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The NFL at Dealey Plaza

The NFL at Dealey Plaza
By Bill Kelly 

                                                              JFK - goes out for a pass -

There’s plenty of wild conspiracy theories floating around, but I’ve found there’s also plenty of real conspiracies that aren’t theories, and in the most unlikely places.

In one of his books Max Holland notes that his wife suggested that he look for patterns in the history and I’ve found many patterns emerge from my study of political assassinations – not only in the course of investigating the forensic evidence but in the deep background of the social settings that includes music (1) and sports.

Sports for instance, includes the embattled NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who is the son of former New York Senator Charles Goodell, the Republican Governor Rockefeller picked to fill RFK’s seat when he was eliminated as a candidate (2), a tidbit that led me to think of a few more NFL connections to the JFK assassination that weren’t hard to find.

Lee Harvey Oswald the accused assassin was himself a football fan, listened to the games on the radio, watched football on television and threw the football around when off duty in the Marines (3), while his killer Jack Ruby reportedly placed bets on the games with his good friend radio station owner Gordon McLendon (4), who tried to enlist in the CIA and later joined David Atlee Phillips’ Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO). (5)

Oswald’s good friend George deMohrenschildt once worked for John Mecom, the wild cat oil man who co-founded the San Jacinto Fund  CIA front and whose son owned the New Orleans Saints (6) and was among the small association of multi-millionaire NFL club owners.

Carroll Rosenbloom, former owner of the Baltimore Colts, also owned the beach house where LBJ stayed during the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City. LBJ stayed there because he believed that his boardwalk hotel room was bugged by RFK. (7)

With JFK’s golfing partner Mike McLaney (8), Rosenbloom purchased the Hotel National casino in Havana from Meyer Lansky a few months before Castro took power, and lost their shirts (9). As detailed by Dan Muldea, who also wrote one of the first books blaming the Mafia for killing JFK (10), Robsenbloom’s mysterious drowning death on a Florida beach may have been murder (11).

If the devil is in the details Robert Oswald, the brother of the accused assassin, was represented before the Warren Commission by attorney William Mackenzie (12) whose law offices were in the Southland building, where Oswald reportedly met with CIA spymaster David Atlee Phillips. (13)

It is also the same law office that represents Clint Murchison, one of the owners of the Dallas Cowboys NFL team. (14) Murchison is reported to have hosted a much controversial party on the night before the assassination that included LBJ, J. Edgar Hover and a host of Orient Express suspects (15) with motives to kill the President.

Ruth and Michael Paine, the chief benefactors of the family of the accused assassin, lived in Irving, where Oswald stayed on the night before the assassination, and the same Dallas neighborhood where the Cowboy’s stadium was located.

In any case, the patterns are there, and while most of these associations are coincidental, there certainly are some suspicious things going on that are worthy of further and deeper examination.

                                                  The NFL Played on - November 24, 1963


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