Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Colonels at Dealey Plaza

To that I add the following:

-          Lt. Col. George  L. Whitmeyer – (USA Reserve) – Commanding officer of the Nothern District of Texas – occupant of the Pilot Car in the Motorcade driven by Capt. Lumpkin of both Dallas Police Department and US Army Intelligence -

-          Col. Robert Ellis Jones – 112th Military Intelligence Group, Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas, contacted the FBI and told them Oswald’s MI file, which was later destroyed,  indicated he used the alias A. J. Hidell   [ ]

-          Lt. Col. Fons – Deputy Chief of Staff - 4th Army Headquarters – Ft. Sam Houston, Tx -

-          Lt. Col. Yuriy Ivanovich Moskalevskiy

-          Col. Boris T. Pash – Led ALSOS mission,

-          Col. George Stanton Dorman – LeMay’s aide  /

-          Col. Ralph Steakley – With Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Cuban Missile Crisis - - Founded the Joint Reconnaissance Center at Pentagon - /

-          Col. Sheffield M. Edwards – CIA – Project Bluebird - /
 New Additions - 

 From Joan Mellen's "Our Man in Haiti" -

Col. Roy I. Batterton, Jr. - US Naval Mission - Haiti - George deMohrenschildt wrote to him from Dallas (p. 78)

Col. Howard Burris USAF - Native Texan, LBJ's Military aide - met with deMohrenschilt in DC in late April 1963 (p 80)

Lt. Col. O'Wighton Delk Simpson - USAF Intel officer associated with Burris employed by Martin-Marietta in 1963 (p. 142) AFIO.  Bagman?  Son saw "assassination money."

Lt. Col. William Corson USMC (p. 89) - wrote early history of American intelligence.

Col. Samuel Goodhue Kail -  (p 95) Military attache to Cuba June 3, 1958 - January 4, 1961 - case officer handled Antonio Veciana, associate of David Atlee Phillips.

Col. Edward Lansdale - CIA psych and special warfare specialist under Air Force cover. May have stayed in Fort Worth on JFK's last might there and photographed at Dealey Plaza after the assassination.

Col. Roth - (p. 111) - Operatios Branch, Military Intel Requests info

Col. Reinhard (p. 111) - debriefed on May 8

Col. Albro (p. 111) - debriefed on May 8

Lt. Col. Rene Leon - Involved in August 1963 invasion of Haiti that included Loren Hall and Robert Emmett Johnson

Colonel George de Lannurien - French chief of CI - Counter Intelligence SDECE - in NYC (p.161)

Col. Lawrence Orlov - Visited Oswald with deMohrenschildt and played handball with J. Walton Moore of the CIA Dallas Domestic Contacts Division (p. 218)

Col. William Bishop - (p. 286)


Jim Loving said...

Obituary of Col Robert Ellis Jones.

Jim Loving said...

From the obit:"upon completion he was assigned to Special Warfare Directorate, Office of the Chief of Staff for Operations, Department of the Army at the Pentagon 1962-1964, then to the Joints Chiefs of Staff J3, actively engaged in planning and operations of the Vietnam Conflict."

gerald campeau said...

Two more Colonels that had a roll in 1963!topic/alt.assassination.jfk/8150-oOXvjk Captain Pat Gannaway and Alexander Haig,Haig served as a staff officer in the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (DCSOPS) at the Pentagon (1962–64