Friday, August 12, 2016

Three Coincidences - Not

Three Coincidences - Not

1) How the Oswalds met the Paines.
2) How Oswald Got the Magazine Street Apartment in New Orleans.
3) How Oswald Got the Job at TSBD.

The official Warren Commission version of events gives innocent explanations for three significant events that were preliminary tasks that were necessary for the assassination of President Kennedy to happen, events portrayed as happenstance that on closer examination indicates - proves they were pre-planned and contrived events.

1) Rather than the accidental chance meeting at a house party among mutual friends, it’s quite clear that two parties were arranged specifically for Lee Harvey Oswald to meet Michael Paine - at George deMohrenschilt's suggestion.

The idea, they later said, was to connect Michael Paine and Lee Oswald because they both liked to discuss political ideology. But when Michael Paine couldn't make the first party a second one was arranged, though it was the meeting of Ruth Paine and Marina Oswald that would have future repercussions.

More significantly it was at this party when Oswald would met Volkmar Schmidt, the host who would use reverse psychology techniques on Oswald and plant the seed in his mind that General Walker should be killed as the German military officers tried to kill Hitler.

2) While Marina moved in with Ruth Paine for the first time, Oswald took a bus to his hometown New Orleans, where he visited an old neighbor Myrtle Evans, who ostensibly drove Oswald around looking for RENT signs, settling on the magazine street apartment.

But two weeks earlier Colonel Jose Rivera, USA (Reserves), gave the phone number of the apartment landlord to a National Institute of Health (NIH) researcher instructing her to call Oswald at that number. She did, talked to the landlord, then a week later she talked with Marina briefly and then with Oswald himself. Everything the NIH researcher said checked out except the timing of the phone call - how did Rivera in Washington DC know where Oswald was going to live two weeks before Oswald himself ostensibly knew?

Unless the circumstances were contrived.  As they were.

In applying for a job at Riley Coffee, that he got, Oswald listed on his application Sgt. A. Hidell and Lt. J. Evans, both of whom the Warren Commission report said were non-existent, but there was a Hidell Oswald served with in the Marines and he lived in New Orleans at the time. And Myrtle Evans had a husband named Justin who knew Oswald. Did Justin Evans serve in the military?

,3) How Oswald got the job at TSBD. Mrs. Paine heard about the job opening at a morning coffee clatch among neighbors from Lilly Mae Randle, whose brother Buell Wesley Frazer just began working there. Mrs. Paine called Roy Truly and arranged an interview for Oswald and he began work the next day. Mrs. Paine failed to inform Oswald about a higher paying job at Love Field airport.

So Mrs. Paine played major roles in each of these episodes – meeting Marina at the pre-arranged party, giving Marina a place to stay while Oswald and Myrtle Evans found the Magazine Street Apartment, and in getting Oswald a job at the TSBD, that put him in position to be branded the patsy.


Unknown said...

Myrtle and Justin Evans-unpursued leads???

Unknown said...

Myrtle and Justin Evans-unpursued leads???

Toni W. said...

Well, to be honest... I would find more coincidences, of course. So to speak, take into consideration following facts:
1. Oswald, or his impersonator, went to Mexico City, seen by certain Albert Osborne (also known as John Bowen), and in addition -- among the others -- seen in a bus by two Australian girls (Mumford and Winston). Very soon then, Osborne vel Bowen was seen with his family members in East England (Grimsby and vicinity), visiting them first time in many, many years, and then 30 minutes before the fatal shots in Dallas, someone made a call to a respected journalist in Cambridge, urging him to contact immediately the American Embassy in London. (More on this: Ron Ecker's famous article).
2. Vaganov, an emigrant from Latvia, stopped abruptly his good job somewhere on the Eastern Coast and hastily relocated himself and newlywed wife to Dallas, a some two weeks before the JFK’s visit to Texas. He supposedly worked next to Ruby's place for a few days. Then, this guy with the Far Right background and possible similar connections, immediately after Kennedy's death... left Dallas for sure, together with his guns and a very powerful radio station located in his speed car. (By the way, so-called JFK's killing researchers are not able for years to uncrypt some simple Latvian last names /STRAZDS, etc./ in Vaganov's papers).
3. Then, coming my own discoveries: an address in George De Mohrenschildt's address and telephone book I have found disguised as a Slavic last name. It was not a last name but rather a name of the street in Warsaw, Poland. The address belonging to a certain geologist woman with Ph.D. in geology, being of Polish-Russian origin, dwelling in a nice flat, located a very short distance (some 200 yards) from Soviet Embassy in Warsaw, then in Communist Poland. She was dwelling in this place in the late Fifties and pretty soon after 1963, she changed her address. In this time she was doing her geological research in Siberia (Soviet Union) and in Bulgaria. She was absolutely fluent in Russian. Her address in George's address book shocked me very much lately when I made my discovery, even earlier I had published (in Polish, in 2014) my book about possible
George's connection to the Soviet intel.
Are not these three points above a kind of ominous coincidences? Tell me.


"...better late than not at all....'just exactly "how" could someone miss a shot with a high powered rifle w/tel. sights from...60-ft, but pull off two of three precision shots, under far more pressure out to 210+ ft-and at a moving, rather than stationary target?" Walker was also a "co conspirator" in the murder of JFK. He is (specifically) mentioned in an FBI 302 report filed by a Ret. Lt. CMDR. USNR on 27 NOV 63...just a few days after the assassination and the murder of Oswald by Ruby! See: Ruby, Jack 302 files, eta"dm