Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Foreknowledge & JFK Assassination


Sun Tzu said: "Now the reason the enlightened Prince and the wise general conquer the enemy whenever they move and their achievements surpass those of ordinary men is foreknowledge."

"What is called foreknowledge cannot be elicited from spirits nor from gods. Nor by analogy with past events, nor from calculations. It must be obtained from men who know the enemy situation." – The Art of War – Chapter XII – Employment of Secret Agents.

One of the hallmarks and "fingerprints of intelligence" that makes the assassination of President Kennedy a covert intelligence operation is the foreknowledge certain people had of the event, and expressing it to others before it occurred.

- Bray – See: Bray v. Bendix trial transcripts re: JEFCOTT.

- Cambridge, England – Telephone call. See: Bowen, Howard.

- Cheramie, Rose – Jack Ruby associate. See: Louisiana State Police (HSCA)

- Dinkin, Eugene B. – American soldier in Germany, claims to have picked up on the assassination plot from Army Security Agency monitor of OAS, the Algerian French Generals, went AOL and tried to inform American ambassador. See : Russell, Dick, TMWKTM.

- Grace, William – "Shortly before the assassination an executive of the Grace Lines was found unconscious in the street. Taken to a hospital, he mumbled that the president was to be shot. He had an appointment with Army Intelligence agents before he was found." – (Paris Flamonde, The Kennedy Conspiracy). Also : "An executive of the Grace Lines suffered a concussion after coming into contact with an Army Intelligence agent. While in a delirium he said, ‘The President is in danger!...". [Also NoteLHO wrote to mother/brother he "made reservations on a Grace liner." ]

- Martinez, Jorge Soto – On Nov. 1, told Lillian Springler at Parrot Jungle in Miami JFK to be killed by "Lee, been to Russia, Mexico." JSM lived in apartment above Mike McLaney’s garage, former Cuban Customs, worked at Fountainblu Hotel.

- Martino, John – To his wife, on the morning of the assassination (See: Summers, Vanity Fair, SWHT), also Larry Hancock’s "Someone Would Have Talked."

- Milteer, Joseph - (RIP Feb. 28, 1974) Alias Samuel Steven Story. See: William Agusta Somerset – Agent 88 - undercover conversations. NO, April 63.

- Odio, Syliva – See: Fonzi, Gaeton (HSCA; The Last Investigation)/ Russell, Dick (TMWKTM).

- Oxnard, California telephone call – See: Peter Noyes, Legacy of Doubt.

- Paine, Michael – Was talking about political assassination as JFK was being killed.

- Philbrick, Herbert – See: Jean Hill. Philbrick expressed foreknowledge of the assassination.

- Rivera, Jose, Dr. (Col. USAR) – See: Adele Edisen (ARRB). Rivera not only expressed foreknowledge of JFK’s assassination, but also of his son Patrick’s premature death and that LHO would move into the apartment on Magazine Street, New Orleans before LHO knew.

- Underhill, G. Garrett – See: Turner, William, Ramparts.

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dmartimouse said...

I will never be convinced Oswald acted alone. I believe he may have been an insider, who was set up as a "patsy". He knew too much. I was 10 when it happened and it shaped my social & political mind set and attitude. As a kid and since then common sense told me there was more than met the eye. There is what we see and what "they want us to know". Note Alan Pakula's film, "The Paralax View", with Warren Beatty as the patsy. Another film, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" presented interesting argument, as did the book, "The Best Evidence", which is about 20 yrs old.