Friday, February 15, 2013



You would think that if the most secret national security records of the United States Navy were really missing, and not just being illegally withheld, there would be a major Counter-Intelligence investigation to determine what became of them, and ensure that they were not in the hands of the Russians, the Chinese or Wikileaks.

But there you have it – the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) seems to have misplaced all of its records related to the assassination of President Kennedy, the records of the Dallas ONI office, the investigative records and reports of the defection to the Soviet Union of former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald, the investigative reports of the assassination and the files of its director at the time – Admiral Rufus Taylor.

Now if any one of these official records were missing it could be dismissed as simple administrative mismanagement, but with all of them missing, it is indeed a suspicious state of affairs, and one that deserves serious inquiry to determine exactly what happened to them. Are they lost? Were they misplaced or misfiled? Were they stolen by a foreign government? Does Wikileaks have them? 

Or are they really just being hidden by the US Navy commanders who maintain them, skirting the law – the JFK Act of 1992?

It was during the life of the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) when Fred Reeves, the San Diego based ONI investigator told the Review Board staff to look for “119 Reports,” a suggestion that Doug Horne passed on to LTDR T. Pike, who was subsequently reprimanded for unauthorized travel in relation to her tasking of responding to the requirements of the JFK Act and Review Board requests.

Did her replacement commit perjury by signing off on the ONI response to the JFK Act without locating the relevant records, especially the “119 Reports,” the records of the Dallas ONI office and the files of the director of ONI?  D

If there records were really missing, wouldn’t there be a serious investigation into what became of them?

And since there are no headlines about the missing records, and no serious investigation of what became of them, isn’t that itself an indication that they aren’t really missing at all?   


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