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ONI Document Series III

ONI Document Series III

This package, received in the mails like the last two, is the smallest, only a few dozen pages on four subjects – which I placed in chronological order. Some are on subjects other than ONI but most ONI. 

Copies of the entire documents are posted on line at 

1)      March 21, 1960 Memo from Chief TSD/Security CIA Re: Hugh C. McDonald and marketing his “Identi-kit”
2)      November 23, 1963 ONI Memos on Oswald subject file shared w/ Directors of DIA and SS (2 p)
]JFKCountercoup2: DIA Receives ONI Oswald File

3)      December 3 1963 ONI Memo on the fact that Capt. Donovan, USMC w/ Oswald (1 p) JFKCountercoup2: Donovan Oswald's USMC Officer
JFKCountercoup2: Secret Service Receives Oswald ONI File
4)      August 31, 1968 Memo from Jack Valenti to President LBJ regarding AF1 Radio transcript (1p)
5)      September 16, 1997 ARRB meeting w/ Fred J. Reaves, Jr. (1 summary,  4 numbered handwritten notes, 5 p. samples from Reeve’s personnel file establishing his bonifides, including pay stubs and special Navy Intelligence school at Monterey and stationed at San Diego.) JFKCountercoup2: ARRB Meeting Report w/ONI Investigator Reeves
6)      Undated handwritten notes of unidentified federal investigator (9 p) labeled “Historical Naval District Stuff” that I have typed out and will post as an appendix to this analysis.  JFKCountercoup2: Notes on Oswald's Military Files
7)      August 23 (Sat) 1997? Handwritten notes on lined paper of Personal Background – James Frederick Reeves, Jr. (6/23/17) (5 p.) including names and contacts of other officers who saw the Oswald ONI file, plus 3 pages of handwritten notes labeled “Special Interest This Inquiry” (numbered p. 2-3-4), on lined paper, and ends with a synopsis and conclusion that Oswald killed JFK at the behest of New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello. JFKCountercoup2: Special Interest Report - ONI Investigator Fred Reeves
8)      September 16, 1997 hand printed note by unidentified ARRB staff member Re: Fred Reeves Interviewed and notes “Ed Walz – Friend of Both DeMohrenschildt and Reeves,” plus unused envelop and empty page w/ Walden Oil Company letterhead. (3 pages)  JFKCountercoup2: USAF Col. Edward J. Walz

[BK: Doug Horne may be able to identify the author of the ARRB staff meeting notes]


1)      Hugh McDonald and the CIA. McDonald is the author of a series of pulp paperback books that claim to identify the man misidentified as Oswald leaving the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City as “Saul,” and blaming the assassination on the Soviets and LBJ. He was a security assistant to US Senator Barry Goldwater when he ran for president and according to this memo, a close associate of the Technical Services and Security Division of the CIA. So whatever he says can be clearly viewed as Disinformation. [BK: I have yet to retype this one page document because I think it is the least interesting but will get around to it.]

2)      Early (8:30 am) on the morning after the assassination, the Director of ONI (Adml. Rufus Taylor) shares a subject file with the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (Gen. Carroll). This file is labeled: “OSWALD, Lee Harvey, ex-PFC, USMCR, 1653230 (U),” and was viewed for one hour by Gen. Carroll. There is a note that this file was previously seen by Mr. McNAUGHTON of the office of the General Counsel. The same file is identified as an “Office of Naval Intelligence dossier” in a separate memo dated the same day from the Secret Service acknowledging receipt and the fact that “this file will be promptly returned to the Director of Naval Intelligence (OP-921D).” So on the day after the assassination the Director of ONI had a file on Oswald, and shared it with others, but didn’t let them keep it. Paul Hoch obtained this documents through a FOIA request in the 70s, and notes that Taylor ordered a file “to be prepared” to share with others, as if the newly prepared file would be different that the file itself, and also references three different files.

So despite the fact that according to the ARRB Final Report and ARRB internal memos that they could find no assassination records whatsoever from the office of the Director of ONI (Adml. Taylor), these two documents clearly prove that the Director of ONI had a subject file on Oswald that was shared with the Director of DIA and the Secret Service on the day after the assassination. The one assassination related document that originated with ONI and is signed by Adml. Taylor, found among the records of another agency, clearly indicates that the Director of ONI did indeed have a file on Oswald, as well as undercover ONI informants on the ground in Dallas, two who did electronic work for Jack Ruby at the Carousel Club.

3)      The 2 December 1963 memo now refers to subject OSWALD as “(Deceased),” and notes that Capt. John Donovan (USMCR) was Oswald’s commander for nine months and could be a source of information on him, includes contact info for Donovan.

4)      The ARRB Meeting Report is a summary of the highlights of what Fred Reeves had to say, especially the facts that a) Reeves was a career Navy Intelligence officer who was personally ordered to investigate Oswald after his defection in 1959 by Adml. Taylor; b) ONI Washington ran the investigation; c) directions were sent to the field by OPNAV forms 5520-152 forms and responses were sent back via OPNAV forms 5520-119 – aka “119s.;” and that while he did not personally write them, 8 to 10 “119” reports crossed his desk and he read them. Reeves also gave them the names and contact numbers for three other former officers who knew of the Oswald investigations and turned over copies of ONI records obtained under the FOIA in the 1970s. This interview was also audio recorded and that tape should be transcribed. There are a dozen or so pages of handwritten notes made by the ARRB staff at the meeting – Horne, Combs, Goslee, one of which includes the names and addresses of three officers who would know more about the Oswald ONI file – Capt. Jack Johnson, Sherman Bliss and Winston Kuehl, with their contact numbers that still might be good if they are still alive.

5)      Handprinted note “Fred Reeves interviewed on 9/16/97 12-15 “119” Reports seen in 1959-1960 on defector Oswald. Ed Walz – Friend of BOTH DEMOHRENSCHILDT & REEVES –  Was virulently anti-JFK. “Hated Him”. Business partner w/DEM. Walz also told Reeves DEM was “sleeping w/ MARINA.”

Now this is rather incredible, but probably true – that Reeves, besides being the ONI NIS officer officially investigating Oswald’s defection and post-assassination, was also a friend of Lt. Col. Ed Walz, one of DeMohrenschildt’s many business partners in the oil business. And as it turns out, Lt. Col. Walz is connected to some others people and places we are familiar with.  The photo copy of Walz’s Walden Oil Company gives a Dallas address – Penthouse, Reserve Loan Life Building, Dallas (that I haven’t checked out yet), but Walz has Philadelphia connections worth elaboration. That Walz told Reeves DEM was sleeping with Marina is belittled by other open source facts - US Air Force Lt. Col. Edward J. Walz, of Philadelphia, is the uncle of Dr. Wynne “Dee Dee” Sharples, George deMohrenschildt’s second wife, the daughter of a Colorado Oil man.

     Listed as past Commander (1945-47) of the 449 Expeditionary Flying Training Squadron, (McDill AFB, Florida), Lt. Col. Ed J. Walz formed the Walden Oil Company with deMohrenschildt in the 1950s, when he was married to Sharples.

     Sharples and deMohrenschildt had a child who was handicapped so they founded and supported a systic fibrosis foundation that also had the support of the President and Mrs. Kennedy. After divorcing deMohrenscildt Dr. Sharples became a trustee of Temple University and was recently living in Florida (though I think she has since passed away).

    Is there anything sinster about Reeves knowing one of deMohrenschildt’s many business partners? I don’t think so, but it does call for a closer look at Dr. Sharples, to see if she relates to any of the other Philadelphia connections, and Lt. Col. Walz, as he does have the association of being past commander of the flying squadron stationed at McDill AF Base, which JFK visited a week before he was killed.

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