Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bill Kelly's Hypothesis on the Assassination of JFK

After reading and posting John Newman's Hypothesis from his new book Countdown-to-Darkness,
I recalled having put together my own hypothesis at the request of Professor Ken Rahn, that I did some years ago. 

Hypothesis is "a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation." 

So I decided to give it another crack and here goes: 

Bill Kelly's Hypothesis on the Assassination of JFK

1) Regardless of whether the chief suspect was the lone assassin or a patsy, whatever you believe happened at Dealey Plaza was a covert intelligence operation - CIO - that utilized standard covert operational procedures and techniques and was designed to protect the actual sponsors.

2) The domestic anti-Communist network responsible for planning and executing the operation had performed similar operations in the past and continues to do so today, and at the time - 1963 - was deeply entwined and overlapping operations in Cuba, and Cuba is the key to unlocking the identity of the network.

3) The Operational Plan was originally devised to have snipers kill Castro with high powered rifles as he rode in an open jeep, as he often did, a plan (Pathfinder) that was "disapproved by higher authority," taken off the shelf by those who conducted it, and used to kill the higher authority himself.

4) This Operational Plan (Pathfinder) included a black propaganda psychological warfare twist to blame the murder on Communists - an aspect of the plan included in the Dealey Plaza Operation (DPO) to blame the murder on Castro Cuban Communists.

5) The Dealey Plaza operation was designed to be publicly viewed and officially investigated as a conspiracy of at least two snipers - albet a Cuban Communist conspiracy, but this part of the OP was rejected by President Johnson the evening of the assassination and replaced with the (Phase Two) deranged lone nut scenario. [See: The Tipping Point ]

6) Since there is no statute of limitations on murder, the legally unresloved homicide of the president and those murders associated directly with it (Tippit, Oswald, Kothe, Giancana, Rosselli, Meyer, et al) should be active investigations, especially with the upcoming release of previously sealed records that could help resolve these cases.


Geno Munari said...

Thank you for the great hypothesis which I thoroughly digested. I have lived in Las Vegas for many years and was engaged to write a book for a gentleman that claimed that he held a point in a casino for Johnny Rosselli. I have known the man for many years, however about 18 months into my research, I discovered a big inconsistency in his story. After a month of back and forth debating, he finally admitted he lied about Rosselli. On paper I lost a great deal of time, but my research unearthed a very unusual Las Vegas connection and matters of fact about the JFK assassination. It is just a coincidence I guess, that as a young man I was around several of the key players in the plot. I am in the process of bringing the true story of Las Vegas in this matter to the public.


"...funny you say that Bill. I too lived in Las Vegas Twenty years, and had a very short, but interesting conversation with one Robert Maheu, then appointed member of the diamond Exchange.
I won't reveal what Maheu said, but i will say that what struck me odd was what he did not say, that had to do with regard to Hughes having some complicity in the Big Event. I'd love to clamber on and on, but I must excuse myself. By-the-way: I must admit that I've thoroughly enjoyed your contributions on JFK FACTS, as well as other on line hot spots. So, i'm looking very forward to this site in the future. God bless."

with truth, DM

Geno Munari said...

1)John Meier in his Age of Secrets (revised edition) speaks at length about Bob Maheu and Don Nixon regarding the assassination of RFK. Meier further claims that Maheu secretly in-rolled Meier into the CIA for the reason that Maheu's CIA friends could meet and infiltrate the associates Meier was meeting with. Incidentally Meier is alive and well in Canada and protected by the Canadian government. He refuses to give interviews with people he doesn't know well because he claimes that David Talbot with Lisa Pease secretly recorded his conversation with him at his home against his will. Lisa Pease admitted this to Meier . I speak to Meier about once a week and he says he is working on a new book.
2) Maheu purchased my cousins home in Las Vegas and most of the proceeds came in cash from the cage of the Silver Slipper cage. A friend of mine was present with my cousin at the cage when this event happened. This man's wife was the daughter of Napolian Valeriano (sic). I found out just two years ago that Lansdale tried his daughter like a step daughter and urged her for years to join the CIA. I have letters from Lansdale to her referring to her thesis about the Philippines movement. I have a photo of Maheu and her daughter. Photos of here in the Philippines with Marcos and more.
3) I lived 5 houses away and Bob's son Billy was my paperboy.
4) Bob had a very interesting friendship and relationship to Ed Lansdale.
The connection between Lansdale and Maheu is very interesting and should be investigated further.

Geno Munari said...

Sorry about the spelling errors as I posted this from a new phone. Correction .... Lansdale treated her like a daughter .....