Thursday, December 27, 2007

JFK Countercoup

I started this blog in the wake of yet another major political assassination, at a time when the internet forum I was most attached to, went down.

Suddenly cut off from other researchers, I thought I would establish this base of operations as a place to reconnect when necessary.

I tried to register assassins or counter assassins, and COPA, but they wouldn't take, so I fell back on the JFK angle, and while I was typing it in, the former ambassador on the BBC radio was saying how similar this assassassination is to the murder of President Kennedy, creating a sense of uncertainty that's yet to be resolved.

In the course of starting COPA, I thought and others suggested their vision was similar to mine, that COPA would eventually become a major research network, based in Washington D.C., that could be mobilized when a political assassination occurred. We would be ready to follow up immediately instead, as with JFK, took decades to figure out.

But alas, here we are, decades later, and no further organized or collaborative than ever.

In any case, before calling for exposing the truth and seeking justice in this murder, let's expose the truth and dish out some justice in the yet unresolved political murder of JFK.

This is the Broadside announcement of our intentions.

Bill Kelly


Patrick Henry said...

Can you share with us your experience with that McCarthyite, Sarah McClendon, former White House Reporter, who was on the Anti-Communist Liaison Committee of Correspondence with Charles Willoughby, Edward "Brainwashing" Hunter, Brig. Gen. Bonner "Hitler's best source of information" Fellers, Alex Rorke, the Soldier of Fortune and pilot, active in the Cuban exile communitites in South Florida and Billy James Hargis? At one point you said she was on the Board of COPA and then another time you said she was never on the board. Which version is accurate? And you first said that she was just a nice little old lady who had lots of stories to share and then another time you said she was a McCarthyite who tried to get information from you but was unsuccessful. Which version is correct? Did you even know that she was an expert in controlling and influencing public opinion and "brainwashing?" Was she successful in "brainwashing" you and in penetrating COPA or did you fend off her attempts with duplicity, cunning and counter-intelligence assuming you were trained in those arcane arts? She might have called COPA "my best source of information" on how close everyone was getting to the JFK Assassination and named you as her best unwitting contact. What do you think?

Kubark12 said...

I can validate the work of Bill Kelly, although anyone remotely familiar with him, knows he is one of those few researchers who has interviewed Arthur Young,stepfather of Michael Paine, Henry Pleasants interrogator of Reinhard Gehlen and Volkmar Schmidt who knew Lee Harvey Oswald and was connected to an individual [Kuetemeyer]who was associated with the group which led the failed assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler during World War II.
Bill is one of those persons who has proved his mettle in the wars, so to speak, and is now leading the effort to do what has never been done, which is, to bring about a real investigation into the assassination of JFK. While some sceptics will say that is simply "pie in the sky," my response is
some people see things as they are and say why, I dream things that never were and say why not."

Patrick Henry said...

Maybe Hank Albarelli just means the childish, territorial in-fighting, bickering and "one upsmanship" that goes on there and almost everywhere else within the JFK Research community. People like "Charley the Tuna" and "Billy the Blogger Boy" do more to set back the investigation than advance it by a long shot. They just parrot the arguments of the Radical Reich without even knowing or acknowledging where those arguments originated. They become acolytes for and promoters of the theories originated by political, social and sexual deviants like Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, Rev. Gerald L. K. Smith, Edwin A. Walker and Billy James Hargis. What else do they share with these total misfits and perverts? My guess is almost everything. Fortunately none of these guys left behind any actual progeny due to their obviously deviant proclivities. The world is a better place without more persons like them. The role of social deviants and perverts in the JFK conundrum, including Layton Martens, Clay Shaw and David Ferrie as well as the group cited herein is much larger than has ever been acknowledged previously.