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JFK2017NOW is a central place for information for those interested in getting the government to release the remaining withheld JFK assassination records now, rather than in 2017 when they are scheduled to be released.

At first we are going to brainstorm actionable ideas that we will then review and try to put into action This Year - 2014, beginning with an MLK style day of service Internet lobbying for congressional hearings on the JFK Act, building up to Sunshine Week in. Mid-March in DC.

After a June 10 event at American University, a group of activists are planning a peaceful demonstration in the public terrace of the JFK Center for the Performing Arts on the 4th of July, that may become a singing sit in with Occupy and Tea Party supporters of open government and a staging area for peaceful demonstrations at the NARA and CIA.

A Teach-In to be featured on the internet and a JFK Assassination Film Fest are also being planned in connection with these events, that will lead up to a major symposium on the JFK assassination records in DC in October on the 50th anniversary of the issuing the Warren Report. This important conference will be sponsored by the Assassination Archives and Records Center (AARC), where Jerry Policoff is now the Executive Director and is organizing their extensive records.

If the remaining JFK records are still being withheld by then we will be taking volunteers to get arrested with Dick Gregory and a few others that will call media and mews attention to the plight of the records and maybe result in a court case that will generate more publicity.

JFK believed people could accomplish anything and if we do focus on this and make it an issue, we can free these important records.

Any Good Actionable Ideas?


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ruth Paine's Oswald

Ruth Paine's Oswald

Not deposed by either the HSCA or ARRB,  Ruth Paine's recent statements provided over YouTube are significant for what they don't say,

While she now says she believes Oswald killed JFK alone and was mentally ill, in Oct  1963 she wrote her father that Oswald was a good father and exhibited no signs of being mentally unbalanced.

She also calls attention to the Walker shooting as evidence of Oswald's guilt, especially the note he left behind for Marina in case anything went wrong.

If you read the note it does not imply Oswald was crazy but rather he was on a mission that might go wrong and for what she should do if it did - the Paines would take care of her.

In her talk she also mentions her summer of 1963 vacation when she visited friends and relatives and then on her way home Ickes up Oswald's wife Marina and transported her, her daughter and the rifle  to Texas while Oswald went to Mexico.

She failed to note however that she visited her sister who worked for the government and her in laws the Forbes on their private island off Mass and wrote Marina offering to accommodate her in Texas while she has a baby.  If Marina agreed she requested her to write to her c/o  Arthur Young in Pa., her    husband's mother and step father who invented the Bell Helicopter.

It was because of Art Young they moved to Texas for Michael Paine to work at Bell Hell.

The Paines were introduced to the Oswald's at a party held for the expressed purpose of introducing the Oswald's and Paines, where not only Marina met Ruth Paine but Oswald met Volkmar Schmidt, who used "reverse psychology" techniques on Oswald to convince him Gen. Walker was a threat like Hitler and should be killed like Hitler, expressly referencing the Valkyie plot to kill Hitler.

It has also been widely assumed that George deMohrenschilts passed on the Oswald's to the Paines, and he did view the rifle and joked about Oswald shooting Walker, then went to NYC to meet CIA officer who used to work with Bush at Zapata Oil. Did he tell them about Oswald, the rifle and Walker? Then deMorn went to DC to meet Dorothi Matlack of the Army Reserve office at the Pentagon and Col. Kail, who "Maurice Bishop" had Veciana contact at the US embassy in Havana. Did deMorn tell them about Oswald, the rifle and Walker?

On her return trip home Ruth Paine stopped to visit  her husband's mother, Ruth Forbes Paine Young,        best friends with Mary Bancroft, Allen Dulles mistress and agent involved in the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler.

She then picked up Oswald's wife in New Orleans and took them to Texas, along with the rifle said to be used to kill JFK while Oswald went to Mexico.

On the day Oswald left for Mexico Des Fitzgerald of CIA briefed the Joint Chiefs that they were using the Valkyrie Plot against Castro, and on his return Ruth Paine arranged for Oswald to work at the TSBD.

If it is suggested Oswald was mentally crazy, what was he? Paranoid skidso? Sociopath like Ted Bundy?

Or wasn't he crazy and instead a COP - Covert Operational Personality profile?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Assassin as Agent Provocateur

The Assassin as Agent Provocateur

"In a free society, counter espionage is based on the practice most useful for hunting rabbits. Rather than look for the rabbit, one posts oneself in a spot where the rabbi is likely to pass by."
- Alexander Hamilton (attributed by Allen Dulles)

Allen Dulles, the former CIA director and Warren Commissioner, wrote a number of books, including "The Craft of Intelligence," and he edited an anthology of great spy stories, each.of which was preceded by some comments of his own, some of which deserve wider appreciation, and two stand out in regards to undercover agent provocateurs, double-agents, defectors and assassins.

Dulles said that he likes the case history approach to the study of anything and that Yevno Azef'a story is "one of the most fantastic in the history of police and intelligence work."

Dulles would have us believe that, "it would have been impossible anywhere except in the autocratic Russia...with its underground revolutionary and anarchist organizations. The Ochrana, the Czar's secret police, was supposed to be entirely concerned with smoking out the enemies of the state and went about its work chiefly through its own agents and informants planted in the underground groups.

"A very popular tactic was 'provocation,' which usually went like this: The police agent in the underground group, who more often than not posed as one of its leaders, would propose some extreme act, such as the assassination of a public figure."

"As the group was about to carry out the act, the police would swoop down and arrest the lot, but it not infrequently happened that the public figure was blown to bits in the process, because the bomb went off before the police had intervened."

"Considering that the whole plot might have originally been secretly proposed by the police for the purpose of cornering the assassins in the act, it's clear the police were often to blame for the assassination of highly placed personalities."

Besides what happened at Dealey Plaza, Kent State, the Camden 28 and the Dufala. Case come to mind as contemporary cases studies.(also see the Ft, Dix Six).

After the break in at the Media,Pa, FBI office, and the COINTELPRO program exposed, it became clear that the FBI wasn't the only federal agency to use undercover agents and informants, and that it was standard procedure to utilize undercover agents to infiltrate all subversive groups that opposed the US government and its policies.

The COINTELPRO Program didn't officially begin until 1956 it's tactics certainly were, especially by the. FBI against the KKK, so by the early '70s, the procedures for officially handling such informants and undercover agents was well crafted when Robert Hardy walked into the Camden, NJ FBI office to report that a group of anti-Vietnam war activists he knew were planning on some sort of action against the government. Being an ex-USMC, and a yen for amateur undercover police work (like Oswald and the Hardy Boys),  Bob Hardy fits the COP Profile -  Cover Operative Personality Profile, and was summery recruited as what Sun Tzu called an "Inside Agent."

Hardy ingrained himself with the group so much so that he provided the tools, the expertise, the getaway truck and may have provided the suggestion that they should break in the Camden federal building and steal the draft files -  including my own. So such agent provocateurs continue to be used outside Czarist Russia, and continue today.

As Dulles mentions, " In  Azef'a's case, such plots were even planned against the Czar himself.... Armed with these facts I trust the reader will be able to follow this immensely complicated story."

Indeed, now armed with these facts we can safely say that the "Provocation" process is standard operating procedure to most counter intelligence agencies of government, and the Robert Dufala case is a good example and played out in the same Camden federal courtroom when the former Congressional candidate apparently threatened  former VP Nelson Rockefeller. Although this  was said to have happened in his own home the undercover informant who overheard him milked it for allot was worth. Dufola talked about some radical John Birchers, and was introduced to undercover
agents who offered to provide the weapons, and help arrange the details, so much so the jury realized the only assassination plot was in the minds of the undercover agent provocateurs. The Camden 28 also got off because the jury was suspicious of the role of the undercover operative, without whose assistance the crime would not have happened.

But the bumbling American agents look even more so when you look at what the Ruskies have done in this field. Continuing Allen Dulles' "True Spy Stories," he introduces us to the remorseless assassin with a heart - Bogdam Stashinsky.

"Because the assassin Bogdam Stashinsky hired by the Soviets defected in 1961," Dulles wrote, "the account of planning and execution of separate but related murders carried out under the instruction of the Soviet Intelligence Service in 1957 and 1959, in all likelihood, is the most detailed of any such account."

I now suggest that this has now been eclipsed by the Kennedy assassination as the most detailed of any such accounts.

Dulles:  "Beyond that it is a modern morality tale of a very high order. The Soviets had obviously tried to drill any human sensibilities out of Stashinsky for years using a kind of Povlovian deconditioning and hardening scheme in order to turn him into a perfectly functioning robot-murder. To equity the human monstrosity they had hopped to create they also had invented new murder weapons whose use was deadly and solely for assassination purposes.

The weapon was a gas gun that sprayed hydrogen cyanide at close range that induced a heart attack or symptoms of a natural death, which Stashynsky had used successfully against Ukranian nationalists Lev Rebet and Stefan Bandera.

Sent to East Germany to learn the German language, Stashynsky fell for a German hair dresser who didn't like being married to an assassin and talked him into defecting and the did so a few days before  they began construction of the Berlin Wall.

Of course all of this is relevant to the question as to whether Lee Harvey Oswald was a presidential assassin or patsy, undercover informant or agent provocateur, and whether any other characters in the JFK assassination drama are as well, especially Ruth and Michael Paine, George deMohrenschilts, Volkmar Schmidt, Laverne Crafard and Jack Lawrence among others.

More to come....on this

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Watchman at Dealey Plaza

The Watchman at Dealey Plaza -
By William Kelly

                                 JFK with Military Aide Gen. Chester Clifton, aka "Watchman"

                        "Except The Lord keep the city, the  Wachman waketh in vain."

On the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of .President Kennedy the city of. Dallas commandeered Dealey Plaza to commemorate JFK at the scene of his murder, with Yale Scull and Bone Pulitzer Prize historian David McCullough reading excerpts of JFK's speeches, including the one he was supposed to be giving as he was being shot.

JFK was a classicist in that he was well read in the classics - Aristotle, Socratese, Plato, Sun Tzu, Macavelli and history, and while Ted Sorensen was given much credit for ghost writing his speeches, Kennedy wrote the gist of most important speeches and every word carried its weight in meaning and had his unique cadence and occasional lighthearted sense of humor.

Kennedy believed that knowing the lessons of history can prevent us from making future mistakes, and in retrospect, the mistakes of political leaders and generals led to the needless slaughter of millions of people who didn't have to die if the correct choices had been made by men of courage and honor.

Kennedy was well read because he could read a lot quickly, with a high degree of comprehension and retention, so much so that his techniques were studied  and marketed by Evelyn Wood and her husband. As one of their students I learned that one of the techniques was to scan over a page reading the first and last sentences of each paragraph.

Applying this technique to Kennedy's Undelivered Speech is revealing in a number of ways.

In the first part of his speech Kennedy alludes to his hosts  -  The Dallas Citizen's. Council, whose annual. meeting was used as a platform for the President after the original offer to give JFK an honorary degree from Texas Christian University, arranged by John Connally, was rescinded by the board of trustees.

The meeting was to honor the establishment of the Graduate Research  Center of the Southwest, that was formed by regional defense contractors to attract engineers needed to develop the next generation of jet planes, rockets, helicopters and radios - especially General Dynamics, Texas Instruments, Bell Helicopter and Collins Radio, whose founder Arthur Collins served as director of the GRCS.

Collins' company made and serviced the radios used by NASA, SAC and the SAM - Special Air Mission that included Air Force One.

"Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink; arise ye princes and prepare the shield. For thus hath The Lord said to me -  Get set a watchman ... And he saw a chariot with a couple of horsemen... and he answered and said, 'Babylon is fallen,'"    - Isaiah 21 -  5-9

Many of these major defense contractors were in the audience, Kennedy intended to direct his speech to them, and in part in response to the publisher of the Dallas Morning News, who told the president he was leading by riding Caroline's pony, and to make sure he got the message they were going to present him with a saddle for Caroline's pony at the luncheon.

In response Kennedy was going to tell them that we are the strongest, most powerful nation on earth, ever, and we were going to stay that way, but we shouldn't use that force like a bully just to get what we want. Rather, our power should be used with.wise restraint.

To conclude his speech JFK was going to say:

"We, in this country, in this generation are, by destiny rather than by choice - the Watchman on the walls of world freedom. We ask therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all gimme, the ancient vision of 'peace on earth, goodwill toward men.' That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underline our strength. For as was written long ago, 'Except The Lord keep the city, the Watchman waketh in vain.'"

The city is Dallas and since they were fifteen minutes behind schedule, Kennedy was shot at the moment he was to give his speech, and as his blood ozzed onto the text of the speech in his jacket pocket, the Watchman was riding a few cars behind.

                           The original copy of JFK's undelivered speech, stained with his blood.

"Watchman" was the code name for General Chester Clifton, the President's military aide who would accompany the president's body back to Washington aboard Air Force  One, make arrangements for the autopsy and funeral in-flight over Art Collins' radios, and he would save a rare and unique tapes of the Air Force One radio transmission tapes for posterity to study.