Thursday, September 25, 2014

AARC - Warren Commission Conference

The Warren  Commission - 50 Years After

Earl Warren hands :LBJ the Report on the Assassination of President Kennedy - September 24, 1964

It wad 50 years ago when the Earl Warren Commission met President Johnson in the Oval Office of the White House to present him with a copy of its Report on the assassination of President Kennedy.

Johnson held the 800 page book and said, "it's heavy," though he meant its weight and not the Sixties cleche that means deep and meaningful, as histoey has revealed it to be shallow and wrong in many respects, eespecially its primary conclusion that the assassination was carried out by a deranged loner without any apparent motive.

Tha accused assassin - Lee Harvey Oswald, haelf murdered in police custody, was identified as a former Marine defector to the Soviet Union and Fair Play for Cuba spathiser and agent probvacteur who was arrested in New Orleans for fighting anti-Castro Zcjban members of the DRE  - a CIA backed group and fit the criminal profile of a covert operative [JFKcountercoup: Covert Operational Profile].

While it wasn't until a decade later, after Watergate, that such opreratives were engaged in such activities, it was quicklly apparent to those intelligence analysists who had access to Oswald's military and CIA files records now incomplete, but it doesn't take.much to fill in the gaps.

This week's Time Magazine.has pronounced the Warren Report was correct and there were no major mistakes or corrections, quoting former editors and writers who merely reprinted the official version of events and failed in their journalistic duty to uncover the truth and expose the Warren

Time publishes a picture of a perplexed Oswald under arrest quotes the Warren Report's description of the accused assassin as seeking notorious fame despite denying the deed.and claiming he was framed as a patsy as the facts of the case bare out.

For more on Oswald's innocence see Howard Roffman's Presumed Quiilty [Complete Book: "PRESUMED GUILTY, How and why the Warren Commission framed Lee Harvey Oswald, A factual account based on the Commission's public and private documents", by Howard Roffman / JFKcountercoup: HOWARD ROFFMAN’S “Presumed Guilty” ] and Anthony Summers' Not In Your Lifetime [  Books / Not in Your Lifetime : NPR / Not in Your Lifetime: The Assassination of JFK Audiobook | Anthony Summers | ].

Summers will be at the Assassination Archives and Research Center AARC conference in Bethesda this weekend where I will be giving a presentation on the Air Force One radio transmission tapes, while Summers will evaluate the recent admission by Antonio Veciana that his CIA case officer "Maurice Bishop" was actually CIA spymaster David Atlee Phillips, an associate of Oswald, the accused assassin.

For more on the conference see: AARC web site.   Conference Program

More to come- BK

              The Warren Commission meets at the Washington DC Veterans of Foreign Wars Post

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