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Joachim Joesten on one Warren Report Lie - The Munich Report on Walker Shooting

Bill Kelly Notes: Unknown to Joachim Joesten when he wrote this, the chapter of the Warren Commission Report on responses to Rumors and Speculations was written by Department of Defense Pentagon historian Alfred Goldberg. More on Goldberg here:

Chapter 4 – “The Truth About the Kennedy Assassination” by Joachim Joesten

WHOEVER LIES ONCE…. In appendix XII the Warren Report deals with criticism which had surfaced previously and called it: “Speculations and Rumors”. In this article specifically, the report assumes a rather pontifical tone which made the findings of the commission appear above any doubt. In each case a “commission finding” is being held against certain speculations by discrediting a certain rumor with some contemptuous words.

By scrupulous insight, one will find that these so-called commission “findings” lack any real proof or partly are in direct opposition to the main report. And partly they are demonstrably untrue.
Following is a drastic example which will show how the Warren Commission knowingly and deliberately lied, when refuting one of those alleged rumors. Let us first quote the paragraph of the Warren Report:

“Speculation. – The Dallas Police suspected Oswald and Ruby to be involved in the attack on General Walker and intended to arrest the two men, when the FBI stepped in and requested the Police, upon the request of the Justice Minister Robert F. Kennedy, to refrain from arrest for reasons of state security.”

“Commission finding. On November 29, 1063 (actually on November 25 or 26 printed) this statement appeared in the German weekly DEUTSCHE NATIONALIZEITUNG UND SOLDATENZEITUNG, which is published in Munich. This statement was later picked up by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER and published on May 17, 1964. The Commission was later informed by a dependable source that the statement was a ficticious fabrication of the paper’s editor.”

First it should be stated that from the above paragraph no clear result can be found – and that was obviously the intention – whether the “fabrication” of the editor came from the German or the American paper. But that is not of importance right now. It is, however, more important that the Commission probably thought that nobody ever would go so far as to verify the true connection. But, if one would do that, it would become very obvious and very fast so, that in this case neither the German nor the American paper, but the Warren Commission was lying.

Let us now first look at what the NATIONAL ENQUIRER had to say. In the May 17, 1964 edition the paper wrote the following headline on page one:

Insiders in Washington are perplexed about the report concerning a fantastic letter. “CONNECTION BETWEEN RUBY AND OSWALD”

In official circles consternation is rampant: Due to a letter from the American Ministry of Justice the arrest was thwarted. The report inside the paper fills two and a half printed pages. The most important paragraphs read as follows:

Washington: The hottest story circulating here states that the American Ministry of Justice thwarted the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby seven months prior to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Oswald and the man who killed him, Jack Ruby, were both partners and suspected to have committed the crime seven months prior to the death of the President.

The unbelievable details of this story are so explosive that officials refuse any comment. However, what is being circulated among highest government officials reads as follows: 

1.    The Justice Ministry intentionally prevented the arrest of Oswald and Ruby prior to the Kennedy assassination.
2.    The Dallas Police suspected Oswald to be the assassin and Ruby the ‘paymaster’ in a conspiracy against the life of the former General Major Edwin A. Walker – seven months prior to the President’s assassination.
3.    That the American CIA used Ruby to recruit commandos to attack Castro’s Cuba. In order that this explosive information would not become public knowledge, the CIA asked the Ministry of Justice to prevent the Dallas Police from arresting Ruby and Oswald.”

A strictly confidential document – a letter, signed by a high official of the Ministry of Justice was delivered to the Chief of Police in Dallas, Jesse E. Curry, in which the Police was requested NOT to arrest Oswald and Ruby for the attempted assassination plot against Walker.

After a sniper shot on General Walker in Dallas on April 10, 1963, but missed, the Dallas Police suspected Oswald to be the sniper and Ruby the paymaster.

The Police was ready to arrest both, but because of the request from the Justice Ministry, this was prevented. Ruby and Oswald remained untouched. And seven months later, on November 22nd last year, Oswald killed the President of the United States.

The confidential document, a copy of which is supposed to be in the hands of the Commission appointed by the President to investigate the murder, exposes a net of intrigues which included the FBI together with the Justice Ministry and CIA.

It is politically so explosive that the Warren Commission did not show the document even to one of their own, i.e. Senator Richard Russell. It was feared that Senator Russell, who headed the fight of the Southern States for the Civil Rights Law, would use this document as a weapon against the Justice Ministry and its Chief, Justice Minister Robert F. Kennedy, a champion of the Civil Rights Law.

The document in question contradicts the FBI report about the assassination of President Kennedy and the follow-up murder of Oswald. A high FBI official was summoned by an official of the Justice Ministry, who was aware of the dangerous situation in Dallas, to instruct the Dallas Police not to arrest Oswald and Ruby.

The FBI official first refused, stating that interference into a pending investigation is considered a crime. The FBI official said he would only follow the instruction if he received an official directive from the Justice Ministry.

Upon receipt of the signed instruction, the FBI official called the Dallas Police insisting that Oswald and Ruby be left alone. But the Dallas Police insisted also on an official, signed instruction. Upon this request, the Justice Ministry sent a letter to the Dallas Police Chief Curry instructing him to leave Oswald and Ruby alone.

The Ministry declared that the arrest of Oswald and Ruby would not be in the interest of the country’s security. Behind this request, however, was the CIA which was very much involved with Ruby, and probably also with Oswald.

Agents of the CIA had used Ruby to recruit commandos in the Dallas area which were to be used against the Castro regime. They did not want to risk this information to become public knowledge.

It is also suspected that Oswald himself acted as double agent for the communists as well as the CIA
So far the shortened version of the special report of the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

Let us now summarize the important points:

The Dallas Police suspected the two CIA agents Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby to have committed the attempted assassination of General Walker, and want to arrest them. Now the Justice Ministry, upon request of the CIA, prevent the arrest.

Since serious doubts existed at various agencies against such interference in an ongoing investigation, all involved parties tried to secure their interests towards all sides.

In the follow-up exchange of letters, two secret documents were produced: First a letter from the Ministry of Justice to the FBI, and second, a letter of similar content, which was addressed to the Police Chief of Dallas, Curry, by the Ministry of Justice, which contained the reasons or the non-involvement in the case against Oswald and Ruby. Only after receipt of this letter, the Police Chief Curry refrained from having the two men arrested.

As I was familiar with the special report of the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, I became suspicious when I read the Warren Report. How, I was asking myself, can an unimportant paper in Munich, written in German, know so much about internal proceedings between American authorities?

As I was sure that something was very wrong, I went to find the edition of November 29, 1963 of the German NATIONAL UND SOLDATEN ZEITUNG to find the source of the ‘hoax’ which the Warren Commission alleged to have found – and which could not be found in the German Edition (see photo on page 105).

And, oh wonder, I found the source, which the NATIONAL ENQUIRER alleged to have used for its ficticious fabrication. It turned out to be a small article down on the first page titled: “The strange story of the Oswald case” which reads as follows:

“The assassin of President Kennedy also tried to assassinate US General Walker in early summer of last year in his office. However, the bullet went just over his head, and he lived. Oswald was arrested, but a further investigation was thwarted upon request of the U.S. Justice Minister Robert F. Kennedy. Otherwise, Oswald would have faced many years in prison, and would not have been able to assassinate John F. Kennedy.”

If one compares these two press releases, one will find that they are as different as a pebble and a rock. The tiny article in the German paper does not contain certain information nor does it mention the connection between Ruby, Curry, CIA and FBI. And their statement that Oswald was arrested, is not true!

However, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER contains detailed and precise information. Ruby’s part as recruiter for the CIA is exactly described. They quote secret documents and the discord between the various officials is outlined in detail. The reason why the Dallas Police received exact instructions from the upper level was thoroughly illustrated.

How can anyone seriously believe that the American newspaper got all this information from an insignificant German publication? The Warren Commission did, and again demonstrated how carelessly they treated the truth.

Instead of pursuing a serious investigation, they worked the cheap tricks. The uninformed and easily tricked American people are told the inconvenient truth is nothing but a foreign invention, served by second-hand sources. The people are to believe, and they did too: “You see, first there is this little foreign newspaper sucking some idiotic ideas out of their fingers, and then our own press buys it! And they publish the same nonsense. All lies, nothing but printed lies!”

In reality, the report in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER contains the stamp of authenticity.

Even if this paper is known for being nosy and not necessarily a witness of the truth of the first degree: Here it received its information no doubt from the best source. And this source was not the insignificant Munich “Nazi” paper, but probably the Police Chief of Dallas, Jesse E. Curry.

Only the sender – or receiver – of the above mentioned secret document, which contained the instruction not to arrest, because of state security, could have caused such indiscretion. It must be viewed as ‘unlikely’ that an FBI official could have told anyone, and it is, therefore, as good as certain that the NATIONAL ENQUIRER got its information from Curry, who was, by the way, just at that period in time, involved in a controversy with the FBI.

This appears to be also the reason why the Warren Commission preferred not to directly contradict the embarrassing revelations, but to dement them by way of circumventing them as “fabrication” of the DNZ (German paper). The latter in question exists! The Commission has a copy on file. But they had to fear, by further denying the truth that a renewed publication could occur which would be even more embarrassing. Therefore the maneuver by way of the Munich newspaper.

That is how the assassination of President Kennedy was “investigated”. These are the methods used to deceive the American people. Naturally, all in the best interest of the country.  The “security of the country” was at stake.

The monstrosity of this episode, however, is the fact that, by the intervention in the proceedings against Oswald and Ruby in April 1963, Robert Kennedy was indirectly responsible for the death of his brother, even if unintentionally, and also the disclosure that not only the alleged Kennedy assassin but also his murderer were agents of the CIA.

And now let us examine the strange and intricate ways which lead Oswald from his first secret mission to the assassination in Dallas.

-    Joachim Joesten – From “The Truth About the Kennedy Assassination”