Thursday, January 30, 2014



JFK2017NOW is a central place for information for those interested in getting the government to release the remaining withheld JFK assassination records now, rather than in 2017 when they are scheduled to be released.

At first we are going to brainstorm actionable ideas that we will then review and try to put into action This Year - 2014, beginning with an MLK style day of service Internet lobbying for congressional hearings on the JFK Act, building up to Sunshine Week in. Mid-March in DC.

After a June 10 event at American University, a group of activists are planning a peaceful demonstration in the public terrace of the JFK Center for the Performing Arts on the 4th of July, that may become a singing sit in with Occupy and Tea Party supporters of open government and a staging area for peaceful demonstrations at the NARA and CIA.

A Teach-In to be featured on the internet and a JFK Assassination Film Fest are also being planned in connection with these events, that will lead up to a major symposium on the JFK assassination records in DC in October on the 50th anniversary of the issuing the Warren Report. This important conference will be sponsored by the Assassination Archives and Records Center (AARC), where Jerry Policoff is now the Executive Director and is organizing their extensive records.

If the remaining JFK records are still being withheld by then we will be taking volunteers to get arrested with Dick Gregory and a few others that will call media and mews attention to the plight of the records and maybe result in a court case that will generate more publicity.

JFK believed people could accomplish anything and if we do focus on this and make it an issue, we can free these important records.

Any Good Actionable Ideas?



Alan Simmons said...
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billcharleston said...

There is sufficient information already released that PROVES that a coup killed President Kennedy.

I do NOT prove anything in this video but I introduce the information needed to start the process. WHY did so many heard BANG-BANG for the last sounds during the shooting? It's because the last two shots were fired a split second apart. Specifically, the shot to JFK's head was fired at Z313, it drove JFK's head violently back and to his left away from the gunman.

The last shot fired from behind missed JFK's head and hit Connally in the back, bending him over. That is so simple it is on the level of DUHHHHH but virtually every JFK buff will argue to their grave that Connally could NOT have been shot much later than Z230 or so. That ASSUMPTION is based on faulty information. Watch the video a second time if you missed that tidbit the first time.

The question today is not whether the US government lied, the question is WHY did they lie then and why even today? That is easily answered when you finally know HOW to prove the US government lied and forged.