Saturday, January 17, 2015

CAPA - Citizens Against Political Assassinations


You have expressed interest in the establishment of CAPA – Citizens Against Political Assassinations – and have been invited to serve on one of four Regional Committees, a special committee or focus group.

The CAPA charter and protocols are still being worked out but to get started we have taken the advice of the head of our legal committee to keep things small so the Executive Committee will consist of five persons – the chairman and one each representing a region.

The meeting agendas and proposals to be adopted will all be worked out in advance so we expect most decisions to be made by consensus or unanimous consent, with votes only taken after an objection and the chairman will vote only in the advent of a tie.

The four regions will consist of the East Coast, Midwest, West Coast and International, with the Executive Committee representative being selected by a regional committee of ten individual volunteers with decisions being made by the same unanimous consent and general consensus.

To get things going the first Executive Committee members will be nominated and invited and if they agree the first conference call meeting will take place in the next few weeks,  probably on a weekend afternoon.
Dr. Cyril Wecht will be the inaugural Chairman of the Executive Committee and his son Ben will host the first Conference Call, which will also include Michael Nurko, who will represent the East Coast, Dr. Gary Aguilar the West Coast) and either Bob Groden, Tom Blackwell or Frank Caplett the Midwest and someone will be asked to represent the International Contingent.

At the first meeting the Executive Board will be asked to approve the initial CAPA charter and Mission Statement [JFKCountercoup2: CAPA Mission Statement], as well as approve the establishment of four committees

          - a Legal Action Committee (LAC) of attorneys, who will also handle CAPA’s legal papers as a 501(c)3 not for profit Political Action Committee – PAC – donations to which are NOT tax-deductable because we can endorse political candidates, advance partisan issues and sue the government, which we intend to do. San Francisco attorney Bill Simpich will lead the LAC with assistance of fellow Bay area attorney Patrick McCarthy, Dennis Bartholomew and other lawyers who want to join the CAPA effort, which intends to spend time in court and will rely heavily on the legal team.

       -    Research - Independent Research Associates (IRA).

      - PR - Public Relations Committee that will be based in Washington D.C. and be responsible for devising a mass media campaign to call attention to our issues

-                          -    Fiscal Committee that will raise money and create a budget for special projects that are proposed by committees and approved by the Ex Com.

Other committees will be proposed, debated and considered in committee before being presented to the Ex Com, and may include a Congressional and NARA Liaison committees, specific case focus groups for RFK, MLK, etc., or issues such as drones and oil cartels and how they relate to political assassinations. For the most part however, we will stick to our major focus – political assassinations.

So far we have eight to ten people to serve on each region and committee and once approved by the Ex Com should begin to publicly announce the formation of CAPA and recruit new members.

We will have an open registration for a short while so those we know and have worked with in the past can join and then seek public memberships, patrons, sponsors and supporters.

As a member of a regional and/or special committee you will be asked to complete certain tasks suited to your abilities, participate in the discussions, cast your vote on issues and contribute to the achievement of our goals and the successful completion of our mission. 


Frank said...

Outstanding news, Mr. Kelly! CAPA can serve an important role in raising awareness and initiating action. How can we get involved? - Frank from Detroit

LSchnapf said...

Bill, im an atty and would be happy to help out with the legal team