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007 and SPECTRE at Dealey Plaza

07 and SPECTRE at Dealey Plaza

By Bill Kelly

Was JFK killed by one deranged assassin or was he the victim of a complex conspiracy by his political enemies? That is the question.

Did a super assassin like Double Oh Seven kill JFK or was a villainous conglomerate like SPECTRE behind a more nefarious plot?

That is the question because JFK was surely killed either by a lone wolf assassin like 007 or by a diabolical conspiracy engineered by an international conglomerate like SPECTRE - there’s really only two ways about it.

The accused but un-convicted Lee Harvey Oswald was either the world’s greatest assassin - if he did all the things he is accused of doing, or he was framed as the Patsy as he claimed, which would make it a conspiracy and cover-up that continues today.

There’s really only two ways about it – Oswald did the dirty deed alone or it was an elaborate conspiracy.

If Oswald did it alone then it should be in the national security interests to determine exactly how and why he did it as well as the motive behind the act. 

If Oswald did kill JFK alone then he did it with a deadly precision and took out a very high priority target.

While most of those who accuse Oswald of being the lone assassin also portray him as a deranged loser who beat his wife and couldn’t hold a job, but if he did all of what he is accused of doing then he did one successful thing in his life – he killed a president, and how he did it should be a matter of national security and there should be no outstanding questions as to how or why it was done.

Even if Oswald was a sociopathic killer like Ted Bundy who got his kicks from killing, it still should be determined exactly how he did it and what type of psychological paranoid skidzo he was, but so far no one has done that. If Oswald was just plain crazy then the repercussions are less serious than if there was a diabolical conspiracy, and if he was crazy t is a matter for the psychologists to determine what made him do the things he did.

But if he was a COP – covert operational personality and part of an intelligence operation and network it is a matter of national security and a counter-intelligence investigation is required, so for our purposes we will assume the latter, and attempt to determine if it is possible to positively identify the offending network.

If Oswald was the lone assassin of the President then he was either a psychologically deranged nut case like Howard Unruh, the Texas Tower sniper or John Hinkley, all easily diagnosed while Oswald is not.

Or he was a specially trained covert operator like the Jackal, and you would think that would be an important distinction to determine, especially for the Secret Service, responsible for protecting the president and his family.

When the Secret Service began an intense study of presidential assailants and assassins it broke the individual case studies down into classified categories, but they neglected to include one of the more prevalent and most violent profile – one I have dubbed the COP.

Oswald sets the mold for the Covert Operative Personality profile, one that also includes Frank Sturgis and the Watergate burglars, Timothy McVeigh one of the Oklahoma bombers, and others with similar backgrounds who have military training, use aliases, speaks a foreign language, uses post office boxes, keeps an apartment separate from their family, uses intelligence crafts and techniques and associates with known intelligence officers.

Oswald fits all of these characteristics and as former Senator Schweiker put it, has “the fingerprints of intelligence.”

The Lone Wolf assassin is like Ian Fleming’s fictional secret agent – Double Oh Seven – James Bond, licensed to kill in the name of Queen and county, complete with security state approval or like the lone, careful and precise sniper assassin in the Day of the Jackal, who tried to kill French President Charles deGaul.

On the other hand, if he was set up as the fall guy in a more elaborate scheme orchestrated by a covert action team that was part of an intelligence network, that network had to be on the level of the CIA, KGB, Cuban G2, ONI or – may I add ACSI – the office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence – U.S. Army Reserves at the Pentagon.

Just as the Jackal and others failed in their real and conspired attempts to kill deGaul, Ian Fleming’s SPECTRE – Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion is a board of directors of a criminal conglomerate that is based on the very real Commission of American mafia crime syndicate of the fifties and sixties.

We can do so by first studying a number of other similar assassination plots that were definitely conspiracies including 1) Heinrich – WWII Nazi; 2) the failed Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler; 3) the failed 1962 attack on deGaul by OAS partisans, as well as a number of known CIA plans to kill Fidel Castro – 1) AMLASH-Rolando Cubella; 2) the Hemingway House scheme; 3) Pathfinder – DuPont Estate sniper attack.

Heinrich the Nazi officer was killed in an ambush on his staff car as it slowed down to make a hairpin turn not unlike the situation at Dealey Plaza.

The failed Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler was the subject of a CIA study that was to adapt the plan to be used against Castro, and like Valkyrie included disenchanted Cuban military officers and the psych war Northwoods style twist to blame the event on communists.

The 1962 “military style ambush” of deGaul’s motorcade by disenchanted OAS officers who wanted to keep Algeria a French colony, was thwarted by deGaul’s French Michelin ties.

The CIA’s study of the Valkyrie plot is mentioned in a report by Col. Higgins on a CIA briefing of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on September 25, 1963 – when Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Curtis LeMay was chairing the meeting because Gen. Maxwell Taylor was in Vietnam.

The Valkyrie Plot, as outlined by its chief perpetuator Von Steufenberg, included two Phases – one phase approved by Hitler to have the Home National Guard seize all government and communication buildings as a response to riots or rebellion by the foreign slave laborers, something that Hitler agreed to.

The second phase of the Valkyrie plan was to kill Hitler and blame the assassination on the SS, seize all the government buildings and mass communications – including radio stations so that, in Von Steufenberg’s words “only the conspiracy speaks.”

The use of a bomb to kill Hitler was opposed by both Allen Dulles and his agent Hans Bernd Gisiveous, who preferred killing Hitler with a pistol or sniper rifle, and they were right when the bomb failed to kill Hitler on July 20, 1944.

If the CIA studied the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler to adapt for use against Castro they discarded the bomb aspect of the plan, and instead preferred a sniper attack as many sniper rifles were imported to Cuba for such use, and at least two plans developed by the CIA were to use sniper rifles, one suggested when Castro visited Hemingway’s House or the Pathfinder plan that was to shoot Castro when he visited the DuPont estate north of Havana, where he frequently visited driving in an open jeep.

 Aspects of the Valkyrie plan that were adapted to be used against Castro were the recruitment of disenchanted military officers and a Northwoods psych war twist to blame the assassination on communists.

Former FBI agent William Turner, an original investigator has concluded that it was one of the CIA plots to kill Fidel Castro that was redirected to kill JFK at Dealey Plaza. If that’s so, then the adapted Valkyrie plan fits the facts much more than the older CIA-Mafia plots that have garnered the most attention.

Aspects of the Pathfinder plan that were used at Dealey Plaza include the use of a sniper(s) in a military style ambush and the psych war twist to blame the attack on Cuban Communists, which if true would have resulted in a full scale military attack on Cuba, a gambit rejected by LBJ because it could have resulted in a nuclear war with the USSR.

Just as Von Stuphenberg’s Valkyrie plan was in two phases, one approved by the victim himself, Professor Peter Dale Scott has noted that the investigation of the assassination of JFK was divided into two distinct phases, one in which a conspiracy is acknowledged but one blamed on Cuban Communists, and a second phase that rejects conspiracy and points to a deranged lone nut as the sole culprit.

The phase one of this plan was clearly conceived before November 22, 1963 as a pysch war aspect of the plan to deflect attention away from the true culprits, just as the Valkyrie plot was to be blamed on the SS and deflect attention from the military generals behind it.

So if what happened at Dealey Plaza was not the act of a lone mad man but a well-orchestrated covert intelligence operation, then who was capable of pulling it off?

Certainly an agency on the level of the CIA, KGB, ONI, Cuban G2 and the Mafia are the usual suspects, but I’d like to add another agency – the Pentagon office of Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) – of the U.S. Army Reserve. 

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