Thursday, November 21, 2013

Air Force One Radio Recordings Updated


Thursday, November 21, 2013

A newly enhanced and combined recording of Air Force One radio transmissions from the day President Kennedy was assassinated is now available to the public on line ( and an especially enhanced hi fidelity version will be broadcast live over WLFR-FM (91.7 www.WLFRFM) 50 years to the hour it occurred on the afternoon of Friday, November 22, 2013.
William Kelly, a journalist who transcribed the tapes, first introduced the new recording at the “Passing the Torch” Conference at the Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law at Duquisine University in Pittsburgh in October. The recording, engineered by Ed Primeau and Primeau Acoustical Forensics, combines the two existing versions of the tape – one released in the 1970s by the LBJ Library and the other located in 2012 among the effects of General Chester Clifton, the President’s military aide. While the Clifton tape is longer than the earlier version of the tape, it begins later and both tapes contai unique information, so Primeau combined the two and enhanced them, eliminating static and noise.
Kelly’s presentation at the Wecht conference was reported on by Jeff Morley (, mentioned in an OpEd article in the Dallas Morning News (DMN) and featured in a news article in the Detroit Free Press (DFP), which was picked up by USA Today (USAT) and CNN (CNN Inside Edition – Trapper). 
The latest version, suitable for broadcast, will be presented to researchers at the annual COPA – Coalition On Political Assassinat ions (COPA) conference in Dallas on November 23, 2013.
Primeau: “Spine chilling” is how Primeau describes listening to history come to life on the tapes
Kelly: “The Air Force One tapes are sort of like the black box of the assassination. It has all the basic information there you want to know of what happened at the highest levels of government in the two hours after th e assassination.
Morely: “It’s not the tape itself. It’s what the tape tells us. And what the tape tells us is that there was a longer recording of the Air Force One communications on Nov. 22. That was never known before. What the tape tells us is there could be, somewhere, a recording of the reaction of the U.S. national security agencies to the president’s death,” said Morley

Link: To Enhanced HiFi-FM Radio Version – 2 hrs. Link:
NOTE: Radio stations interested in downloading and airing the Enhanced Recording are requested to please notify us that you are doing so, and please reference – Primeau Acoustics –, and                     


gerald campeau said...

Has any one come up with likly hood that they where running Drugs (raw opium) to pay for Bay of Pigs operation, Contra war

Anonymous said...

Bill, here is some info on the aircrew that flew JFK's parade car out of Dallas that I found posted on another forum that might help you & others working to obtain an unedited copy of the AF-1 radio transmissions 22 November 1963:

This document shows the names of the crew on the AF C-130 that transported
SS100X on the Texas trip.

This is a letter written to VP by Gullo, one of the crew members, when
asked about what the SS did aboard the C-130 regarding the limo while it sat on the ground for over two hours on the tarmac at Love Field prior to the return to AAFB.

If the crew can be located & interviewed they can shed some light on what radio traffic they heard & any special instructions they may have received in regards to JFK's damaged parade car. If the car had a bullet hole in the windshield the danger of it shattering in flight would have been a concern for the aircrew & they may have asked for guidance from their command in South Carolina.

I hope this helps you in your efforts. Feel free to share with other researchers working on this aspect of the JFK ambush story.

Brad Milch