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John Glenn and Operation Dirty Trick

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John Glenn and JFK

Among the government records on the assassination of President Kennedy released under the JFK Act of 1992 is an FBI report on a letter sent to Senator John Glenn of Ohio from a former airman stationed at Lackland AFB in Texas. The New Jersey Air Force veteran asked Glenn if he recalled an incident at Lackland when they both shared an elevator ride during which the airman warned Glenn of a plot to kill the president involving Lee Harvey Oswald.

Glenn turned the letter over to the FBI.

On October 26, 1970 Philip A. Robinson of 80 Passaic Avenue, Passaic, New Jersey, wrote a letter to then Senator John Glenn asking if he recalled meeting "in an elevator in the Lackland Air Force Base hospital on August 2, 1961 wile you were in final checkout for your historical flight and I was in training as a reservist USAF."

"During our conversation," Robinson wrote, "I passed information to you about Lee Harvey Oswald in an attempt to prevent the assassination of your friend President John F. Kennedy. Without going into details I might inform you that I also discussed the matter with others from 1961 through 1963."

"Basically, I would deeply appreciate it if you would confirm our conversation, note the name of the gentleman with whom we rode, and if possible tell me what happened with any inquiries put to you as to our conversation, if any, for historical purposes."

The first astronauts did train at Lackland and John Glenn is mentioned in military documents regarding Operation Northwoods, a Pentagon plan to create a false reason to invade Cuba.

If Glenn's historic flight to space and circumnavigate the globe failed and he died the accident would have been blamed on radio interference from Cuba and thus provide an excuse to invade Cuba - a Northwoods style provocation like the one used to blame the assassination of JFK on Castro.

On March 16, 1962, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff presented Operation Northwoods to President Kennedy. Drawn up by the Joint Chiefs the plan outlined ways to generate public support for US military operations against Cuba, including attacks, some real, some simulated, performed by American forces and then blamed on the Cuban government.

The Northwoods plan was officially rejected by JFK and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs replaced, but aspects of the plan were used in Operation Dirty Trick, in the Dealey Plaza operation that resulted in the death of JFK and at Tonkin Gulf, that fooled Congress to support the war in Vietnam.

Declassified decades later the objective of Operation Dirty Trick was officially described as, "to provide irrevocable proof that, should the (John Glenn) Mercury manned orbital flight fail, the fault lies with the ( Cuban) Communists."

"This to be accomplished by manufacturing various pieces of evidence which would prove electronic interference on the part of the Cubans."

A 1963 Defense Department policy paper outlined the possibility of making it appear that Cuba attacked a member of the Organization of American States, with the attacked nation requesting American military assistance, giving the US an excuse to invade Cuba in an all out war, similar to the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor, that sparked the Spanish-American War, and the Venezuelan Arms cache incident that was the last issue JFK dealt with before leaving the White House for Texas.

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