Sunday, September 28, 2014

AARC Conference on Warren Report - 50 Years

I have been to many conferences over the past 20 years but this one has been one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life, not only for the quality of the presentations by the researchers, reporters, journalists and historians, but because a number of witnesses have participated for the first time, especially anti-Castro Cuban Antonio Veciana and Buell Wesley Fraser, who gave Lee Harvey Oswald a ride to work on the morning of November 22, 1963.

Fraser said that it seemed an ordinary day that morning, but before the day was out everything had changed, and it is still effecting us today, and will continue to affect us for a long time into the future as we continue to learn more about what occurred that day and since then.

I gave a presentation on the continuing research into the Air Force One radio transmission tapes, and will post a synopsis and update on that soon, and over the next few days, as I review my notes and the photos I have been taking, will post a number of separate blog entries on the various presentations and issues addressed at this conference.

This final day of the conference - Sunday, cannot be as intense and interesting as the first few days, but will be confined to the state of the JFK assassination records and the questions of where do we go from here? What do we do next?

For many, this is the Last Hurrah, the last conference on this subject, which is fading from an unresolved cold case to history, but for others, we look forward to October 2017 when the last of the sealed government records on the assassination are scheduled to be released, and the upcoming presidential campaign, when the files will be made a campaign issue because the next president, whoever she may be, will have the power to keep these records concealed from the public or to release them as the JFK Act law has directed.

In the meantime, we must keep the pressure on to enforce the JFK Act, see to the release of the remaining records, and continue to fill in the missing pieces of the Dealey Plaza puzzle, which we now have a good picture of but there are still many blank holes that have to be filled in.

This conference has brought us a long way towards that goal, and hopefully, we will come up with a plan to finish the job.

Stay tuned, as the situation continues to develop.

          Antonio Veciana and AARC Executive Director Jerry Policoff, who organized the conference


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