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LA 89-75

JOSE M. DEEtjen, 2968 Sussex Lane, Los Angles, California, self-identified as the Delegate of the anti-Castro Cuban organization “Cuban Student Directorate” (Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil, Headquarters address: P.O. B. #805, Miami 1, Florida) (DRE) in Los Angeles, advised  SAs ROBERT H. KARL and WILLIAM J. MC CAULEY  on November 27, 1963 that according to Page 3 of “The Cuban Report”, English language publication, dated November 25, 1963 at Miami:

“The Cuban Student Directorate submits the following data on the background and activities of the prime suspect of the assassination of the President of the Untied States, JOHN F. KENNEDY. LEE HARVEY OSWALD….stayed in Russia until 1962, when he requested and obtained permission from the United States Embassy to return to the United States. Back in the United States, he lived in Fort Worth, Texas, and from there went to New Orleans to organize a delegation of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. On August 21, 1963, Oswald and the Cuban Student Directorate delegate in New Orleans, CARLOS BRINGUIER, held a debate through the WDSU Radio Station of that city on account of a public disturbance acurred (sic) in Canal Street a few days before. On August 9, the delegate of the Cuban Student Directorate was walking through the streets when he saw an American spreading CASTRO’s propaganda and holding a sign that read, ‘Hands off Cuba’ and ‘Send food and medicines to Cuba, not comandos’ (sic). Three days before, the same man had visited the store where the offices of the Cuban Student Directorate are located. He asked for propaganda and offered his cooperation as a trainer in military tactics, as he had once been in the Marine Corps. Because our delegate, CARLOS BRINGUIER, found him suspicious, he did not give OSWALD a definite answer. Days after, he again visited our offices where this time he left a book entitled, ‘Guide Book for Marines’, with his name and army serial number written inside. When our delegate found OSWALD spreading on the streets Marxist propaganda published by the Fair Play for

LA 44-895

Cuba Cuba Committee, they started an argument that ended up with the arrest of OSWALD, CARLOS BINGUIER, and his two companions MIGUEL CRUS and CELSO HERNANDEZ. They were taken to the police headquarters and released on a bail bond of $25 cash. The trial was held on August 12.

“When evidence on OSWALD”s attempt to infiltrate in our organization was presented, the judge charged him with a $10 fine for public disturbance and for attempting against the dignity of the City of New Orleans. CARLOS BRINGUIER was declared innocent.

“On account of this event, a debate on WDSU Radio Station was scheduled. The debators were LEE H. OSWALD, CARLOS BRINGUIER and ED BUTLER, from the Information Council of the Americas. BILL STURKEY (sic), acting as moderator, introduced OSWALD as the Chairman and explained that the main offices of said organization were in New York. We have tape recordings of the debate and other information that we will furnish to those who request it….”

DEETJEN pointed out that on Pages 1 and 2 of “The Cuban Report”, FIDEL CASTRO is quoted as having announced on “Sunday” that: “We are prepared to fight them and answer in kind. U.S. leaders should think that if they are aiding terrorist plans to eliminate Cuban leaders, they themselves will not be safe”.

DEETJEN added that a Spanish version of the above information is going to be read by himself to an expected audience of 100 Cuban refugees at a DRE-sponsored meeting in the Parish Hall of Our Lady Help of Christians, 512 South 29th Avenue, Los Angeles, on November 27, 1963.


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