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Combined Air Force One Radio Tapes Transcript (Annotated) D7

Air Force One Radio Transmission Transcript – D7 Version

This is the last analysis done using the combined LBJ Library - Clifton Transcript

From now on we will be using the Primeau version Parts 1-IV and will use the timing of that those recordings for the next full analysis.

Air Force one heading East from Dallas on 11/22/63- a two hour seventeen minute flight

LBJ Library – Clifton Tapes Combined w/Annotation and Commentary

Transcribed by William E. Kelly, Jr. Any corrections, questions or comments] 
Comments by Bill Kelly (BK), Douglas Horne (DH), David Lifton (DSL), Max Holland (MH), w/ more to come. 


Editor Notes: LBI Library version is timed by taped numbers in (paranthesis)
Clifton/Raab/NARA version is timed by taped numbers in [brackets]
Chronology in real time CST, when it can be determined, is {and Appendix 4 X}.
A Joint audio version is currently being produced.
Annotation is highlighted by name of commentator.

Doug Horne (DH) notes in his ARRB memorandum of October 17, 1995 Subject: Air Force One Audiotapes from November 22, 1963 Procedures: The audiotapes at NARA must be listened to in Suite 4000 at Archives II. An incomplete “transcript” of the edited audiotapes can be found in LBJ library box # 19. The LBJ transcript from LBJ has appended to it many of the USSS-WHCA code names used by personnel onboard SAM 26000, SAM 86972, and at the White House situation room; additional code names found on the tapes can be found on pages xxi and xxii of Death of a President, by William Manchester.)

Bill Kelly Notes: Wm. Manchester, T. H. White and Pierre Salinger apparently read and quote from a transcript of the complete unedited tapes, which have yet to publicly surface. Liberty station when it is the Collins Radio relay station in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is misidentified on the LBJ Transcript as White House or WHCC. A more complete list of code names: See Footnote A1.

DH: The Air Force One tapes presently held by NARA are 3 edited cassette copies provided by the LBJ library, and are identified as follows: LBJ Library Cassette No. Identifiers NLJ 3 SRT 969-1; NLJ 4 SRT 969-2; NLJ 5 SRT 969-3. Total length of the recorded material on these edited tapes is estimated at about 2 hours; without running a stopwatch a more precise estimate is not possible, since the 3 cassettes used for the transfer by the LBJ library are not uniformly filled with material. For example, the second side of tapes NLJ 4 and NLJ 5 are almost 100% blank, and the first side of tape NLJ 3 is not completely filled.
Listen to the LBJ Library audio version at Mary Ferrell:

Reel 1, Side 1 (30:55) Reel 1, Side 2 (30:57) Reel 2, Side 1 (29:42) Reel 2, Side 2 (30:06)

The Clifton Tape picks up about 35 seconds into LBJ Library tape and they often overlap, but both contain unique content, so while the Clifton/NARA version is 40 minutes longer, the LBJ Library tape contains content not on the longer tape. So there is unique content on each version.

The Clifton Tapes, found among the effects of the President’s military aide Gen. Clifton, and discovered by Nathan Raab at the Raab Collecition, in Philadelpha, Pa., included two identical reel to reel tapes, one of which Raab donated to the NARA and is now available on line from the NARA/GPO. Raab is marketing the other copy for $500,000. For more on Clifton see: Appendix: Clifton.

Listen to the Clifton/Raab audio version from NARA

DH: Four radio frequencies were identified as the means of communications between parties onboard aircraft SAM 26000, SAM 86972, and the White House Communications Agency in Washington, namely: 11176 MHZ (Upper sideband); 15011 MHZ (Upper Sideband) 13247 MHZ (Upper sideband) 18027 MHZ (Lower sideband)

DH: A typed summary prepared by Master Sergeant John C. Trimble, USAF (the WHCA technician who was the radio operator onboard Air Force One during the flight from Dallas to Washington on November 22, 1963) says: “I…had three phone patches going simultaneously most of the time.”
BK: To read Trimble’s complete report and other reports by radio operators see: [ A See: Trimble After Action Report WHCA]

DH: Since total fight time, from takeoff from Love Field, until “on the blocks” at Andrews AFB was 2 hours and 17 minutes, the unedited audiotapes could conceivably be as long as 7-9 hours in total duration. One serious problem with the edited Air Force One tape is that the listener does not know which frequency {i.e., “patch”} he is listening to at any one time, or whether or not the various conversations which are condensed onto the tape are recorded in the proper time sequence, and they apparently are not.)

DH: An unidentified voice informs the listener at the outset of the first cassette (NLJ 3) that the recording is “edited and condensed.” The agency or organization which performed the editing is not identified either.

BK: While the tapes are labeled White House Communications Agency WHCA, Maj. Harold Patterson, USA Signal Corps, who worked for the WHCA and was in charge of the White House Situation Room at the time of the assassination, said that the WHCA did not perform editing functions.

LBJ TAPE: Reel 1, Side One

(00:01) Tape Begins with Announcer’s Introduction:

“The following recording has been reproduced from ground recorded non-high fidelity tape to re-cord record patch communications of Air Force One also includes eight, six, nine, seven two (86972) – the Cabinet plane carrying Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Presidential Secretary Pierre Salinger and other dignitaries enroute between Honolulu and Japan. The following information relative to presidential aircraft radio call signs is given for clarification due to interchangeable use. Air Force One and Angel are used when the President is aboard the aircraft, Air Force Two-Six-Thousand (26000) is used at all other times. This tape has been edited and condensed to contain only pertinent information relative to events during 22nd of November, 1963. Only material available from radio circuits used is available.”

DH: The Air Force One tapes commence when the Presidential aircraft (Special Air Mission, or “SAM” 26000) is still on the ground at Carswell AFB near Fort Worth, Texas on the morning of November 22, 1963; as the tape begins, President Kennedy has not yet boarded the aircraft following the Fort Worth breakfast event, so the aircraft is not yet referred to as “Air Force One.” The LBJ tapes include the flight from Carswell AFB to Love Field outside Dallas before the assassination, and the flight from Love Field to Andrews AFB outside Washington DC after the assassination.

BK: For easier reference and referral all of the conversations are broken into “patches” and numbered and timed according to tape counter.


LBJ Tape Reel 1, Side 1 (30:55)
Tape 1- Patch 1


1 - 86972 [Cabinet plane], Andrews [Air Force Base]. You are readable at this time, sir. Also be advised Two-Six-Thousand [26000 – Air Force One, aka “Angel”] (is) coming up on this frequency shortly. Request that you contact Andrews on One-Five, Sir.

BK: The radio operator (at Liberty relay station) advises the radio man aboard the Cabinet plane that Air Force One will soon be in the air and that they contact Andrews over the 15011 MHZ frequency.

 2 - Okay, One-Five. Relay. Will be off Honolulu at seventeen oh-three estimated approximate windshift, 2-1-4-0-2-2.
3 - 86972, Roger, copy. Thank you much. 

T 1 - Patch 2

1 - Break, Command Post, Air Force One, 1725. Carswell. [Ft. Worth SAC AFB]

2 - Air Force One, understand. Airborne. One, seven, two, five (1725) Zulu [Military Greenwich Mean Time]. Do you have an ETA? [Estimated Time of Arrival] Over.
3 - Estimated 40 minutes, enroute. I’ll show a log time in a couple of minutes.
4 - Roger, Air Force One. Command Post listening. Out.

BK: Air Force One advises that it has taken off from Carswell AFB in Fort Worth at 17:25 Zulu – GMT – (11:25 AM CST) For more on GMT see:  GMT footnote.

T 1 - Patch 3

1 - Pickup 1700 Zulu, weather please.
2 - Standby One, I have weather officer I can give it to you now, if you are ready to copy. Over.
3 - Okay, go ahead.
4 - 1700 Zulu weather, 6000 broken, 15 miles plus visibility, temperature – five-seven, ramp temperature, six-two, wind southwest ten, altimeter setting two-niner, decimal eight-seven. I just talked with the Ramp and they indicate it is clearing rather rapidly there.
5 - Roger. Copy, thank you, out.
6 - Weather out.

LBJ Tape Reel One, Side One

T 1 - Patch 4

1 - Andrews, Air Force One, the Command Post List.
2 - Andrews, Air Force One, standby.
3 - Command Post altimeter.
4 - This is Airman Gilmore

DH: At Andrews an “Airman Gilmore” answers for Andrews AFB throughout the tape and appears to be the central player attempting to facilitate all “patches.”

5 - I have Air Force One for a patch.
6 - Standby please.
7 - Air Force One, Air Force Command Post on the line, go ahead sir.
8 - Roger, Command Post, Air Force One, our estimated time on the block, Dallas will be One, Seven, Four, Zero….(1740)…
9 - Roger. I understand. Seventeen forty on the block.
10- Roger, Out. 

BK: Air Force One advises that it will arrive in Dallas at 17:40 (11:40 AM CST).

LBJ Tape Reel One, Side One
T 1 - Patch 5
T1 - 5

1 - Air Force One, Andrews.
2 - Roger, Roger Command Post, please.
3 - Standby sir.
4 - Command Post.
5 - I have Air Force One for a patch.
6 - Bring him up.
7 - Standby.
8 - Air Force One, Andrews. Command Post on the line, give them a call, sir.
9 - Roger
10- Command Post.
11- Air Force One on the ground 1738 Zulu.
12- Air Force One, understand. On the ground, seventeen thirty eight Zulu. Command Post listening.
13- Air Force One…..

BK: SAC Command Post in Omah, Nebraska or SAM Command Post in DC, requests AF1 ETA Dallas.


Clifton Tape – Begins – [00:00]

T 2 – Patch 1

1 - Andrews Two Six Thousand   (26000) Delta
2 - 26000 Andrews Loud and clear.
3 - Roger, you are loud and clear, I will be monitoring this frequency.
4 - 26000 Andrews loud and clear. How do you read me now Larry?
5 - Roger. You are still loud and clear.
6 - …Okay Standing by.


BK: These radio operators know each other and are on a first name basis

T 2 – Patch 2

1 - White House Situation Room put in a priority one patch for me?
2 - Stand by sir.
3 - Yes.
4 - I have Liberty on the line for a priority one patch.
5 - Roger
6 - Stand by I’ll give you a call. Okay sir?
7 - I don’t know – [background conversation]
8 - Stand by One.
9 - Liberty, give him a call.
10 - Situation Room?


BK: The White House Communication station is “Crown,” The White House Situation Room, in the basement of the White House, was established after the Bay of Pigs (April 1961), as a crisis “nerve center” by the President’s Navy Aide Tazwell Shephard, who is also mentioned on the tapes. For more on WHSR see: Appendix 5.

T 1/2 (3) – Patch 1
T3 – 1
TAPE 2 LBJ and Clifton Tapes Merge at this Point:

LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side One

1 - Air Force One?
2 - Liberty! Liberty
3 - Roger, I have White House Situation Room, SAM 86972,....Over.
4 - (Static) ... signal...unintelligable…..
5 - Eight Six Nine Seven Two 86972 do you read me? Over.
6 - White House?
7 - White House on.
8 - Standby. 
9 - White House, this is SAM 86972. How do you read? Over.
10- 86972, I read you loud and clear, loud and clear.
11- Roger, standby One, please, we have another phone patch going on with Sing Sing (CINAPAC) but we do have traffic for you, so hold on for one moment please.
12- Roger, Roger 86972. 

BK: Here AF1, Liberty and the WH Situation Room are being paged by the Cabinet’s plane, but they are busy talking to another party on another frequency.

LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side One – Patch 5

T3 – Patch 2
T3 – 2   - Oliver Hallett in Situation Room

(6:30) [0357]
1 - White House, White House, this is Wayside, do you read me?
2 - This is White House. I read you loud and clear Wayside. Over.
3 - Can you give me the latest situation on President? Over.
4 - You want Situation Room? Is that a Roger?

BK: After hearing news reports from the wire service Pierre Salinger (aka “Wayside”) in the Cabinet Plane calls the White House (“Crown”) and asks for an official report, and “Crown” puts them through to the Situation Room in the basement, where Navy Aide Oliver Hallett answers.

5 - Repeat that transmission please?
6 - This is Crown, This is Crown. Do you want Situation Room? 
7 - I want the Situation Room That’s affirmative.
8 - Roger, Roger getting them now.
9 - Stand by Please.
10- Wayside, Wayside, this is Crown. Situation Room is on. Go ahead.
11- Situation Room. This is Wayside, do you read me? Over.
12- This is the Situation Room. I read you. Go ahead. (Oliver Hallett)

BK – For more on Oliver Hallett see: Appendix 7.

Max Holland – Unbeknownst to Commander Hallett, he is about to become a member of one of the world’s most exclusive clubs. Back in October 1959, Hallett and his wife were working for the U.S. mission in Moscow – Hallett as the naval attaché, Joan as a receptionist – when a twenty-year old ex-Marine walked in the door and loudly announced his intention to renounce his U.S. citizenship. The Halletts have never had a reason to remember the young man after that, except that in some obnoxious way, the name and the face of the ex-Marine were unforgettable. (See: Manchester, Death, p. 30-31). In about two hours Commander Hallett will be counted among the tiny number of people who can say they have met both John F. Kennedy and his accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. (The Kennedy Assassination Tapes, p.18).

13- [Salinger] - Give me all available information on President Over. 
14- [Hallett] - All available information on President follows. Ah,…Connally…He and Governor Connally of Texas have been hit in the car in which they were riding. We do not know how serious the situation is, we have no information. Mister Bromley Smith is back here in the Situation Room now. We are getting our information over the tickers. Over.   
15- [Salinger] - That is affirmative, affirmative. Please be advised that this is the plane on which the cabinet is on the way to Japan. Those heading to Honolulu are turning around and returning to Honolulu and will be there in about two hours. Over
16 [Hallett] - I understand. Those heading to Japan are turning around and heading to Honolulu and will be back there in two hours. Is that correct? Over. 
17- That’s Affirmative. Affirmative. Will need all information to decide whether some of this party should go directly to Dallas. Over.
18-  This is Situation Room. Say again your last please?
19- Will need to be advised to determine whether some members of this party should go directly to Dallas? Over.
20- Roger, you wish information as to whether some members of that party should go to Dallas.
21- Affirmative. Affirmative.
22- Do you have anything else, Wayside?
23- Any information you can give me as quickly as possible.
24- The Associated Press is coming out now with a bulletin that the President was hit in the head. That just came in. Over. 
25- Roger. Will get any new information to you. 
26- Where are you Wayside?
27 - Wayside is off the line. This is the radio operator. We are returning to Honolulu and should be back in Honolulu in about two hours. Will be in the air for about two hours and in to Honolulu and you can contact us on the ground there later.   
28- I understand. This is…..Hold, hold on the line there Wayside, we have some more information coming up. 
29-…right back.
BK: Salinger has taken this information to Secretary of State Dean Rusk, the senior administration official on the Cabinet Plane, and the decision is made to return to Hawaii and fly on to Dallas or DC

T3 – Patch 3
T3 – 3 

1- Ah, Wayside, Wayside, this is Situation Room. I read from the AP bulletin. Kennedy apparently shot in head, he fell face down on the backseat of his car. Blood was on his head. Mrs. Kennedy cried “Oh no,” and tried to hold up his head. Connally remained half seated slumped to the left. There was blood on his face and forehead. The President and Governor were rushed to Parkland Hospital near the Dallas Trade Mart where Kennedy was to have made a speech. Over  
2 - I read that, over.
3 - This is Situation Room. I have nothing further for you now. I will contact you if we get more. 
4 - Wayside, Roger and out
5 - Situation Room out.

BK: From these reports it is quite clear that both the Cabinet Plane-86972 and the White House Situation Room are getting their first hand reports from the AP and UPI wire services or what they refer to as “over the ticker” as the reports are printed out over a ticker tape printer.

T3 – Patch 4

1 - Loud and clear.
2 - One thirty five…..Secretary of State….
3 - Roger, ….this…put them on this frequency…..stand by one, Andrews on two.  
4 - Give them a call Andrews
5 - Affirmative Andrews.
6 - Roger we have the aircraft and passengers ….
7 - Eight Six Nine Seven Two, we do not know the frequency…..
8 - Two Six Thousand.
9 - Will you have….give me a call please?
10- Stand by one sir.
11- Hello?
12- ….please?
13- This is Secretary Rusk. Give me eight, six, nine, seven two.
14- I’ll have….give you a call when he’s done.
15- I’ll hold the line.
16-  Yes?
17-  Copy Mr. Rusk….State Department is talking to…..
18-  Mr. Ball back there.
19-  State Dept. is not….
20-  Well look…I want to talk to Ball.
21-  Okay…Number one is trying….
22-  I’ll wait.
23-  Thank you
24-  Okay, thank you.
25-  I want a frequency open….
26-  Please give…. a call please. ….

LBJ Tape Side One
T 3 – Patch 5

1 - 26000, Andrews, I have the White House.
2 - Okay, thank you.
3 - And I want to keep this frequency open. 
4 - The frequency has been taken …
5 - …give ….a copy
6 - Roger.
7 - 86972 is good and readable. I have a party on that wants to talk to you. Stand by. 
8 - Standing by.
9 - Hello? What is your name again?
10- Jackson.
11- Mister Jackson?
12- Yes. 
13- Okay. Hold on line one.
14- 86972, 86972 I have a Mister Jackson, a Mister Jackson on. Will you give him a call, please? 
15- Mister Jackson, this is SAM 86972. How do you read me?
16- I read you very well 72. I would like to talk to Colonel Toomey or Colonel Holland please. Over.
17- Okay. Colonel Toomey is coming on right now, Stand by One please.
18 - Okay.
(11:35) [1130]
19- Roger. This is Colonel Toomey. Go ahead.
20- Colonel Toomey, this is Murray Jackson. The President of the United States has been shot and seriously wounded in Dallas, Texas. The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy has been shot and seriously wounded in Dallas, Texas. Governor Connally was also shot at the same time. Would you please get the message to Secretary of State Rusk, and I will stand by. Over. 
21- Roger, Murray. We have already received the news. We have the UPI on. We have turned around. We are returning to Hawaii. We are estimating Hawaii in one hour and twenty minutes. We will be on the ground in Hawaii in one hour and twenty minutes and will be returning to Washington or Dallas. We have another aircraft alerted to take part of the party to Dallas, and we are returning to Washington. Over. [1220]
22- Thank you very much Colonel Toomey. I will relay that information to Mr. Ball right away. Over and out. 
23- Okay, the secretary has talked with his office in Washington, I believe and also Pierre Salinger has been in contact with the White House from the aircraft. Over.
24-Okay thank you very much. Over and out
BK: Col. Toomey is the pilot

T-3 – Patch 6

LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side One

1 - 26000, Andrews. Go ahead sir. 
2 - Loud and clear. A signal check please.  26000, I read you loud and clear, here also, sir. Stand by on this frequency.
3 - Right. Thank you. 

T 3 – Patch 7
T3 – 7

Reel 1 Side One

1 - Andrews sideband. Airman Gilmore.
2 - Roger. Are you in contact with the party coming back from Tokyo? Go ahead.
3 - Yes sir. We’re going through Liberty airwaves for that aircraft. 

BK: As Airman Gilmore acknowledges here, these radio communications are being funneled and relayed through the Liberty Station – the Collins Radio “Fishbowl” at their HQ in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

4 – Roger, can you connect me with Wayside?   
5 - Standby One Six.
6 - Sir?
7 - Yes Sir? 
8 - There’s Mister Jackson running a patch to that aircraft at this time, would you like to listen in or would you like me to break the patch sir? 
9 - Ah, could I wait please?
10- Yes, you can standby. You’re number two.

BK: Because we have some of the conversation with Murray Jackson, this appears to be a simultaneous transmission on another radio on another frequency, so there are more than one frequencies being taped at one time and more than one frequency on this tape.

T 3 – Patch 8
T3- 8

1 - 86972, Andrews. 
2 - 86972.
3 - Roger, standby. I have another one.
4 - Who is this sir?
5 - This is the White House.
6 - Okay, standby please.
7 - 86972, 86972, Andrews, I have Crown on, will you give them a call sir   please? 
8 - This is 86972, go ahead.
9 - Roger, This is Crown, we wish a phone patch to Wayside. Go ahead.
10- Roger, standby for Wayside. 
11- Crown.
12- Roger, go ahead please. 
13- Crown this is Wayside. Go ahead. ‘
14- Go ahead please
15- Wayside? Wayside? This is Stranger. Do you read me? Over.
16- This is Wayside. Go ahead.
17- Kilduff has asked that all cabinet members return to Washington immediately. Over. 
18- We are enroute to Honolulu, where we have ah….Washington. Over
19- Roger Roger, will they notifiy us of time of arrival.
20-Situation…to  Dallas. ……Over
21- Roger, Roger, we do not have any firm….as to the exact status……go…..Dallas….Wayside…..go ahead.
22- ……..Wayside this is Stranger, over.

BK: From the WH Situation Room, Maj. Harold Patterson (aka “Stranger”) relays orders from Kilduff in Dallas, officially recalling the Cabinet Plane-86972 to DC.
T 3 – Patch 9
T 3 – 9

1 - Wayside Standby for Situation Room. Yea.
2 - Go ahead Wayside.
3 - Wayside, this is Situation Room. I read you the latest bulletin. President Kennedy has been given blood transfusion today at Parkland Hospital in an effort to save his life after he and Governor John Connally of Texas were shot in an assassination attempt. Over the TV we have the information that the governor has been moved to the operating room. The president is still in the emergency room at Parkland Hospital....Do you read me so far? Over
4 - I read you loud and clear.
5 - Wayside. This is Situation Room. Are you getting the press coverage or do you want us to continue to relay it to you? Over. 
6 - (garbled)….keep informed. Over
(15:18) [1644]

T 3 – Patch 10
T 3 – 10

1 - This is Situation Room. Roger. New subject. We will have information for you on whether to proceed to Dallas by the time you land at Honolulu. Over
2 - Affirmative affirmative, also….Secretary of State….Dallas….Over.
3 - This is Situation Room. Roger. Will do. Get determination on whether Secretary of State should also go to Dallas
4 - Wayside. Out. Over.
5 - This is Situation Room. Out 

T 3 – Patch 11 – “Stranger” – Harold Patterson Patch
T 3 – 11

1- Liberty?
2 - Go ahead.
3 - 86972 86972 Andrews.
4 - 86972 You are loud and clear.
5 - Roger Give me the name, the real name of Stranger please….from the White House.       
6 - Say again the name. What is the name sir? Stranger.
7 - Stranger – S-T-R-A-N-G-E-R

BK: Salinger aboard the Cabinet Plane, on instructions from Dean Rusk, requests the real name of “Stranger,” the WH Situation Room officer who instructed them to return to DC. Salinger said they attempted to identify him from the official code book but it was missing from the Cabinet Plane’s safe.

8 - Command Post, will you give them a call? 
9 - We are returning to Hickam field….[ Hickam Field, Hawaii] three zero Zulu….We are standing by for more information…..
10-Stand by for just a moment sir.
11- Roger, Roger Seven two, Let us know when you are leaving Hickam and what your destination is.
12-Okay we will keep you advised, have Wayside give them a call.
13-86972 – Andrews.
14-Roger. In reference to request. A Major Harold R. Patterson, Major Harold R. Paterson.

BK: Here, they identify “Stranger” as Major Harold R. Patterson, who Pierre Salinger personally knows as a WHCA officer who was then in charge of the WH Situation Room.

For more on Patterson see: Patterson aka "Stranger."

LBJ Tape Reel 1 - Side One

T-3 Patch 12
T 3 -12

[1859] [1906]

1 - Andrews talk to Wayside. The party is on the line now
2 - 86972 Andrews.
3 - Liberty?
4 - 86972. 86972.
5 - 86972. Andrews. I have a party that would like to talk to Wayside. Will you give them a call?
6- Wayside. The party is on the line now.
7 - 86972, I have a party that would like to talk to Wayside. 
8 - Wayside is coming on right now. 
9 - All right, fine there’s no rush. I’ll just talk to you here. This is the Situation Room. We’ll standby. We are looking for confirmation of something here.
10- Wayside,…Wayside.
11- Okay Wayside. Just standby for a moment please. We are getting confirmation now. Please stay on the line. We are getting confirmation now.
12- Wayside on the line.
13- Please stay on the line. This is Situation Room still on the line standing by. I read you loud and clear. Nothing further for you yet. 
14- Wayside. This is Situation Room.
15-We have ah conflicting reports now, so we have no confirmation. We will call you again. I have relayed your intentions and current position to the Front Office. Your office has the word. We will call you again when we get confirmation. Over. 
16- Okay This is Wayside. Out. 

T – 3 Patch 13
T 3 – 13

LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side One

1 - Andrews, 26000. Radio Check.
2 - 26000 (Two Six Thousand), Andrews, loud and clear.
3 - [Third voice] 26000, Liberty, loud and clear. Will you try to notify if you close down for good? Go ahead.
4 - Roger. Will do.
5 - Roger, Liberty

T- 3 Patch 14
T 3 – 14
LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side One

1 - Andrews. Sideband. Airman Gilmore. 
2 - Gilmore, this is Murray Jackson at State again. Can you get me Seven Two again? 

BK: 72 – 86972 – is the Cabinet Plane

3 - Could you say again, sir, you are very, very week. 
4 - This is Murray Jackson at the State Department. 
5 - Yes sir?
6 - I talked to Seven Two a little while ago. Can you get me Seven Two on a single sideband again?
7 - Mister Jackson, be advised that Seven Two is in a patch with the Situation Room at the present time sir. If you wish to standby. 
8 - That’s all right. They’re talking to them now?
9 - Yes sir. They are in a patch at the present time.
10- All right, very good. Can you listen in on this?
11- Ah, not from this console, no sir.
12- Well, what we want to tell the plane is that Under Secretary Ball requests that the Secretary and all the passengers return directly to Washington instead of going to Dallas.  13- Yes sir, I believe they received that message sir.
14- Very good. Thank you.
15- Thank you very much sir.
16- Oh, hello?
17- Yes sir?
18- One other thing. The Secretary is supposed to call Mrs. Ball when he gets on the ground in Honolulu.
19- Okay sir, we’ll relay that as soon as possible.
20- Thank you very much. 

T – 3 Patch 15
T 3 – 15

LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side One - Patch 12 

1 - Andrews sideband, Airman Gilmore.
2 - Airman Gilmore, this is Murray Jackson again at the State Department.
3 - Yes sir?
4 - The message I just gave you about Mr. Ball wanting the Secretary and all of the passengers of the plane to return directly to Washington has now been reconfirmed by McGeorge Bundy who has also said that the plane and all its passengers should return immediately to Washington, rather than Dallas. 
5 - Standby sir.
6 - All right.

T 3 – Patch 16
T 3 - 16

1 - 86972. 86972. Andrews. 
2 - Andrews. Loud and clear. Loud and clear. You have Mister Jackson on the line. Would you give him a call sir?
3 - Mister Jackson, 86972. Go ahead sir.
4 - I have a message from Undersecretary Ball and from McGeorge Bundy at the White House. They request that the Secretary of State and ALL passengers aboard the aircraft return to Washington immediately. Over. 
5 - Roger. The message is from Undersecretary Ball and Mr. Bundy advised that the Secretary of State and ALL passengers return to Washington immediately. Over.
6 - That is correct. Over and out.
7 - Okay. Thank you. 


T 3 – Patch 17
T 3 17

LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side One

1 - Start again please, the party is on.
2 - Be advised there’s another patch from Wayside. Do you with to break Command Post?
3 - Yea, break it.
4 - Yes sir.
5 - 86972, 86972, Andrews. 
6 - 972. Go ahead. 
7 - Roger sir, I have Crown on. Will you give him a call sir?
8 - Crown. Go ahead.
9 - This is Situation Room. Relay following to Wayside. We have report quoting Mr. Kilduff in Dallas that the President is dead. That he died about 35 minutes ago. Do you have that? Over. 
(22:43) [2447]
10- The President is dead. Is that correct?
11- That is correct. That is correct. New subject. Front Office desires plane return Washington with no stop Dallas. Over. 
12- Wayside, copy. All okay. We return direct to Washington without stopping in Dallas.
13- This is Situation Room, out. 

[ 2507]

T 3 – Patch 18
T 3 – 18
LBJ Library Reel 1 Side One

1 - Andrews, give me the Situation Room please.
2 - 972 Andrews, standby, one sir.
3 - Crown on.
4 - Situation Room please. 
5 - Thank you.
6 - (phone ringing) Yea?
7 - Is this the Situation Room?
8 - Yes.
9 - This is sideman, I have 972 on sideband for another patch sir.
10- 972 again.
11- This is Situation Room.
12- Standby sir.
13- 972, I read you.
14- This is Situation Room. Over. 
15- Situation Room, 972. Wayside would like to know the whereabouts of the Vice President. Over.
16- Yes (Background conversation) Alright…He wants to know where the Vice President is in Dallas….right….
17- Ah, Wayside, from Situation Room. The Vice President is in the hospital building, Parkland Hospital, in Dallas. He is not injured. I repeat, not injured. Over.
18- I copy. I will call you right back.
19- Right. 


T – 3 Patch 19
T 3 – 19
LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side One

1 - Andrews, 26000. Standby to take off.
2 - 26000.
3 - Andrews, 972, Command Central….
4 - Roger…..Command Post.
5 - I have 972 for a patch. 
6 - All right. Go ahead.
7 - 86972, Andrews, Command time, go ahead sir. 
8 - SAM Command, 86972, and we are returning directly to Washington, as latest instructions are to return direct to Washington from Hic Cup. [Hickam Field, Hawaii] Hic Cup is working up a flight plan and as quick as we can get the enroute time and on the ground time, we will give you an ETA Washington. 
9 - Roger, Roger 72. Can you give me your present ETA for Hickam?
10- In about 45 minutes was the last one that I heard. It should be about twenty-thirty Zulu... I’ll get you a more accurate one if you’ll stick around a little bit…
11- Zulu over.
12- Roger, Roger. As far as you know right now you’re coming directly to Washington? Is that affirmed? 
13- That is correct. Over.
14- Roger 72. Give us any changes that you have sir.
15- Okay, will do.
16- 26000. Andrews.
17- Loud and clear sir.
18- Roger, you are both loud and clear. 
19-I hear you both loud and clear.
20- 26000, do you copy my teletype?
21- 26000 is…outbound.
22- Okay. He’s too busy over there. 
23- Right.
24- You might want to check with him to make sure that he’s getting through.
25- Okay, standby.
26- 26000. Andrews, coming up.
27- 26000, check please.
28- 26000 Andrews. Loud and clear.
29- 26000 Andrews. Loud and clear.
30- We’ll be moving out pretty soon. 
31- 86972. Right sir. Standing by. 


T – 3 Patch 20
T 3 – 20

1 - 972 Andy, go ahead sir.
2 - Okay, we’re coming pretty close to Honolulu landing ah. I don’t know if we’ll be able to or not but I’m going to or not but I’m going to try to keep this equipment up, ah, but I’m not certain I’ll be able to do it. Understand that thirteen is pretty good. ….Is that correct? 
3 - This is Andrews. That is affirmed. 26000 is now getting ready to take off. He’s on One Three. If you standby, One, I’ll confer with Liberty and see what frequencies, in case you do drop out, what frequency we’ll have standing up on waiting for your call. 
4 - Okay, do that. Get them all set up. I might not be able to keep it open.
5 - Roger. Standby One. 
6 - Okay, Liberty? Yea, we got One Three and One Five up right now, besides this one going through you. I don’t know if One Three is going to be all tied up or not. And ah, what frequencies do you think you can have set up in case he drops out on so you he’ll know what frequencies we’re listening on? 
7 - I’ll be on One Eight, One Five and One Three. And we can hold him on eighteen for a while because we got Newport Jerry up there. 
8 - Right. Do you have another one, a little bit lower maybe?
9 - We’ll drop down from eighteen to fifteen to thirteen.
10- How about Tripple One? 
11- We have that too.
12- Tripple lower?
13- Ah, on the sideband.
14- Okay, I’ll tell him we’ll be on eighteen, thirteen, fifteen and Triple One, all uppers, right? 
15- All right.
16- Except this one, we’re on lower.
17- Go ahead.
18- Okay.
19- 86972, Andrews. 
20- Roger, Andrews is going to be standing by and Liberty on Triple One upper, Triple One Seven Six upper, One Five Zero One One upper, One Five Zero One One upper, One Three Two Zero Four Seven upper and this frequency One eight zero two seven, lower, sir.
21- Okay, very good, I’ll keep in touch.  
22- Roger 

T – 3 Patch 21
T 3 – 21
LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side One


1 -86972 Go ahead.
2 - Air Force Command Post, this is mission 137, mission One, Three, Niner, arriving Honolulu Two Two diagonal, Two Six, Zulu, ATV, Two One One five Zulu for Andrews, over.
3 - 86972, Roger, Andy, copy and standing by sir.
4 - Okay, I’ll be on this frequency and I’ll advise you when I leave it.
5 - Roger sir. 

T - 3 Patch 22
T 3 – 22

LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side One


1 - Two Six Thousand. 26000
2 - Give me Crown please.
3 - Just a minute.


1 - Crown. (1) Crown

DH : 1 – “Crown” is the WHCA codename for the White House West Wing
2 - 26000 for a patch.
3 - Roger.
4 - Crown on. Go ahead.
5 - Roger, Crown, 26000, will you get a patch with Jerry Behn please?
6 - Roger, stand by. 

T – 3 B – Patch 1
T3B – 1

1 - 26000. Duplex (2 – Duplex) is on, go ahead. 

DH: 2- “Duplex” was the WHCA name for SAIC Gerald Behn, Head of the Secret Service White House Detail.

2 - Standby One.
3 - Hello?
4 - Okay.
5- (OK) Jerry? (3 – Digest)
DH: 3 – “Digest” was the WHCA codename for ASAIC Roy Kellerman, who was the Secret Service Agent in charge of physical security for the Texas trip. He was riding in the right front seat of the Presidential limousine during the assassination.

6 - Hello?
7- Go ahead.
8- We’re at the airport 26000, everybody’s aboard.

END Reel 1, Side 1
(30:55) [3251]

LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side Two

(30:57) [33:12]

9 - Duplex - Okay, go ahead. 
10 - We are waiting for the swearing in at the plane before take-off. 
11 - Of, the….That’s Volunteer? (4 Volunteer)

DH: 4 – Volunteer was the WHCA codename for Vice President Lyndon Johnson.

12- Roger. 
13- Say again, Roy, say again. 
14- We are waiting for a judge to appear for a swearing in.
15- That’s for Volunteer, is that right? 
16- Yes. We are having it done here before we takeoff Jerry.
17- That’s an affirmative. Do you have any idea yet what Lace (5 – Lace) wants to do and what Volunteer wants to do on their arrival here? 

DH: 5 – Lace” was the WHCA codename for First Lady Jacqueline B. Kennedy.

18- No. But I will call you back. (Suggest)…we have 2 hour 15 flight into Andrews. We have a full plane with at least 40.
19- Okay, go ahead. 
20- I’ll have to call you again as to body, however, I’m sure the Volunteer’s party will go over….(his car)....and so forth…we will….(need)….be there with several others….
21- All right, let me know what Volunteer wants to do when they land. If they want to come into Crown by helicopter? -6) Crown
22- That’s a roger, I’ll call you again.
23- Okay. 


DH 6:Crown” was the WHCA codename for the White House Situation Room, in the West Wing of the White House.
TB 3 – Patch 2
TB 3 – 2

LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side 2 


1 - 26000, Andrews
2 - Okay, go ahead. 
3 - Stand by for…
4 - Okay give them a call. 
5 - Go ahead.
6 - Roger.
7 - Air Force Command Post
8 - Can you read me?
9 - 26000 go ahead.
10- Can you give me Estimated Time of Departure from Dallas? Over. 
11- From Dallas? Go ahead. 
12- Would you repeat your estimated time of departure from Dallas? Over
13- Roger. It could be estimate in the next ten minutes. Go ahead.
14- Roger. Could you give me a call when you’re airborne? And can you give me any additional information? 
15- Not at this time.
16- Roger. Thank you.
17- Will call on takeoff. 

TB 3 – Patch 3 C
TB3 – 3 C


Clifton/Raab Tape Patch #2b (Not on LBJ Library Tape)


1 - Andrews, Air Force One.
2 - Air Force One, Andrews, go ahead sir.
3 - Andrews, - Roger, standby. 
4 - Andrews Air Force Base.
5 - Air Force Command Post….
6 - Air Force One, standby please.
7 - Air Force One, Andrews. Give them a call please.
8 - Command Post, Air Force One, how do you read?
9 - Fine, (Roger) sir. Go ahead.
10- ...Dallas... (20 Two – O)… Four seven (4-7) Zulu will call in a couple of minutes for (with ah) block time for Andrews. (7)

DH: 7 – Air Force One appears to have just taken off from Love Field in Dallas, Texas, and is giving its actual takeoff time in “Zulu time,” or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which was (and still is) the standard for all military communications. “Andrews,” of course, refers to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, south of Washington, D.C. Andrews AFB was the permanent home of SAM 26000, the Presidential aircraft, and was the landing site whenever the destination was Washington D.C. After an aircraft comes to a complete stop it is put “on the blocks” – blocks or chocks, are literally placed around its tires, to prevent it from moving. In Air Force parlance, “block time” is the formal designation for the end of an aircraft’s journey. Because an aircraft has to taxi after landing until it reaches its assigned berth, the “block time” is usually a few minutes after “touchdown” or time on the ground.


11- Do you have an approximate block time, sir? 
12- Ah, Well, two plus one zero go ahead.
13- Two plus one zero. And do you have any passengers on board?
14- Roger. Forty plus.
15- Do you have Mrs. Kennedy on board?
16- Affirmative. I’ll call you back, Command Post.
17- All right, sir. Air Force One, Andrews. I have SAM Command Post standing by sir. 

BK: SAM – Special Air Mission is out of Andrews AFB in DC and is responsible for air transport of the President, the Cabinet and all top military commanders
18- Command Post, Air Force One, go ahead.
19- Stand By One Sir.
20- Give Air Force One a call please.
21- Air Force One. (SAM Command Post, go ahead).
22- Roger, Roger. You called me, go ahead sir.
23- (Sergeant) This is Colonel Hornbuckel in Operations. We have a request from staff officer. (8. ie Chief of Staff)


BK: For more on Col. Hornbuckel see: Appendix 9.

DH:8 - The “Chief of Staff” clearly refers to Air Force Chief of Staff Curtis LeMay. General LeMay was in Canada on the day of the assassination, in or near Toronto, for reasons unknown. The evidence for this is the “Chuck Holmes Logbook” passed to the ARRB by an Air Force civil servant who said he rescued the logbook from the trash. The log records the content of the conversations between the 1254th Air Transport Wing Command Post at Andrews AFB, and various aircraft on special air missions, and details how one special air mission was sent to Canada to pick up General LeMay on the day of the assassination. A recent biography of General LeMay, by Warren Kozak, incorrectly states on page 356 that LeMay was on a hunting trip in Michigan when he learned of JFK’s assassination. LeMay: The Life and Wars of General Curtis LeMay, was published in 2009. The Chuck Holmes Logbook was released to the general public by the National Archives in the autumn of 1998.
24- [Hornbuckel] – [LeMay wants] (to know) Do you have Mr. Johnson and Mr. Kennedy’s body on board? 
25- Okay, Air Force One. Affirmative on all those questions. Go ahead. 
26- Roger, thank you very much. Out. 


TB3 – Patch 4
TB3 – 4

LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side Two - Patch 3

1 - Air Force One for a signal heck.
2 - Air Force One, Andrews, loud and clear.
3 - Loud and clear, Liberty.
4 - Roger.
5 - Scott, loud and clear. 
6 - Air Force One, I have……standing by. 
7 - 26000 26000 SAM Command Post. (9 SAM Command Post)


DH: 9: SAM” is an Air Force acronym that stands for “special air mission.” It is normally used in conjunction with the tail number of an individual aircraft, such as “SAM 26000” or “SAM 86972.” [AF1 and the Cabinet Plane]

8 - Air Force One, go ahead please.
9 - Roger, Air Force One, are you airborne at present? Are you airborne at present?
10- Affirmative. Airborne at Two Zero Four Seven, 2047. Estimated time on the block at Andrews is Two Three Zero Five – (2305 go ahead). 

11- Roger, Roger, I understand, (Departed at 2047, ETA (estimated time of arrival) Andrews, 2305, is that Charlie? 10) Charlie


DH: 10 The use of “repeat back procedures” was, and still is, common in military communications. It is a simple but effective way to confirm that the listener received the sender’s message accurately, and is particularly important in situations where the radio communications are tenuous and not “crystal clear,” which was the case on November 22, 1963. The quality of the radio communications between the various parties and Air Force One on 11/22/63 varied greatly throughout the 2 hour, 17 minute flight from Love Field to Andrews AFB. “Charlie” is military radio slang for “correct.”

12 - That is Charlie.
13 - Roger, Roger Air Force One, SAM Command Post clear. 

TB3 – Patch 5
TB3 – 5


1 - Air Force Command Post, go ahead.
2 - I have Air Force One standing by, stand by please.
3 - Air Force One, give Command Post a call please.
4 - Command Post, Air Force One. 
5 - Go ahead Air Force One, this is Command Post. 
6 - Okay, departure 2-0-4-7, estimated time on the block Andrews 2-3-0-5, and we are rounding off at flight altitude 2-9-0. Over.
7 - Roger, understand. Standby One, please. 

TB3 – Patch 6
TB3 – 6

1 - Go ahead.
2 - Air Force One, this is the Air Force Command Post. If possible, request the names of passengers on board please?
3 - We have forty plus. Go ahead.
4- Forty people, is that affirmative?
5- That’s affirmative.
6- Can you tell me in regards as to ah, one and two, the top people? 
7- Roger. The president is on board, the body is on board, and Mrs. Kennedy is on board.
8- All right. Can you confirm once again your takeoff time and your estimated time of arrival at Andrews?
9- Two Zero Four Seven (2047) take off time…Andrews, two three zero five. (2305)
10- Roger, thank you. This is the Air Force Command Post out. 

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