Saturday, January 17, 2015

CAPA Committees

CAPA COMMITTEES and their Responsibilities

Legal Action Committee – the most important of all committees the LAC is responsible for drawing up the CAPA Charter and Mission Statement, oversee the official filing of legal papers and tax forms as well as filing civil court suits under the CAPA name, advise researchers in their private suits and provide legal services to committees and members.

Research – Independent Research Associates (IRA) – Independent researchers committee will represent all CAPA members when engaging Congressional staff and the National Archives and Records Administration, assist the LAC in detailing and establishing the facts of each case and follow up on leads presented to it by committees and members. The Research Committee will serve as CAPA Liason to both the NARA and Congress.

Public Relations – will be based in Washington D.C. and be responsible for all mass media, social networking, daily and weekly updates of new research and news, a monthly newsletter and all publications and advertising, as well as devising a multi-media campaigns to promote our issues and candidates.

Fiscal – the sole and soul purpose of the Fiscal Committee will be to promote all of the above, ensure that the Executive Committee has the money it needs to complete the proposals they approve, achieve the goals the committees set and succeed in the mission that the members have pledged to complete. The Fiscal Committee will be responsible for membership dues and donations, welcoming pledges and partners and seek the financial support of patrons, grants, sponsors and foundations that share our goals and missions.

Every member is automatically on a Regional Committee based on where they live and represented on the Executive Committee by the Regional Committee representative, but the special committees non-voting, are closed and by invitation only, at least for awhile and until we can learn to manage everything.

The following are the inaugural committee nominations and assignments that can be changed after the organization is officially underway.

Legal Action – Bill Simpich
Research Committee  – Bill Kelly
Advisory Board Chair – Peter Dale Scott
Public Relations – Jerry Policoff - Andrew Kreig/Jeff Morley

Regional Committee and Founding General Members will be listed separately by Committee 

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