually tortured, and Alvarado reportedly threatened with torture... In retrospect, these stories should not have been taken seriously. In fact the CIA was able to rely on them, not as a source of truth, but as a source of coercive influence over the rest of the government. It will help us to understand what was going on if we refer to the stories, not as 'information' or even as 'allegations,' but as MANAGED STORIES. To say this leaves open the question of who were the ultimate managers – the DFS, U.S. Officers in Mexico, or higher authorities in Washington.”

“The full history is complex and confused, with many unanswered questions. But nearly all of these managed stories, along with others outside Mexico.....resolve into this simple pattern of a Phase One/Phase Two evolution. To this day both 'Phase-One' and 'Phase-Two' versions are trotted out from time to time. These control public perceptions of the Kennedy assassination seize the debate from genuine critics who have less access to the media.”

“I do wish to argue that these managed stories, fleeting and insubstantial though they are, were of central importance in determining the outcome of the Kennedy assassination investigation. In succeeding years, furthermore, the discredited ‘Phase-One’ stories have been revived to manipulate public opinion, even after the CIA and FBI had agreed on a ‘Phase-Two’ interpretation of Oswald's movements in Mexico City. In 2013, for example, the discredited Garro story of the twist party was revived in a mainstream book by Philip Shenon. [Philip Shenon, A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination (New York: Henry Hold and Company, 2013), 496-98 etc.].”

John Newman agrees with this assessment and adds how this disinformation campaign continues today: 

“As I predicted six months ago, we are up against a full court press by the Castro-killed-Kennedy psych-warfare frame op cooked up by the true perpetrators behind the president’s murder. And, now, beginning with Shenon (prompted by Arlen Specter) in 2012, followed by other famous amazing experts like FOX’s O’Rilley, MSNBC’s Matthews, and UVA’s Sabato, it has been regurgitated again. If that wasn’t enough, we are being fed that old canard again today by hundreds of news items written by youngsters whose entire perspective and information about the assassination has taken place in just the last two weeks.”

            That Fidel Castro was behind the assassination is clearly defined disinformation and part of the deception plan - the pre-prepared “cover story” that shields those actually responsible for the President’s murder. Over a dozen incidents, most if not all of which can be traced back to the same source, attempt to portray the assassination as the work of Castro or his G2. 

            Tracing the deceptive disinformation back to its source should also give us the source of the operation that resulted in what happened at Dealey Plaza. Since disinformation, propaganda and psychological warfare operations utilize explicit techniques, they can be identified, isolated and studied as to their content, intention and source, and thus provide a window into the nest of the responsible network.

                                                       BLACK PROP OPS    

           Paul Linebarger, a professor at the School for Advanced International Studies at John Hopkins University, also taught the black arts of propaganda and psychological warfare operations at his Washington D.C. home. Every Friday evening student spies would take round-a-bout means to unobtrusively get to his house where they learned the secret techniques of propaganda and deception.

Not a subject found in the curriculum of most colleges, the textbook is rare, Linebarger’s“Psychological Warfare – International Propaganda and Communications” (Arno Press, 1948, 1952, 1972, Duell, Sloan and Pearce, N.Y.) is a still used by today’s psychological warriors.

            One of his students, Joseph Burkholder Smith (“Portrait of a Cold Warrior.” G. Putnam/s Sons, N.Y., 1976), relates how Linebarger explained that Black Propaganda is “carefully labeled to be acts of the enemy.” According to Linebarger, “Psychological warfare, in the broad sense, consists of the application of parts of the science called psychology to the conduct of war; psychological warfare comprises the use of propaganda against the enemy, together with such military operational measures as may supplement the propaganda. Propaganda may be described in turn, as organized persuasion by non-violent means. War itself may be considered to be, among other things, a violent form of persuasion. War is waged against the minds, not the bodies of the enemy.”

            The term propaganda stems from the name of the department of the Vatican which had the duty of propagating the faith. Specifically defined, propaganda consists of   “the planned use of any form of public or mass produced communication designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given group for a specific public purpose, whether military, economic or political. Military propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of communications designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given enemy, neutral or friendly foreign group for a specific strategic or tactical purpose.”

            Note that if the communication is not planned, it cannot be called propaganda, and that if does not originate from an intelligence agency or service, it is not disinformation.

            Linebarger developed the STASM formula for spot analysis, in which propaganda can be distinguished by the consideration of five elements – 1) Source, 2) Time, 3) Audience, 4) Subject, 5) Mission. According to Linebarger, this formula works best in the treatment of monitored materials of which the source is known. First point to note is the character of the source – the true source (who really got it out?), the ostensible source (whose name is signed to it?); also the first use source (who used it the first time?) and the second source (who claims merely to be using it as a quotation?).

It is soon evident that the mere attribution of source is a job of high magnitude. A systematic breakdown of the STASM formula produces the following analysis outline: applicable to any single propaganda item, civil or military, in war or peace, spoken, visual or printed. There are five kinds of propaganda: Defense – maintains an accepted form of social action; Offensive – interrupts social action not desired; Conversionary – change allegiance; Divisive – split apart enemy components; Consolidation – insure compliance of occupied civilians; Counterpropaganda – refutes. Security is designed to keep useful information from reaching the enemy, while propaganda operations are designed to get information to him.

            According to Smith, “Linebarger’s two leading operational heroes whose activities formed the basis for lessons he wished us to learn and whose examples he thought we should follow were Lt. Col. Edward G. Lansdale and E. Howard Hunt,” who had what Linebarger called “black minds.”

            Besides his own textbook, Linebarger used another book in his classes, - “The Big Con” by David W. Maurer (Pocket Books, N.Y., 1949), which is the book that was used as the basis for the screenplay of the movie “The Sting.”

      Maurer, a Kentucky linguistics professor, began to study the unique slang of confidence men, but developed that interest into a unique analysis of the Big Con confidence games that proliferated during the early part of the last century. That book, “gives ideas on how to recruit agents, how to handle them and how to get rid of them peacefully when they’re no use to you any longer.”  What the con-artists called “blowing off the Mark.”

        Linebarger concluded, “Believe me, that last one is the toughest job of all,” as David A. Phillips learned with Antonio Vecina, because even though the mark has been taken, they enjoyed the play and want to do it again, much like Veciana wanted to re-establish his association with “Maurice Bishop,” rather than blowing his cover.

            As Maurer writes: “The big time confidence games are in reality, only carefully rehearsed plays in which every member of the cast EXCEPT THE MARK knows his part perfectly.”

            According to Linebarger, “Propaganda is directed to the subtle niceties of thought by which people maintain their personal orientation in an unstable interpersonal world. Propaganda must use the language of the mother, the schoolteacher, the lover, the bully, the policeman, the actor, the ecclesiastic, the buddy, the newspaperman, all of them in turn. And propaganda analysis, in weighing and evaluating propaganda, must be even more discriminating whether the propaganda is apt to hit its mark or not.”

            Those who pre-planned the Dealey Plaza operation to kill President Kennedy assumed that the assassination would be considered a conspiracy and intentionally deflected the attention of the law enforcement and public opinion using black propaganda techniques to implicate a Fidel Castro and Communists in the operation, and shield the identity of the actual sponsors.


Former HSCA investigator Dan Hardway said at a conference presentation: "If (the 'Oswald, the Pro-Castro Commie' story) was that coordinated, that quick, and as detailed, it would be reasonable to infer that it had been laid on in advance. I set out to identify the sources of these stories that came out immediately after the assassination with detailed information on Oswald and his pro-Castro activities. I started asking for the CIA files on all those sources. I got a lot of them before we lost access, but I did not get them all. That was one of the things I was really pressing on, when I got shut down."

In a deposition in the Morley v. CIA case Hardway made some rather specific allegations that can be followed up and provide what they call “actionable intelligence” that could make a significant breakthrough in the case.

In the Declaration of Dan L. Hardway [05/11/16 Re: Civil Action 03-0254 (RJL) Page 6 – 8], he clearly states that: “During the course of my research I was able…. to review CIA 201 files on individuals who had been sources for stories that appeared in the immediate aftermath of the assassination tying LHO (Lee Harvey Oswald) to Castro or the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. I was able to establish that most of the sources of these stories were, or had been, agents or assets used at one time or another by David Atlee Phillips…..I had been able to document links between David Phillips and most of the sources of the disinformation that came out immediately after the assassination about Oswald and his pro-Castro proclivities.”

“I confronted Phillips with those in an interview at our offices on August 24, 1978. Phillips …was forced to admit that many of the sources were former assets that he had managed in the late 1950s and early 1960s – but were also assets whom he was personally managing in the fall of 1963. Mr. Phillips was asked, but could not explain why the information that came from anti-Castro groups and individuals pointed to Cuban connections all seemed to come from assets he had handled personally, but acknowledged that was the case.”

“An extension of materials used in preparation for this interview of David Phillips has not been found so far as I know. The memorandum of that interview has not been located in the official records of the HSCA, although a partial copy has been circulated in the JFK assassination research community.”

“Phillips stated that he had no familiarity with the Catherwood Foundation or Cummins Catherwood or E. Wharton Shober. He was not specifically familiar with the Foundation’s Cuban Relief operation in Miami. Phillips said that debriefing centers in Miami were under the aegis of the CIA but the Agency only got the product…, they were actually run by another agency. He said that it many have been ran by military intelligence.”

That the black propaganda aspect of the plan failed compromises the whole operation and gives us an open window - a crack in the door into the intelligence network responsible for the otherwise successful Dealey Plaza operation. The failure of the Covert Cover Story - both Phase One – (Cuban Commie) and Phase Two (Lone Nut) - provide the strands of loose ends that when pulled, make the whole operation come apart. 

Now it’s time to pull that strand of the net/work that killed a President and got away with it, thus far. 

For more on Military Deception at Dealey Plaza and the US Army Manual for the use of Deception in support of military operations see: 

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John Newman, General Odom and the Sting at Dealey Plaza

John Newman, General Odom and the Sting at Dealey Plaza

John Newman is a saint and champion among us not only because he teaches us how to read official documents, how to translate cryptic codes and ciphers, and breaks things down into understandable hypothesis, but for how he came to learn the secret crafts of intelligence himself.

Before becoming a distinguished university professor and yoga master, Newman served honorably as a military intelligence officer and analyst and for two years as assistant to General William Odom, who himself served as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) and the National Security Agency (NSA), both of which are super secret national intelligence agencies.

Other than Newman’s past affiliation with Odom, the only other published reference to Odom that I am aware of are in Thomas Powers’ “Intelligence Wars” (2004, NY Review of Books), and they both give good instructions on military command and control as well as what makes a good covert intelligence operation.

One reference concerns Odom when he was the military assistant to President Carter’s national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, and was informed, at three o’clock in the morning, that the Soviet Union had launched 220 missiles targeting the United States, while the other reference concerns how the  intelligence officers adapted David Mauer’s Big Con “Sting” for covert operations.

In Powers’ “Intelligence Wars’ (p. 351) he writes: “It was in (a) climate of heightened fear and apprehension late in the Carter administration that the American nuclear command and control structure was upset by a series of false alarms – erroneous reports from technical systems that an attack was under way. In the most dramatic of these episodes the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD), from its bomb-proof post deep beneath Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, informed Colonel (later General) William Odom, military assistant to Carter’s national security advisor, Zbigniew Brezezinski, that the Soviet Union had launched 220 missiles targeted on the United States.”

“Odom, at three o’clock in the morning, called Brzezinski, who prepared himself to notify the President in time for the U.S. to retaliate – that is, within three to seven minutes after the Soviet launch. Soon Odom called again to confirm the bad news, adding that the revised, now-correct number of attacking Soviet missiles was 2,200 – the long-dreaded, all-out, Pearl Harbor-style first strike intended to destroy American missiles in their silos. Brzezinski did not wake his wife, he was convinced everyone would soon be dead. But just before he was about to call President Carter, Odom called a third time to say it was all a mistake – someone at NORAD had loaded the computer-controlled warning system with exercise tapes used for simulating war games. Nothing to worry about! Brzezinski went back to bed.”

I know a little bit about war games, as I have worked for the Army as a COB – Citizen On the Battlefield, often playing a bad guy with the Opposition Force – but the idea a nuclear war could be accidently started over a computer glitch is absolutely amazing.

Hollywood had fun with this story as they produced the fun movie “War Games,” but more series films have been made that make the same case – “Fail Safe,” “Dr. Strangelove – or How I Learned to Love the Bomb,” and “Seven Days in May,” all provide believable scenarios of potential catastrophe, sometimes averted.


The other Powers’ reference to General Odom in "Intelligence Wars"  (p. xxxv) takes place at a cocktail party of intelligence officers.

As Powers relates it: “But old hands in the agent running business would not tell you….How they might go about it was described to me indirectly a few years back at the sixtieth birthday party for a retired intelligence officer named Haviland Smith.”

“Among the guests at Smith’s party,” Powers relates, “was General William Odom, who held two big intelligence jobs before retiring – first as the Army Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI), followed by three years as director of the National Security Agency (NSA). I asked Odom at the birthday party how he met Smith, who had a very different sort of career.”

Powers: “Smith spent his working life in the CIA’s Directorate for Operations (previously called the Directorate for Plans), and he spent most of it in the field. He told me once that the work was hard but had its pleasures – for example, the sheer gut thrill of making a successful brush pass on the streets of Moscow while hawk-eyed KGB watchers were on every street corner trying to make it impossible. What Smith was trying to hand over, or retrieve, he did not tell me; that was classified. But he made no secret of the glow of triumph that came with success. Smith was a born operator, and Odom met him while seeking advice.”
Powers asked Odom how he came to meet (Haviland) Smith.

“When I was ACSI I talked to Haviland about my Army clan,” Odom told me. “It’s the endless problem – should the Army be trying to run agents at all?”

Of course the CIA is technically prohibited by its charter from operating within the United States, though it manages to skirt that law whenever it seems prudent. But the Army has no such restrictions, other than not engaging in police functions, and Army intelligence was used extensively during civil disturbances, especially civil rights, inter-city riots, in Memphis when MLK was killed, and whenever a national or regional emergency requires the Army’s mobilization. Even at Woodstock, the Army Reserves came though when the governor called it an emergency and they provided needed food, medical services and even a helicopter to shuttle the musicians to the stage so the show could go on.

The Army runs agents all over the world, and domestically, and no one seriously asks the question whether “should the Army be trying to run agents at all?”

But the other half of the question Odom asked Haviland Smith, “what makes a good case officer?”
“Haviland said, ‘Did you use that movie with Robert Redford and Paul Newman – The Sting?’”

“I said yes. He said, ‘That’s it – the con!”

Ah, yes, The Sting and the Big Con – which tells us that Haviland Smith took Paul Linebarger’s class in which he assigns his students to read David Mauer’s book “The Big Con,” which was adapted for the screen as “The Sting.”

David Mauer, a Kentucky linguistics professor, took up a study of slang, specifically slang used by confidence men who take pride in swindling rich marks without using violence or actually stealing it.
It was while compiling the unique slang of these confidence men that Mauer learned the art of the Big Con, as it is portrayed in the movie “The Sting,” which itself is one of the slang words that describes the moment the mark turns over the money to the inside man in the course of a Big Con swindle.

When Maurer saw the movie he immediately knew that the screenplay was based on his book, and he sued the producers. And while the screenwriters claimed they never read Mauer’s non-fictional book, they could provide no other source for the name “Gondorf,” a primary character based on a real person who was the best insideman in playing the Big Con. Mauer won the case.

And in following John Newman’s analysis of the Kennedy assassination, it is imperative that we adopt the same research technique employed by Mauer in his study – gain the confidence of the confidence men and get them to tell us the secrets of the Great Game that they were playing.

Instead of the street slang they developed to secretly communicate among themselves, we must learn the language, slang – argo used in the Great Game of intelligence and security – learn the differences between officers, agents, operatives and assets, the role of the cut-outs, codes, crypts and ciphers in order to read the documents that we now have, as they are all shrouded by those whose intent was to deceive.

As the French intelligence agent said, what happened at Dealey Plaza was like a magic trick – complete with smoke and mirrors, but once you understand how the magic trick works, how the Big Con is played, it isn’t so magical after all.

And for coming to understand this we have General Odom, Haviland Smith and Thomas Powers to thank for giving us “The Sting” and The Big Con as examples of how a good covert action is run and how a good case officer works. And we have John Newman to thank for explaining it all to us in a clear and concise language we can understand.

In his class on covert and clandestine crafts that Paul Linebarger taught, and used “The Big Con” as a textbook, he also told his students that these political cons should only be used against our overseas adversaries, and not used domestically, “or the whole system will fall apart.”

Well since Dealey Plaza, Vietnam, Watergate, Iran-Contra and Russian/Wiki Leaks, - the whole system has fallen apart, though you would think that since we now know how the trick is played, we wouldn’t fall for it again, and again. 

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