Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valkyrie at Dealey Plaza I

How is the July 20 1944 WWII Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler related to what happened at Dealey Plaza?

Let me count the ways.

1) Volkmar Schmidt told me in a telephone interview that in a lengthy conversation with Lee Harvey Oswald at a February 1963 party at his Dallas home he used reverse psychology techniques on Oswald that he learned from German professor Keutmeyer.  Schmidt said he compared General Walker to Hitler and suggested Hitler should have been assassinated and specifically mentioned the July 20 1944 Valkyrie event. Schmidt believed he planted the seed in Oswald's mind that led Oswald to purchase the rifle, shoot at Walker and kill JFK.

2) Schmitt told me that Keutmeyer was sympathetic to the Valkyrie plotters and knew some of them,  including Von Trott, who is listed among those in the papers of Professor Harold C. Deutsch, the former OSS Chief of Research and Analysis in Germany, who interviewed some of the plotters.

3) The party at Schmidt's house when he met Oswald was arranged by George deMohrenschildt for Oswald to meet Michael Paine but Paine didn't attend, so Oswald met Schmidt while Oswald's wife Marina met Ruth Hyde Paine, Michael's wife. Ruth and Marina became close friends. After the Walker shooting Oswald went by bus to his hometown of New Orleans while Ruth Paine delivered Marina and the Oswald's belongings - including the rifle -  to New Orleans in her station wagon.

4) After an interesting summer of 1963 in New Orleans, during which Oswald scuffled with and was arrested with DRE anti-Castro Cubans, Ruth Paine wrote to the pregnant Marina asking her to move to the Paine home in Irving Texas until the baby was born. She told her to reply by mail to "Arthur Young" in Pennsylvania - who Ruth Paine would be visiting. Art Young, the inventor of the Bell Helicopter, was married to Michael's mom - Ruth Forbes Paine Young, and arranged for Michael to work at Bell Helicopter in Texas.

5) Michael's mother Ruth Forbes Paine Young was a close friend of Mary Bancroft and was traveling with her to Europe when she met her husband a Swiss businessman, putting her in position at the beginning of WWII to meet and work closely with OSS Agent Allen Dulles. Both Bancroft and Dulles became entwined in the Valkyrie plot through German officer Hans B. Gisevius, a principle plotter.

6) Gisevius was one of the few key plotters to escape after the bomb planted by Von Stauffenberg failed to kill Hitler, and he escaped to Switzerland with fake documents prepared by Dulles and Bancroft. As a CIA consultant Gisevious came to USA and after living for awhile with Tom Braden, he moved to Dallas where he reportedly worked for the Dresser Industries.

7) In late September 1963 Ruth Paine left Arthur and Ruth Forbes Paine Young to pick up Marina and the rifle to take them to Texas, while Oswald left New Orleans for Mexico to visit the Cuban and Soviet embassies to get a visa to Cuba.

8) That day, September 25 1963 - The CIA's Desmond Fitzgerald briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon on military support for covert Operations against Cuba, including the fact that they were conducting a detailed "study" of the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler that was being adapted for use against Castro. [This is the subject of a FOIA Civil suit filed by James Lesar of the Assassination Archives and Records Center].

9) Back in Dallas Marina lived with Ruth Paine, who arranged for Oswald to get a job at the Texas School Book Depisitory (TSBD), whose owner D. H. Byrd, on 11/22/63, was in Africa on a hunting safari with German Barron Werner Otto von Alvenslaben. Von Alvensleben's father, according to an OSS document, was a German assassination specialist, while his son, hunting pal of Byrd - wrote a monagraph in support of the Valkyrie plotters.

10) When hunting Von Alvenslaben used a special Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifle similar to the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle found in the TSBD said used to kill JFK. When Warren Commissioner John McCloy asked the FBI ballistics expert Robert Frazier as to whether the ammunition was interchaingable between the two rifles he said he didn't know.

11) George de Mohrenschildt saw the rifle in Oswald's apartment closet, suspected he took the shot at Waker and joked about it. DeMohrenschildt moved to Haiti to work but first stopped in NYC and Washington DC to report to agents of the ACSI - Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence of the US Army Reserves. When he returned he wrote a manuscript of his relationship with Oswald called "I'm a Patsy!" and found a photo of Oswald with the rifle and notation "Hunter of Fascists! - ha ha!"

12) At the very moment of the assassination the American Joint Chiefs of Staff were meeting with their West German General Chiefs of Staff counterparts - two of whom - Generals Adolf Heusinger and Hans Speidel were implicated in the Valkyrie conspiracy but like Gisevius, managed to survive the purge.

13) General Adolf Heusinger was in the Wolf's Lair bunker standing next to Hitler briefing him when the bomb exploded. Nevertheless he was arrested because of his associations with the plotters, interrogated by the Gestapo, and freed in October 1944 for lack of evidence. Heusinger worked for General Reinhard Gehlen, chief of Intelligence on the Eastern Front, and after the war served as head of NATO military committee in Washington DC from 1961-1965.

14) General Hans Speidel, cheif of staff for Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, was the conspiracy's connection to the famed leader of the Africa Corps who was permitted to commit suicide and have a formal state funeral, and his famly spared. Speidel was jailed by the Gestap, escaped prison and after the war served as Supreme Commander of NATO forces in Euopre 1957-1963.

The visiting German generals were a bit perplexed by the reaction of the American Chiefs of Staff to the news of the assassination. General Maxwell Taylor the chief of staff, retired to his office to take a nap while the others continued the meeting - on topic, as if nothing had happened.

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