Thursday, November 10, 2016

Janet Reno and JFK


When Janet Reno, the first women Attorney General passed away last week there was no mention of one historic thing she did - order the new testing of evidence in the assassination of President Kennedy.

For the Attorney General of the United States to do this was unprecidented, and how it came about was extraordinary.

It was John Orr, a federal attorney in Atlanta who worked tielessly on his own time to research and write the proposal, and then he had to win a prestigious award that the Attorney General would give him to create the occassion for him to present his proposal to her.

Orr noticed in reviews of Warren Commission Exhibits CE  #567 at the National Archives that the distored bullet fragments found on the floor of the back seat of the pesident's Ford limo containbed flesh fragments that should be DNA tested.

It was always assumed that the fragments came from the bullet that hit the president in the head and fractured into bits that hit the front windsheld and its frame and may have caused the chip in the curb that nicked James Tague, that some also suspect was a wayward bullet.

But if the fragments came from a bullet that struck Governor Connally, then the single bullet theory is proven incorrect, and Kennedy and Connally were hit by separate buttlets, as Orr believed.

Orr's detailed report is the kind of report that needs to be written to convince the Justice Department and the NARA - National Archives and Records Administration to conduct similar modern tests on other evidence in the case, including the unidentified fingerprints on the boxes in the sixth floor sniper's nest, the 3D computerized enhancement of the X-rays and other grahics, and using the most modern technology on the other evidence in the case.

Orr not only had to convince the Attorney General, he also had to convince the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) that was in existence at the time, and the NARA who has custody of the evidence, and both balked at the discredited FBI lab conducting the tests.

In the end the FBI belatedly conducted the tests and their conclusion was "inconclusive," when DNA scientists tell me that it can't be inconclusive but either a positive match or negative match for whatever they are testing.

In any case, if it wasn't for John Orr and Janet Reno, the testing of the evidence would never have happened, and for the proper testing of additional evidence, we wil have to prepre legal proposals similar to the one John Orr wrote that convinced Janet Reno to do the right thing - and test the evdence in the most sensational murder case in American history.

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from Wednesday March 21, 2012