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"Conspiracy" - the New "N" Word

 “Conspiracy” – the New “N” Word

In the course of my interaction with multiple, dedicated lone nutters who continue to promote the idea that one man alone was responsible for the murder of the president, one thing became quite clear – they are not so much interested in learning the full truth about the death of the president, but rather are concerned, focused and committed to debunking the many silly conspiracy theories that have been devised since the failure of government investigations to resolve the matter.

I have debunked more conspiracy theories than they can imagine, but since the official story is also proven wrong, one of the conspiracy theories must be correct.

Since most  “conspiracy theorists” (aka CTs) and all Lone Nutters (LNers)  believe they are crack sure as to who killed JFK, and promote their suspect, and I, after over fifty years studying this case, still do not know who killed JFK, I put them in the same sinking, stinking boat.

Even the term Conspiracy Theorist, was not popularly used until after JFK was killed, and was devised by the CIA psychological warfare department to describe those who were critical of the Warren Commission and its conclusions, it has become something of misnomer – and improperly used to describe crazy people who believe in all kinds of crazy things.

There is even a new line of books by prominent academics who, rather than investigate the truth, write about the silly conspiracy theories and study those who believe and promote them. 

I thought we were investigating an unresolved homicide.

LNers want to talk about the evidence, but can't write a paragraph or post without referring to conspiracy theorists. 

The Lners however, are strictly focused on the conspiracy theories, and debunking them, one and all, but put all CTs in the same pot, just as I put them all in the same boat. As John Judge said, “All conspiracy theories are not created equal,” and “you can call me a conspiracy theorists if I can call you a coincidence theorist,” because that’s what they would have you believe. All  of the things that came together to result in the assassination of the president were simply coincidences. But as David Atlee Phillips said, “The intelligence profession does not encourage one to believe coincidence as an explanation for events.”

So in order to disparage my own thinking about the assassination, I too have been branded a conspiracy theorist, but take exception to it, as does Jefferson Morley, since I don’t know who killed the president, do not point a finger at any particular suspect, and don’t have a theory to promote, other than what occurred at Dealey Plaza was a very well planned out and executed covert intelligence operation.

Most dedicated Lners are proud of the fact that they once held an open, inquiring mind and considered themselves conspiracy theorists, but then woke up and now see the light. One such LNer, Todd Vaughan, who knows that I detest the idea of conspiracy theorist – called me in a post “CT, CT, CT, CT,” as if repeating it over and over it would hurt my feelings.

It just got me to understand that “Conspiracy” is the new “N” word – and used in the same disparaging way that the “N” word was.

My late, great friend and associate comedian Dick Gregory, who helped get the Zapruder film on national TV, wrote a book he titled “Nigger,” and dedicated to his mother, because he could say the word and write about it openly.  Now, only other black people can call other black people “nigger” as it has risen to the level of a word censored by the mainstream media.

Gregory described a “nigger” as an unruly black man who didn’t hold a job, sold drugs, fathered children with different women, a deadbeat dad who didn’t care for his kids, lived with a single mom in a Section 8 welfare apartment and was what the word described them as. 

It is, in the same vein, as what Martin Luther King was saying when he wanted black men to be known for the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, 

Now the word “conspiracy” has rose to the same level, and as Todd Vaughan has used it to try to discredit me, it is used in the same derogatory way. 

Today, the “C” word is the new “N” word, no longer used to describe a crime committed by more than one person, but used in a disparaging way to cast a negative light on anyone who is critical of the official version of events – especially in regards to the assassination of President Kennedy.

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November 22, 1963 - November 22, 2023 - 60 Years After

November 22, 1963 - November 22, 2023 - Sixty Years After 

Sixty years ago I was a 12 year old grade school student at St. Joseph's in East Camden, N.J., when shortly after 1:30 pm, EST, the principle nun came on the intercom to announce that the President had been shot and that school was being suspended for the rest of the day. 

I walked home to 362 Garden Avenue and began climbing the Wheeping Willow Tree in the backyard when the phone rang, and I ran in the back kitchen door to answer the wall phone. It was my father, a Camden policeman - who told me not to leave the yard, as the President was killed and "we don't know what this is all about." 

I wondered then - what the murder of a president could in any way influence me, a kid playing in the  yard? 

And it's still not over, as the influence is still affecting not only me but all of us. 

A few years later, in 1968, as a 17 year old Camden Catholic High School student, I opposed the war in Vietnam, and came "clean for Gene" McCarthy, the poet Senator from Minnesotta who also opposed the war in Vietnam, and after narrowly defeating President LBJ in New Hampshire, forced him to decide not to run for re-election, that opened the door for RFK to run, as also as a peace candidate. 

I will never forget the morning my father woke me up to inform me that RFK had been killed in California, after defeating McCarthy in the primary election there, so I went to Chicago to the Democratic National Convention as a McCarthy campaign worker, and while wearing a jacket and tie, I was caught up in the street riots that really radicalized me. 

The following year, 1969, as a freshman at the University of Dayton, Ohio, I stopped by two tables that were set up outside the JFK Student Union lunchroom, one manned by two US Marines recruiting students to join their ROTC program, and the other by a long haired hippie I learned was John Judge. 

Judge, who was promoting military men to become consciencious objectors to the war, handed me a copy of Playboy Magazine and asked me to read the interview with New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. I knew a little about Garrison, my father, who worked as a detective in the Camden Country Prosecutors Office through a half dozen DAs, said that Garrison was just another politician looking for publicity to get votes. 

But the Playboy interview sparked my interest, and Judge took me over to the new campus library and showed me where the 26 volumes of Warren Commission testimony and evidence was kept, and I began reading, and also reviewed copies of a magazine Computers and Automation, that had a series of photos on the assassination along with a number of articles. 

Judge and I were sitting in the JFK Student Union lunchroom drinking coffee in 1972 as I read the Dayton Daily News, and began reading a short news report buried deep in the paper that detailed the Watergate breakin, complete with names - Bernard Barker, Eugenio Martinez, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, G. Gorden Liddy. "Let me see that," Judge exclaimed, and after reading it for himself, said "These are the same muther fuckers who killed JFK." 

We then went over to the UD library and began looking up the names in Whose Who in Washington books and found most of them, and copied their background details, expanding our research from JFK to Watergate. 

Judge convinced the Student Body President, then Kevin Keefe, to bring in Mae Brussell from California to be a speaker. She did a weekly radio show from Carmel, California, called World Watchers, in which she tried to connect the dots of those who were running the shows - in Vietnam, Cuba, Dallas, Chicago, where ever there was a news story she would fill in the details. When she was finished with her lecture, I carried her bag of books to John Judge's car as she was to spend the night at John's apartment, and out of the darkness a man emerged and introduced himself as a friend of Mae. Ah, yes, Mae said, recognizing him, and thanking him for checks he sent her to support her research. "It's my conscience money," he said. And later, in talking to Judge, we noticed how much he resembled and spoke like Lee Harvey Oswald, and it turned out, had a similar background and may have been one of the impersonators. 

Since John Judge was from Washington D.C., we often went there, and attended some of the Watergate and later Church and House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) public hearings, as well as one of the first JFK Assassination Conferences at NYU Law School in New York City, where I met Mae again, as well as other first generation Warren Commission critics - Sylvia Meagher, Penn Jones, Ralph Schoeman and Col. Fletcher Prouty. 

I attended a lecture by Prouty held in a physics conference hall, where he explained how covert intelligence operations worked, and how you had to understand these principles in order to understand what really happened at Dealey Plaza when JFK was killed. 

Eventually Judge and I formed the Committee for an Open Archive, that became, along with the Assassinations Archives and Research Center (AARC) and Jim DiEugenio's outfit, the basis for the Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA), that became a major watchdog organization over the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) and lasted over 20 years. 

In 1992, at the urging of Jim Lesar, director of the AARC, I obtained a $3,000 grant from the Fund For Constitutional Government Investigative Journalism Project, that I used to buy a round trip ticket from Atlantic City to California and back, via Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles and points in between, visiting other researchers, JFK witnesses and suspects. 

I often stayed with Judge in Washington D.C. and we became Archive Associates, visiting the old National Archives in downtown DC and the new Archives II in College Park, Md., where the JFK Collection is kept. 

When in Dallas one time I visited the Assassination Information Center, that was set up in a storefront on the third floor of a mall in the West End, behind the School Book Depository and Dealey Plaza. There I obtained three cassette tapes of Air Force One radio transmissions, that over the course of six months or so, I transcribed and posted at my JFKCountercoup blog. 

Once when Judge and I visited the Archives II, I asked for and made a copy of what the ARRB called the "Andrews AFB Logbook for November 22, 1963," and also posted on my blog, that detailed the timing of the take off and landings of various planes, including AF1, the Cabinet Plane and the jet that brought AF Chief of Staff General LeMay back to DC in the immediate aftermath of the assassination, as he had been hunting and fishing in North Michigan and Canada. 

When the reel to reel tapes of AF1 radio transmission were discovered among the effects of General Clifton, JFK's military aide, I obtained a copy from NARA and transcribed them as well, combining the longer length with what was on the cassettes that were released by the LBJ library in the mid-1970s. 

From the Clifton tapes I learned the identity of two individuals, one Robert Patterson, a military officer, code named STRANGER who was in the White House Situation Room at the time of the assassination and can be heard on conversations with AF1 and the Cabinet plane. 

There is also a Colonel Dorman, who identified himself as General LeMay's aide, who had an important message for LeMay, who was then enroute fo DC from Canada, but the message is not on the existing tapes. 

I then learned about Ed Primeau, a Michigan Acoustics Forensic expert who agreed to combine the two existing tapes, and clean them up of static and noise so they can be heard more clearly. He also mentioned that there are many clear splices in both copies, so there is still an even longer, unedited tape out there somewhere, or it was intentionally destroyed. 

I presented this clear and combined tape to the Wecht Conference in Pittsburgh during the 50th anniversary conference in 2013, and also arranged for it to be aired over WLFR - FM, the Stockton University, NJ student radio station on November 22, that year, 50 years to the hour it was originally broadcast.  

Then, I really believed that by today, we would have all of the records as required by Congress under the JFK Act of 1992, and we would be much further along than we are. 

I have been writing what I have learned over the years, decades, at my blogs JFKCountercoup and JFKCountercoup2, and will be putting the best of the posts together in one volume of my work, along with some of my personal narrative and an appendix - anthology of other works - news reports, magazine articles, book excerpts and transcripts of TV shows, films, movies and conference presentations that I mention in my own work and feel important to preserve in one place. 

Besides collecting all of these works together, I will be continuing my research to try to answer the outstanding questions, and focus my work on areas that no one else seems to be doing. I don't want to repeat the same things over and over, nor engage in silly arguments over the acoustics, single bullet theory, Zapruder film, authenticy of photos or any of that. 

Rather, instead of arguing, or focusing on who killed JFK and why - I will, to the best of my ability, address and answer the other question - How - how as JFK killed? - What was the mechanism of death, and how did those actually responsible get away with it? 

I have decided to devote at least one more year to this endeavour, and will also continue some other writings I have been working on that I will fill you in on when I can. 

In the meantime, I am quite somber on this 60th anniversary, as it isn't what I expected it to be, and rather than get depressed, I look forward to yet another year of continuing this quest, this great adventure that we are all involved in. 

Bill Kelly 

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Relevant News Articles

Relevant News Articles 

In the course of compiling a JFK Anthology, I have broken down items for inclusion into various categories - News Reports, Feature Articles, Book Excerpts, and Transcripts of Films, Videos, Interviews and Conference Presentations. 

As far as News Reports go, there are a number that fit into my own work - 

1) September 9th - Associted Press Report of Harker's 7th interview with Fidel Castro at the Brazilian embassy reception in Havana in which he complained about CIA trained terrorists attacking Cuban industrial facilities and that American leaders would not be safe if they tried to kill Cuban leaders, at the very same time a CIA agent met with Dr. Rolando Cubeala (AMLASH) in Brazil, to discuss killing Castro, indicating he was a double agent. 

2) November 1, 1963 New York Times article on the CIA Raider Ship Rex, docked at Palm Beach, Florida not far from the Kennedy compound. The NYTs identify the ship as having just returned from a mission to Cuba where it deposited anti-Castro Cuban commandos with high powered rifles sent to kill Cuban leaders. The commandos were paid and trained by the CIA at their Miami JMWAVE station. The boat, the NYTs reprots, was previously owned by Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza, sold to an oil company and leased to the Collins Radio Company of Richardston, Texas for "electronics research." '

3) The November 23, 1963 New York Herald Tributne report from Dallas that quotes Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) Vice President Ochis Campbell as saying that when he reentered the building after the shooting he saw Lee Harvey Oswald standing next to the stairs to the second floor. 

4) The 1980 Scripts Howard News Service (SHNS) report, "leaked from the NSA" - National Security Agency, that says "Castro was planning to assassinte President Reagan as he had previously killed President Kennedy." John Hinkley shot Reagan a few weeks later. 

5) JFK visit to the USAF Strike Force in Florida a week before he was assassinated. 

6) News reports on the Chicago murder of Sam Giancana shortly before he was to testify before Congress about his knowledge of CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro, and news reports from Miami on the murder of John Rosselli shortly after he did testify before secret Congressional hearings about the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro, that he was involved in. Both of these are still unsolved cold case homicides that can and should be legally resolved. 

7) London Sunday Times interview with US Navy Lt. Commander Thomas Narut at a NATO conference in Norway, who said the Navy used the MMPI to test recruits, looking for the Passive-Aggressive personality to train as assassins.


 Others - more to come. 

Relevant Feature Articles

1) McCleans Mag. article on the conversation overheard at Canadian Airport lounge.

2) Gaeton Fonzi article on David Atlee Phillips in Washingtonian Magazine.

3) New Republic articles by Jean Daniel on his interviews with JFK and Castro.

4) Castro on the Grassy Knoll - 

5) Italian magazine article on Permindex.

6) Bill Turners Articles in Ramparts.

7) Philadelphia Magazine article on assassination by Mike Mallow that mentions Mrs. Paine and Catherwood Foundation.

8) Life Magazine Column by Clare Booth Luce about her "Cuban Boys" that ran terrorist raids into Cuba.

9) Ladies Hime Journal article about CBL's phone call 11/22/63 from the leader of the JMWAVE team Julio Fernandez who said he had photos and recordings of Oswald proving him to be a Castro sympathizer.

10) Tony Summers article in Vanity Fair on his interviews with John Martinos widow and son. 

11) Max Hollands article in CIA publication on how the KGB duped Jim Garrison.

12) Dick Russell's articles in Village Vouce.

13) William Weston articles in Third Decade on Oswald sightings.

14) SOF article on Bayo-Pawley mission


Bill Kelly's article on The Collins Radio Connections.

14) John Judge and Bill Kelly's article Bottlefed By Oswald's NANA.

15) OTHERs coming.

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Why CAPA is Caput.


And why I am not in Pittsburgh

When John Judge died, and the Coalition On Political Assassinations (COPA) was wrongfully dissolved after 20 years as the most effective active group, I initiated a conference call among serious researchers to form a new organization that became CAPA.

I suggested the name Citizens Against Political Assassinations because I thought a group of like minded individuals could work together towards common goals. Boy was I wrong.

I nomined Dr. Wecht to be chairman, as he was for COPA, and I served as its first secretary for the first four years, preparing agendas, writing minutes and editing two 20 page news letters. The newsletters were discontinued when Gerry Policof decided social media platforms were superior, so I began a CAPA Facebook group. 

At my request, Glenda replaced me as CAPA secretary, so I could devote more time to research and headed the Research Committee.

No one in the JFK community had heard of Glenda DeVaney before. She wrote a letter to her California senator asking her to support the release of the JFK records, and shared the letter with Dr. Wecht, who asked her to join the CAPA Executive Board, saying that we were a group of men, needed a women on board, and I agreed. She said she lived in San Diego, and was somehow affiliated with the Navy, then denied the Navy connection. 

Policoff and Larry Schnapf left the board after a "falling out" with Dr. Wecht, and Policoff died in a traffic accident after complaining of being poisoned. Schnapf and Bill Simpuch, who headed the CAPA Legal Committee, both left and filed their suit against Biden and NARA under the Mary Ferrell banner instead of CAPA.

Simpich told me he left because Secretary Glenda had insulted him and his conference contacts he had faithfully provided her when requested. Glenda took over as conference chair. It was a successful conference at the Dallas Marriott, and those I had requested made  presentations - Dr. Newman, Jeff Morley, and former CIA officer Rolf Mowett Larrson, all of whom made significant contrabutions. I also spoke on the release of the records. 

Unfortunately my debit card was rejected at the desk, and when I told Dr. Wecht, he had CAPA pay for my room with the understanding I would pay it back, which I did to the tune of $500 over a period of a few months. Of those dozen whose flights and hotel bills were paid by CAPA, all doctors, lawyers and producers (Oliver Stone included), who earn six figures a year, I was the only one to reemburse CAPA. 

With the arrival of COVID, Glenda chaired the 2021 virtual conference, and strongly objected to my video presentation on 2 taped interviews with Gene Wheaton and Lee Shephards interview with Carl Jenkins, but she was unamously over ruled by the rest of the CAPA Board. 

While my presentation ran, Glenda added a disclaimer on the program of her disapproval, though I believe it was one of the most important presentations in that conference, researach that is actually panning out, and others, besides myself, - Dan Storper, Larry Hancock, Matt Ehling and Dan Alcorn, are following up on those leads today. 

It was also the first indication to me that there was a serious problem with Glenda, a rare name that she shares with the Good Witch of the East in the Merry old land of Oz. Sometimes I feel that is where CAPA is.  

Glenda chaired the organization of the in-person November 2022 conference in Dallas, but didn't bother asking the Research Committee for any advice as to the state of the research. And I didn't attend as I was recovering from a serious illness that required a blood transfusion, and was in a COVID lockdown with two members of my household testing positive. 

I did however, write a blogpost promoting the conference a month before hand, and went on Len Osanic's Black Op Radio and promoted it, and arranged for Dr. Wecht and Glenda to appear on the show to promote the conference.  I also made arrangements for someone to pick up Dr. Wecht at the Dallas Airport and take him to his hotel and return him to the airport when the conference was over.

When Michael Nurko, a former COPA member, could no longer be treasurer, Glenda made arrangements for her accountant to be the paid treasurer, so now she was conference chair, secretary and controlled the bank account, that because of a few generous doners, was now five figures. 

The largest expenditure of late was to give thousands of dollars to a guy to make a digital survey of Dealey Plaza, even though Larry Schnapf and John Orr spent $30,000 of their own money to so a more detailed survey two years earlier, and reported on it at a CAPA conference. The two surveys should be compared, but Schnapf and Orr are no longer with CAPA. 

She also hired a Facebook "analytics" guy for $700 to build a social media campaign but he learned that I had already started a CAPA Facebook group seven years earlier that had over 3,000 followers. So Glenda asked me to make him a co-administrator, which I did, and the first thing he did was to remove me as an administrator. The notice from Facebook that this occurred was another indication that something was seriously wrong, and that Glenda was behind it.

When I complained, Glenda sent me a letter that she had wrote saying that the CAPA Board had voted to remove me for "not supporting CAPA," an outrageous claim since I have done more to promote CAPA than anyone other that Dr. Wecht. She said Dr. Wecht had signed off on the dismissal, and shortlhy there after I received a form letter complete with letterhead from Dr. Wecht saying the Board voted to remove me, but the letter was returned to him as it had a wrong address, so it was emailed to me. 

The wrong address was not the only thing wrong, as when I polled the Board, both Nurko and Dr. Aguilar said that they were never asked to vote on such a measure, and would not vote to remove me if they were asked. So it was only Glenda, who talks privately with Dr. Wecht on the phone, who convinced Dr. Wecht to remove me for "not supporting CAPA." It is a ruling that I am the only person ever to be charged with and probably the last. It is certainly not a rule on the books that can be applied, and was made up, by Glenda, just for me. 

When I contacted Dr. Wecht's son Ben and asked him what was going on - he replied, "You don't know what its like taking care of a 92 year old father," but I did, I informed him that I took care of my mother from when she was 85 until she passed at 92, so I do understand. And my mother kept her wits about her until the very end. 

And I give Dr. Wecht a bye and forgive him for his transgressions, but I sort of feel like the Kurt Douglas Colonel in Seven Days in May after learning his hero was a bookie and a traitor, and I feel by the man I admired most betrayed me.

In his autobiography "The JFK Assassination Dissected," Dr. Wecht wrote: "John Patrick Judge co-founded the Committee for an Open Archives in 1990 to push for full public disclosure of the JFK case. Prior to the JFK Records Act, Judge and his group had already been instrumental in getting many files declassified. Judge was also executive secretary of the Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA), a group for which I served as first elected chairman....William Kelly, the other co-founder of the Committee for an Open Archives, was a journalist who wanted material released involving John Martino....After Judge's death, COPA disbanded, and Bill Kelly helped to form Citizens Against Politcial Assassinations (CAPA), of which I serve as chairman of its Executive Committee...." 

I didn't just help form CAPA, I instigated it, attened every meeting, and actively promoted CAPA on my blog dozesn of times, even after I was unofficially ousted by Glenda, with the approval of Dr. Wecht, for the outrageous and unsupportale charge of "not supporting CAPA." 

A lawyer associate asked me if I thought Glenda was assigned to infiltrate CAPA and minimilize me as a threat, as her opposition to my 2021 Presentation suggested, and I said no, she was just a mean, scorned and vindictive women who privately conBoard the now vulnerable Dr. Wecht to do her bidding and eliminate me from the CAPA board.

Unlike the Assassinations Archive and Research Center (AARC), where the longtime director Jim Lesar was recently replaced by the very capable Dan Alcorn when Lesar became ill, there is no one who can fill Dr. Wecht's shoes and assume chairmanship. Dr. Aguilar maybe. But he is too busy to attend meetings. And the game is almost over. Time is running out and there is no stopping it. 

Dr. Wecht was a great chairman, ran meetings according to the agenda and was fair and even in his decisions, other than to remove me from the Board. As he was once wrongfully charged for things he didn't commit, I know he understands how I feel. 

And Glenda is a mother, and she should understand that I feel like CAPA was my baby that she has stole. 

Dr. Wecht apparently is no longer capable of conducting the twice monthly conference call meetings as he used to, and I'm sorry for that. So it's over. CAPA is K-Caput.

In Pittsburgh Dr. Wecht was granted a well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award and his legacy is set and cannot be taken from him. 

The November 2923 Pittsburgh conference is, in Dr. Wecht's words, "The Last Hurrah," and indeed it is. 

The most important thing that has developed is the establishment of a permanent Wecht Collection at the Duquesne University Library, where Dr. Wecht's books and papers will be kept and others added to them. 

I was going to drive Michael Nurko's 300 books to Pittsburgh to add to that collection and may still do that but decided not to attend the conference for all of these reasons. 

But because a half-dozen people have inquired as to why I am not there, I decided to write this so everyone interested can know the truth. 

Like COPA and other similar organizations, CAPA didn't fail because of any attacks from those we acuse of being political assassins or conspirators against democracy, its demise can only be attributed to petty personal jealousies and power plays by mean, vindictive people. 

As Walt Kelly.s Pogo says: "We have met the enemy and he is us." 

All of this occured a year ago and I did nothing. 

Since I was not officially removed by a vote of the Board, I consider myself a CAPA founder and board member, and therefore offer the motion to fund the Wecht Collection with CAPA funds. Because there is a large among of money in the CAPA account, I suggest that it be turned over to Ben Wecht to hire an assitant librarian to catalogue the conents of the Wecht collection at the library and open it to researchers, something we have been talking about for decades. 

Since the CAPA Board never voted to remove me, I consider myself a Citizen Against Political Assassintaions and submit the motion to have the remaining CAPA funds transferred to Ben Wecht to hire an assistant librarian to catalogue the Wecht Collection and any additional items that will be added to it. 

Mike Nurko said he agreed with this idea, and thus seconds the motion that all CAPA members should weigh in on. 

At least something good will come out of all this. 

After organizing the Committee for an Open Archives, the Coalition on Political Assassinations and Citizens Against Political Assassinations, I am going to try to form a new, hopeully permanent institution - the Center for the Study of Political Assassinations (CSPA) - that will be based in DC and eventually have a brick and mortor base of operations. 

I will also be writing a full and complete history of both COPA and CAPA, from their beginnings to their demise, after I finish a few other projects I am working on. 

God Bless Dr. Wecht. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Kenn Thomas - RIP

 Kenneth Francis Thomas

Kenn Thomas – RIP

I was sorry to learn of the death of Kenn Thomas, a long time associate who I met on an AMTRAK train as he recognized me from having attended a JFK conference in Dallas, the year Bill Clinton was elected president. I recall that because I was having dinner with Kenn when we passed through Arkansas, a dry state, so the waiter stopped serving our beer and wine until we passed the state line.

Kenn got off in St. Louis, while I continued on to Chicago on another leg of my cross-country train trip that I took to meet and interview other researchers, witnesses and suspects in the assassination, courtsey of a $3,000 grant from the Fund For Constitutional Government Investigative Reporters Project.

Kenn had a radio program and interviewed me in the back of the train, then sent me a tape on which you can hear the clacking of the train wheels in the background. He also gave me some psychedelic mushrooms and a tape of the Irish rock band movie The Commitments.

Kenn was also good friends with John Judge, and was a source for the manuscript passed among JFK buffs called the Torbitt Document, ostensibly written by a Texas lawyer with inside knowledge of the conspiracy to kill the President. Kenn later published the document with his Steamshovel Press he subtitled NASA, Nazis and JFK. It is the first documented record of the role of the mysterious Defense Industrial Security Command (DISC) intelligence network that is run out of Columbus, Ohio, of all places.

Kenn also offered to publish my work, and now that it’s almost ready, I’m sorry to say he can’t be of assistance.

More on Kenn from the St.Louis papers:

Musician, activist, veteran. An empty-handed army, who dedicated his life to the People. Celebrated by his wife Ellen, mother Lorrie, and his children (all the young punks to ever live.) Services: Memorial at Fortune Teller Bar, 2635 Cherokee Street. May 1, 6-10 p.m. Second line at 8:45. Wear dancing shoes.

When he was a young adult, Kenn Thomas, who died in his sleep on Friday, September 22 at the age of 65, was infamous for answering the phone, any phone, with just his name:  “Kenn.”

No “Hello” or “Thomas Household” or any other kind of introductory phrase greeted callers, whose time he said he didn’t want to waste. Of course, he also really liked to keep people on their toes. That was Kenn – witty, mischievous, and almost always one step ahead.

Kenn was born in St. Louis and grew up in and around Hillsdale and Pine Lawn, where he attended Catholic grade school. His parents moved around a bit during his youth. An important constant during those early years and throughout his life were comic books. Over his lifetime, he amassed a collection of comics that numbers in the thousands. He loved the artwork and the storytelling and was regularly spotted around town at comic book meetings and conventions. His favorite comic book artist was Jack Kirby.

As a teenager, Kenn put his substantial artistic skills to work writing and drawing his own comic strip, “Norm and Andy” for Normandy High School, from which he graduated in 1976. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Speech Communication (1980) and a Master of Arts in English from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he also spent the majority of his professional career. He was employed by the University’s Western Historical Manuscripts Collection and State Historical Society of Missouri as a Senior Manuscripts Specialist from 1986  until his retirement in 2019.

Kenn was a charming conversationalist who could talk about anything – music, politics, comic books, and (his favorite) conspiracies. He was a polymath, talented in multiple areas, and could pick up new skills seemingly effortlessly. He was a writer, an artist, a researcher. He could understand and explain even the densest literary works (Pynchon was his favorite). He took an acting class once and blew everyone away with his portrayal of Cardinal Wolsey. He was a gifted speaker with a DJ’s voice and worked at KWMU on the weekends for a few years when they still played music. He reviewed rock concerts in the 1980s for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the St. Louis Globe-Democrat and co-hosted a music and talk show on KDHX in its early on-air days, where they primarily played and discussed the music of Bob Dylan.

He was part of a small but (obsessively) devoted local group of Dylan diehards who saw every concert and got together to talk about and listen to Dylan recordings and bootlegs regularly. He loved the Beat poets and Timothy Leary and could claim a friendly connection to William Burroughs, for whom he accepted the honor of induction into the St. Louis Walk of Fame in 1990 when Burroughs was too frail to travel to his hometown. Kenn will be buried a stone’s throw from Mr. Burroughs at the beautiful, historic Bellefontaine Cemetery in North St. Louis.

Kenn published a conspiracy magazine, Steamshovel Press, and wrote or co-wrote 10 books on conspiracy topics, including “The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro.” He regularly contributed to other periodicals, wrote introductions to other writers’ books, and spoke about his research internationally at conferences. A full list of his works can be found on his Wikipedia page. He donated his papers to the University of Missouri.

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A Spys Disinformed Propagation of the Assassination

 A Spy’s Disinformed Propagation of the Assassination 


Former CIA agent Bruce Held is writing a blog post on a Spys View of American History, the details of which clearly indicate can be classified as very distinct disinformation and black propaganda.

Bruce Held’s post on his 60 Years Ago Today blog falsely claims that Lee Harvey Oswald was inspired to kill the President after reading Daniel Harker’s September 9th 1963 Associated Press (AP) article published in the New Orleans newspaper reporting  on Harker’s September 7th interview with Fidel Castro at the Brazilian embassy in Havana. Held calls attention to the article that is indeed a significant piece of assassination evidence, although he misinterprets it.

 Harker’s AP article is the most frequently used source for those who try to pin the Dealey Plaza donkey tail on Fidel Castro, but is also an important lead into the nefarious counter-intelligence operations that have a bearing on the assassination.

Held writes: “Castro had made an impromptu appearance at a reception hosted by the Brazilian Embassy in Havana on Saturday evening, 7 September. He took the initiative to approach an American journalist named Daniel Harker and offered him a quick interview. In the interview Castro said, ‘We are prepared to fight them and answer them in kind. United States leaders should think that if they are aiding terrorist plans to eliminate Cuban leaders, they themselves will not be safe. Let Kennedy and his brother Robert take care of themselves since they, too, can be the cause of an attempt which will cause their deaths.’”

The article published in the New Orleans Times Picayune on page 7 of the September 9th edition, has a headline that refers to Castro’s rant against the US government approved terrorist attacks against Cuban industrial targets by the CIA paid and trained Cubans that operated out of the JMWAVE station, notably the Pathfinders. Some of them were captured and tortured and admitted that the CIA paid and trained them. Some, like those who were captured in the late October raid by the CIA raider ship Rex, head high powered rifles with scopes, that CIA raider ship Captain Rolando Martinez said “weren’t for shooting rabbits.”  

Castro knew they were gunning for him, he just didn’t know if the Kennedy brothers had approved those CIA backed assassination missions, and there is no documented proof that they did, while there is documented proof that JFK had two backchannel communications going with Castro, one at the UN and another with French journalist Jean Daniel.

When Castro’s comments to Harker were quoted over the media, a handful of men (FitzGerald, his two assistants Bruce Cheever and Samuel Halpern and possibly one or two others) at the Cuban desk in the basement of the CIA headquarters at Langley knew that the date of the interview – September 7th, and the location – the Brazilian embassy, were significant indications that Castro knew about the meeting between Dr. Rolando Cubela (AMLASH) and Desmond FitzGerald’s agent Nestor Sanchez in Bolivia that very day. And the fact that a Cuban businessman had warned the CIA that Cubela was a “dangle,” a fake agent attempting to lure those who opposed Castro out into the open.

Held continues: “Castro made these threatening comments because he knew that a senior Cuban government official was meeting in Brazil at that very time, 5-8 September, with a senior CIA officer named Nestor Sanchez. The senior Cuban official, Rolando Cubela, volunteered to assassinate Castro and establish a new Cuban government that was less hostile to the United States. Sanchez told Cubela that his proposal would be brought to the attention of the “highest levels” of the US government and promised a response at their next meeting, scheduled for 29 October in Paris.”

What Held doesn’t tell you is that Nestor Sanchez’s boss and case officer Desmond FitzGerald, who had replaced William Harvey as head of the Cuban desk, personally met with Cubela in Paris and convinced him that the Kennedys did approve of assassinating Castro when in fact FitzGerald later testified that he never told them, or CIA director John McCone, who he knew to be Catholics who opposed murder on principle. While FitzGerald has the name associated with the Kennedys of Boston, the looks and charisma, he was not a Kennedy nor did he inform them of the Castro assassination operation.

According to Held, “By speaking to Harker, Castro had gone out of his way to warn the CIA that he knew about the ongoing discussions with Cubela. Unfortunately, we ignored the warning. What we found out some years later was that Cubela was a double agent. He was not working with the CIA; he was working for Cuban Counterintelligence.  Everything the CIA would ask Cubela to do would be immediately reported back to Castro.”

Yes, we agree that Cubela “But in the Harker interview, Oswald must have felt that Castro was speaking directly to him.”

But, and it’s a BIG But – we haven’t even established that Oswald actually read that issue or that article.

Held: “Five months before he had attempted to assassinate Edwin Walker in an effort to earn a place for himself in Cuba.”

But how is the Walker shooting related to Cuba, or an effort to earn a place for himself in Cuba? That is not established either. Oswald told Marina he tried to kill Walker because he was a fascist like Hitler who should have been assassinated as well. Nothing about Cuba.

Held:  “Just two weeks before he had renewed practicing with his sniper rifle,”

But wait a minute, the Warren Report concluded that Oswald didn’t practice with the rifle, nor did he ever purchase or have ammunition.

Held: “….explaining to his wife, ‘Fidel Castro needs defenders. I’m going to join an army of volunteers. I’m going to become a revolutionary.’”

Wow, I never heard that before. And it’s not footnoted, other than claiming Marina said it and I don’t believe she did.

“The threats against President Kennedy from Castro himself would have a profound impact on Oswald - - and, in 11 weeks, on the nation.”

But were they threats or a warning?

The Murder, Inc. that LBJ referred to was the mechanism “we were running a Murder, Inc. in the Caribbean,” and while Castro did have spies everywhere, including infiltrating JMWAVE, he tried and executed his opponents (ala American William Morgan), and didn’t have a mechanism like our Murder, Inc. – aka ZRRIFLE, that could do it.

The obvious question isn’t whether Oswald knew of the Harker interview, and Castro’s statements, or if Castro attempted to retaliate against JFK, but whether the Murder, Inc. Boys at JMWAVE redirected their target from Castro to JFK, as they certainly hated him as much as they did Fidel Castro.

And we know from the comments of Desmond FitzGerald after being informed of the assassination, wondering if his Cubans were involved, and the recently released Heath Memo, that there were those in the CIA itself who also suspected this immediately after the assassination and conducted an investigation of the JMWAVE station, the results of which have not been forthcoming. 

More on Disinformation at Dealey Plaza

In Deep Politics III Peter Dale Scott writes:

“In the days after the murders in Dallas, the U.S. Was flooded with dubious stories, most of them swiftly discredited, linking Oswald to either a Cuban or Soviet conspiracy. Those which most preoccupied the FBI and CIA all came out of Mexico. These stories exhibited certain common characteristics.  -  They all came from either directly from an intelligence source, or from someone in the hands of an intelligence agency  -  The Stories changed over time, to support either a pro-conspiratorial hypothesis (“Phase One”) or a rebuttal of this (“Phase Two”).-  The Warren Commission was led to believe that the“Phase One”stories were without basis. In fact a number of unresolved anomalies suggest that behind them was some deeper truth, still not revealed.- In retrospect, these stories should not have been taken seriously. In fact the CIA was able to rely on them, not as a source of truth, but as a source of coercive influence over the rest of the government. It will help us to understand what was going on if we refer to the stories, not as 'information' or even as 'allegations,' but as MANAGED STORIES. To say this leaves open the question of who were the ultimate managers?”

Scott: “I do wish to argue that these managed stories, fleeting and insubstantial though they are, were of central importance in determining the outcome of the Kennedy assassination investigation. In succeeding years, furthermore, the discredited 'Phase-One' stories have been revived to manipulate public opinion, even after the CIA and FBI had agreed on a 'Phase-Two' interpretation of Oswald's movements in Mexico City. In 2013, for example, the discredited Garro story of the twist party was revived in a mainstream book by Philip Shenon.”

Newman: “The plot to assassinate President Kennedy was designed to deceive both people in the government and the public at large.  A convincing trail of evidence was established to make it appear that the Kennedy brothers’ plan to overthrow Castro had been turned around and used against them by Fidel himself, resulting in the assassination of President Kennedy."

“There is an unstated corollary principal in the game of deception that Allen Dulles was kind enough to give us.  Once a “single piece” of a black operation has been compromised, the entire fabric of that operation can potentially unravel.”

You can't understand what happened at Dealey Plaza unless you understand the fundamentals of psychological warfare, disinformation and black propaganda – because that's the part of the Dealey Plaza operational plan that failed, that failed in its contention that Castro Cuban Communists were responsible for the assassination, and because it failed it gives us a good glimpse into the Looking Glass and brings us very close to those who designed the plan, especially the part that failed.


For an opposing perspective here’s a Naval War College Review of a book “Disinformation, Misinformation and the ‘Conspiracy” to Kill JFK Exposed” (Hamden, Conn. Archon Books, 1987) that dismisses all conspiracy theories and concludes JFK was killed by a deranged lone nut.


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More Disinformation and Black Propaganda - from the CIA

More Disinformation and Black Propaganda at Dealey Plaza – Castro on the Grassy Knoll

Proof of the Plot and a Conspiracy - Disinformation and Black Propaganda Were Used 

By Bill Kelly –

The evidence and proof there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy in Dallas is contained in the disinformation and black propaganda campaigns to blame the murder on Fidel Castro of Cuba. It is what the CIA calls “an active measure” as these media campaigns continue today, as most recently exhibited by Bruce Held, in his continuing series “A Spys Guide to American History.”

In it, Held writes on – September 9, 2023 that, “Lee Harvey Oswald got the idea of assassinating President Kennedy 60 years ago today. Up until that day he was desperate to get to Cuba but he was well disposed toward the President. Indeed, he and his wife Marina had a photo of Kennedy alongside a photo of Fidel Castro on their mantel piece. That all changed on Monday morning, 9 September 1963, when Oswald read an interview of Castro which made the front page of the New Orleans Times Picayune as well as every other major newspaper in the US.”

Hold on right there, as Oswald told Michael Paine, “you have to read between the lines” to get the full story from blatent propaganda. First off, Oswald was very “well disposed toward the President,” in fact liked him a lot, and everyone who knew Oswald also knew that. It is also a false assumption that Oswald killed the President he liked so well, as there is a lot of information available that indicates he was not even on the sixth floor of the building at the time of the shooting and was, as he claimed to be, a patsy.

In addition, we do not know for a fact that Oswald even read the article in question, that was not on the front page of the New Orleans Times Picayune, but on page 7. We also know for a fact that the very frugal Oswald did not subscribe to his hometown newspaper, and did not buy it frequently, if at all, as fellow employees at the Texas School Book Depository said Oswald read discarded copies left around the lunchroom by others.

The news article written by Daniel Harker of the Associated Press (AP) of his three hour long interview with Castro at the Brazilian embassy two night previous – on September 7, 1963, is indeed an important piece of the JFK assassination puzzle, but not as it is deliberatly misinterpeted by those who propagate the “Castro did it” disinformation.

 Here we are using the classic definition of  “disinformation” – delibertly false information distributed by an intelligence source in support of a covert intelligence operation, so it is not only false, but is promoted by sources that can be traced to an intelligence agency or network.

The idea that Castro was behind the assassination of JFK is not only clearly classified as disinformation, but is also black propaganda – as defined by the CIA’s Paul Linebarger, who wrote the Army’s manual on Psychological Warfare and Propaganda during the Korean War. He continued to teach the concepts to CIA officers and agents as a professor of the John's Hopskins Center for International Studies. The term “disinformation” comes from the Soviet’s “Dizinformation” agency while “propaganda” stems from the Vatican’s department for the propagating the faith.

[For more on Disinformation at Dealey Plaza see:

[ ]

Linebarger broke propaganda down into five different types, ranging from white – a press release,  to shades of grey and black – with black being the attribution of a covert intelligence action to the enemy, in this case the covert action being the assassination and the enemy being Castro.

As the first fake conspiracy theory to surface in the media in the immediate aftermath of the murder, what Peter Dale Scott calls the “Phase One Cover Story,” the idea that Castro had JFK killed was very distinct disinformation and black propaganda widely promoted by many – dozens of CIA officers, agents and their assets, including those in the media.

After Oswald was arrested, blamed for the murder of the President and a policeman and his basic background became widely known, District Attorney Henry Wade went to dinner at a fancy Dallas restaurnat and left it for his assistant DA William Alexander to write up the indictment of Oswald.

Thanks to Vincent Bugliosi (Reclaiming History), we know that at that time, Alexander was communicating with Phildadelphia Inquirer Washington DC editor Joseph Goulden, who was trying to get Aldexander to charge Oswald with killing the President to “further a communist conspiracy.” While Bugliosi doesn’t tell you, Goulden was then a media asset of CIA official David Atlee Phillips, and now oversees Phillips’ archives. So Phillips and Goulden were two of the earliest proponents of the assassination being the result of a “communist conspiracy.”

When LBJ learned of this, when he was back at his VP office in the Executive Office Building, he had his aide call the Attorney General of Texas – and had him track down DA Wade at his dinner table, and have him return to his office to confront Alexander and make sure he did not charge Oswald with “furthering a communist conspiracy." That led directly to PDS’s “Phase Two Cover Story,” the equally false but more palatable deranged lone nut scenario, that most Americans still do not believe.

When HSCA investigator Dan Hardway interviewed David Phillips he asked Phillips why a number of his associates and intelligence assets tried to blame Castro immediately after the assassination, and while Phillips acknowlded knowing them, he didn’t know why they tried to blame Castro.

But that Oswald was the shooter in the window must be accepted as a principle for the “Castro did it” aspect to be even considered, so both cover stories are still in play, at least as far as Bruce Held and company are concerned.

The fact that this very clear and distinct disinformation and black propaganda effort of the assassination being the result of a Cuban Communist Conspiracyy continues today, even after being proven false. That makes it not only an “active measure” but one that is current and not ancient history, as Bruce Held and the CIA would have us believe.

It would take quite a long time to run down all of those who promote this discredited conspiracy theory, but some deserve at least a little attention. I put them in two categories – the self acknowledged CIA agents and those without clear intelligence connections but who propagate this theory.

Besides Bruce Held, who I presume we will be hearing more from as he runs down his “Sixty Years Ago Today” the CIA’s Mockingbird taught the orchestra to play, there’s a number of others. One is Brian Latel, who wrote a book on a former Cuban radio technician who manned the Cuban-Russian radio listening post. When he defected he claimed that Castro himself instructed him to listen to the radio broadcasts from Texas when the President was there, that to Latel is proof that Castro knew the assassination would take place. Well to any reasonable, rational person, that would tell them Castro knew the President would be in Texas, not a state secret, and not that he would be assassinated.

[For more on Latell -  /  / ]

Then there’s Bob Baer, the CIA agent and his LAPD nodding sidekick who apparently had unlimited funding for his TV series JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald.

 [ ]

Baer traveled to Minsk and Mexico City to try to prove that Oswald was a Communist agent secretly run by the KGB and Castro. His only proof that Oswald was controlled by Castro agents is the fact that he attended a bull fight in Mexico City where he could have secretly met Cuban agents among the tens of thousands of spectators. The only proof Oswald actually attended a bullfight is a postcard he ostensibly brought back from Mexico found among his effects after the assassination. Some proof.

Besides the admitted CIA agents, I hate to write "former CIA agents" because that would be an oxymoron, - David Atlee Phillips, Bruce Held, Brian Latel and Bob Baer, there’s a number of others who chime in the Mockingbird choris without direct ties to the agency – most notably Gus Russo, Phil Shenon and James Johnson.

I knew Russo very well when we shared lunchs together while lobbying for the JFK Act in Washington, and he came across as a truly independent researchers like myself, until, as John Judge told me, Russo was seen having lunch with some high level CIA officials. He then changed his tune to the Castro did it theme, got a book contract for “Brothers In Arms” (  ), and then another book on the Chicago mobsters.

Former New York Times reporter Phil Shenon went on the Castro did it trail at the request of a former Warren Commission lawyer who he refuses to identify (but is probably Arlen Spector or Sam Stern), and wrote a book on his campaign – “A Cruel and Shocking Act.” In it Shenon tries to make the claim that while in Mexico City Oswald attended a”Twist Party” with Syliva Duran, members from the Cuban embassy and two American “Gringos,” one a famous actor who Duran refused to identify.

[ For the CIA’s review of Shenon’s book  ]

Well I identified them from CIA phone intercepts as actor Richard Beymer (West Side Story/ The Longest Day) and former NYC bar owner and later Catholic priest Bradley Pierce, who told me that they were in Mexico at the time of the assassination and not when Oswald was there.

[ My take on the Twist Party: ]

Then there’s James Johnson, a former Church Committee lawyer who recently wrote “Murder, Inc.” that was published during the Covid crisis so it didn’t get much publicity, and he zeros right in on the CIA plots to kill Castro and what LBJ called “Murder, Inc. in the Caribbean,” that WE were running, not Castro. But instead of focusing on the JMWAVE based mechanisms our CIA set up to kill Castro, Johnson says that the obvious question is whether Castro retaliated and had JFK killed. No, the obvious question is whether Our mechanisms set up to kill Castro were redirected to JFK in Dallas, but Johnson doesn’t bother to go there.

As Jefferson Morley says, Johnson is a different type of fish than self acknowledged CIA agents Phillips, Latel, Baer and Held. But like Russo and Shennon, he still propagates the false illusion of Castro’s complicity, when we know as an established fact that Castro had nothing to do with the Dealey Plaza operation. That is other than to be a victim, like Oswald, of the disinformationa and black propaganda campaign to take the blame for the conspiracy. And there certainly was a conspiracy, one still going on.

How do we know Castro was not behind the Daley Plaza operation – the conspiracy? Well for one we have the reports of the late Jean Daniel, a French reporter who was with Castro at the time of the assassination and observed his immediate reaction – shock and saying “This is very bad.” Daniel, as he reported in The New Republic, had spent time with President Kennedy earlier and JFK gave Daniel a message for Castro, one of possible reconcellation, which coincided with the back channel negotiations between Castro and JFK that were then ongoing at the UN.

In addition, just as the Cuba-Soviet lisenting post monitored American radio communications, the National Security Agency (NSA) monitored all foreign broadcasts, tapped telephones and installed electronic devices (bugs) in all communist embassies abroad. They got the immediate reactions of the Communist officials of the news of the assassination and knew that Castro was not involved.

A representatvie of the Warren Commission, as well as members of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) personally met with and interviewed Castro and came away with the conviction that he had nothing to do with the murder of the President.

So the idea Castro was behind the assassination conspiracy is clearly  disinformation and black propaganda and were used as part of the assassination operation from its beginnings and today is proof that whatever you believe occurred at Dealey Plaza, it was a covert intelligence operation and thus a conspiracy. 

And now we have Bruce Held’s 60 Years Ago Today – Oct. 16 – Oswald starts work at the TSBD, that is also full of disinformation and propaganda, so it looks like I will have to just follow this guy around and correct him as he goes along.

[ ]

What Bruce Held quotes from Daniel Harker’s September 7-9th 1963 interview with Castro really is a significant assassination record, and deserves a much closer review than what Bruce Held gives it, the subject of my next article.

More to come – Stay Tuned.