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Ruth Paine's Oswald

Ruth Paine's Oswald

Not deposed by either the HSCA or ARRB,  Ruth Paine's recent statements provided over YouTube are significant for what they don't say,

While she now says she believes Oswald killed JFK alone and was mentally ill, in Oct  1963 she wrote her father that Oswald was a good father and exhibited no signs of being mentally unbalanced.

She also calls attention to the Walker shooting as evidence of Oswald's guilt, especially the note he left behind for Marina in case anything went wrong.

If you read the note it does not imply Oswald was crazy but rather he was on a mission that might go wrong and for what she should do if it did - the Paines would take care of her.

In her talk she also mentions her summer of 1963 vacation when she visited friends and relatives and then on her way home Ickes up Oswald's wife Marina and transported her, her daughter and the rifle  to Texas while Oswald went to Mexico.

She failed to note however that she visited her sister who worked for the government and her in laws the Forbes on their private island off Mass and wrote Marina offering to accommodate her in Texas while she has a baby.  If Marina agreed she requested her to write to her c/o  Arthur Young in Pa., her    husband's mother and step father who invented the Bell Helicopter.

It was because of Art Young they moved to Texas for Michael Paine to work at Bell Hell.

The Paines were introduced to the Oswald's at a party held for the expressed purpose of introducing the Oswald's and Paines, where not only Marina met Ruth Paine but Oswald met Volkmar Schmidt, who used "reverse psychology" techniques on Oswald to convince him Gen. Walker was a threat like Hitler and should be killed like Hitler, expressly referencing the Valkyie plot to kill Hitler.

It has also been widely assumed that George deMohrenschilts passed on the Oswald's to the Paines, and he did view the rifle and joked about Oswald shooting Walker, then went to NYC to meet CIA officer who used to work with Bush at Zapata Oil. Did he tell them about Oswald, the rifle and Walker? Then deMorn went to DC to meet Dorothi Matlack of the Army Reserve office at the Pentagon and Col. Kail, who "Maurice Bishop" had Veciana contact at the US embassy in Havana. Did deMorn tell them about Oswald, the rifle and Walker?

On her return trip home Ruth Paine stopped to visit  her husband's mother, Ruth Forbes Paine Young,        best friends with Mary Bancroft, Allen Dulles mistress and agent involved in the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler.

She then picked up Oswald's wife in New Orleans and took them to Texas, along with the rifle said to be used to kill JFK while Oswald went to Mexico.

On the day Oswald left for Mexico Des Fitzgerald of CIA briefed the Joint Chiefs that they were using the Valkyrie Plot against Castro, and on his return Ruth Paine arranged for Oswald to work at the TSBD.

If it is suggested Oswald was mentally crazy, what was he? Paranoid skidso? Sociopath like Ted Bundy?

Or wasn't he crazy and instead a COP - Covert Operational Personality profile?

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