Thursday, December 27, 2007

JFK Countercoup

I started this blog in the wake of yet another major political assassination, at a time when the internet forum I was most attached to, went down.

Suddenly cut off from other researchers, I thought I would establish this base of operations as a place to reconnect when necessary.

I tried to register assassins or counter assassins, and COPA, but they wouldn't take, so I fell back on the JFK angle, and while I was typing it in, the former ambassador on the BBC radio was saying how similar this assassassination is to the murder of President Kennedy, creating a sense of uncertainty that's yet to be resolved.

In the course of starting COPA, I thought and others suggested their vision was similar to mine, that COPA would eventually become a major research network, based in Washington D.C., that could be mobilized when a political assassination occurred. We would be ready to follow up immediately instead, as with JFK, took decades to figure out.

But alas, here we are, decades later, and no further organized or collaborative than ever.

In any case, before calling for exposing the truth and seeking justice in this murder, let's expose the truth and dish out some justice in the yet unresolved political murder of JFK.

This is the Broadside announcement of our intentions.

Bill Kelly