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JFK Agenda for 2021

 2021 JFK Agenda - Ambitions, Goals, Resolutions and Missions for 2021

As we entered the new year I made a list of things that ought to be accomplished, but a number of things occurred that put off posting it – CAPA is preparing their goals for the year, including another Dallas conference in November, the events of January 6 and the inauguration of the new President put things off, as did MLK Day, while the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC) put off their conference call board meeting until this week.

So as we get our act together, I thought that my list of ambitions, goals, resolutions and missions for 2021 should be put on the table.

1)      Books  - there are a number of new books on the JFK assassination being released, including Joshia Thompson’s Last Second in Dallas, that I am reading and will write a review on soon. Then there’s the late Hank Albaralli’s Coup in Dallas that his friends managed to get published posthumously, and will be released on March 31. Larry Hancock’s new book on the case, The Tipping Point, will be issued soon, parts of which can be read at the Mary Ferrell web site. From Pittsburgh, Dr. Cyril Wecht’s second book of the year, focused on the JFK assassination, will be published this fall, as will be Vince Palmaria’s next book.  I will be reading and reviewing them all right here at JFKCountercoup.  In addition I will be working on my own book – Valkyrie and Pathfinder at Dealey Plaza, a second Anthology of important news reports, magazine articles, book excerpts and conference presentation transcripts, most of which I will mention in my first book. I hope to write a third - an autobiography as part of a trilogy, of my own experiences on this amazing journey that’s still not over.

2)      For starters on the legal front, we need to see the JFK Act enforced to the hilt. This can be accomplished if Joe Biden does nothing. President Trump, after tweeting repeatedly that he would release all of the records as they were ordered released by the JFK Act in October 2017, reneged at the very last moment and ordered many thousands of documents redacted and withheld for another three years. That’s up this October, and if President Joe Biden does nothing, the law should be full filled. But as the head of the CIA and General John Kelly, then White House Chief of Staff convinced Trump to continued withhold JFK assassination records, we should expect the same pressure from the Deep State to be placed on Biden, and should prepare moves to counteract it. This can be done by contacting the Congressional Committee and Subcommittee responsible for oversight of the JFK Act and see if there’s any familiar or friendly faces and names who we can convince to hold public hearings on the JFK Act – something that hasn’t been done in over twenty years.

3)      CAPA will be holding another conference in Dallas this November, with both walk in and virtual participants and viewers. Stay tuned for dates and location.

4)      David Talbot’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee board has resumed meeting, and has formed a Living Witness Interview Subcommittee – that includes Jefferson Morley, Bill Simpich, Russ Baker, Dan Storper and myself, with input from Larry Hancock and others. We are targeting a list of a few dozen still living witnesses, with Jeff taking the lead on trying to get their cooperation, not an easy task. This will be a closed effort and the results will not be broadcast, but if you contact me I will keep you appraised if you can give us contact numbers for any witnesses, and will not try to run interference.

5)      Then there’s the suggestion we write to the Inspector Generals of key agencies and departments, like the Inspector General of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and CIA, and ask them to look into the enforcement of the law, and the missing and destroyed records for which there has been no accounting.  The CIA’s Inspector General’s Report on the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro was a game changer, and those in such a position of authority can get info we can’t and issue reports that can make a difference.

6)      FOIA – Freedom of Information Act – We can get the relevant committee of Congress to begin to reform the FOIA – which was passed by Congress in the wake of Watergate when the liberal democrats took over, something that is happening again, so it is possible. We can also file new, additional FOIA requests for relevant documents that do not fall under the JFK Act. Our friends at the Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC) should take the lead on this one.

7)      One of CAPA’s efforts over the past few years has been looking into the Texas Court of Inquiry, a legal procedure unique to the state of Texas,  that Bill Simpich discovered that can exonerate someone, but not convict anyone. It is set in motion by any Municipal Judge in the State, and we have one who has talked at CAPA conferences, is very knowledgeable about the case and the law, and may be willing to request it. The best part about it is the judge that requests the Court of Inquiry is replaced by a judge who is assigned the case, so the initial judge doesn’t have to do the hard work. CAPA may devote part of their November conference to this subject.

8)      While in Texas, we should engage the new, liberal, democratic District Attorney, a black lawyer who has prosecuted policemen, something previous DAs refused to do. He needs to be convinced to declare the murders of President Kennedy, J.D. Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald unresolved open cold cases, and assign an attorney to handle all of the cold cases and convene a grand jury to review the evidence in all of them.  The Dallas DA could also have the FBI’s facial recognition facility in West Virginia, that I talk about in the previous blog post, and use the latest technology to try to positively identify the man in Mexico City that isn’t Oswald, faces in the Dealey Plaza crowd, Prayer Man and other photos that have yet to be properly analyzed using the latest technology. The DA and/or a grand jury can subpoena documents and witness testimony, but it is kept secret, and defense attorneys are not permitted in the court room, so they don’t particularly like it. But grand juries are where homicides go, and we should try to get there.

9)      Another possible legal avenue is a Federal Grand Jury, based in DC that would be requested to be convened to review the JFK Assassination records that have been illegally destroyed, are missing or have otherwise disappeared. This Grand Jury could help enforce the JFK Act and look seriously into the many assassination records that have been destroyed or are missing. While this is a long shot, all we need is one assistant federal prosecutor to listen to our case, and convince a prosecutor it is a worthwhile cause. Perhaps our friend former federal prosecutor Jon Orr can help make our case on this count.

10)  Since major motion pictures like Executive Action and Oliver Stone’s JFK have made major inroads in this case, and some documentaries have had an impact, I am going to suggest to both CAPA, the TRC to support my idea of holding a JFK Film Festival out of the JFK Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C., that has fantastic facilities that often go unused, as well as an on line virtual version of the festival that people can get on their TVs, computers and phones. Both major motion pictures like Executive Action and JFK, Parallax View and Seven Days in May will be included, but also films like Suddenly, the Accountant, Shooter, and other similar films that tangentially touch on the assassination. In addition a documentary series will include a complete roster of all the documentary films made on the subject of the JFK Assassination, and viewed in their chronological order in which they were produced. The most recent documentaries by Oliver Stone, the one on Ruth Paine and the Assassination and the Lone Nut view presented by the Warren Commission lawyers and supporters will be sought as well. Producers, directors and actors from the major motion pictures will also be invited as well as the producers and directors of the documentaries, along with critical commentary by professors who have specialized in these subjects. John Judge and I once attended an academic conference on Politics and Film at American University, and I think that this JFK Film Fest should be done as an academic exercise.

As John Judge used to say, we have a lot on our plate, and it is unlike all of these efforts will be completed before the end of the year, but we at least must make the effort, or they certainly won’t happen. I for one am going to try. If you want to support any one of these efforts, contact me and let me know which one you are most interested in.

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