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Holder Tells Agencies To Open More Records

The Obama administration advised federal agencies Thursday to release their records and information to the public unless foreseeable harm would result.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. issued guidelines fleshing out President Obama's Jan. 21 order to reveal more government records to the public under the Freedom of Information Act, whenever another law doesn't prohibit release.

The new standard essentially returned to one issued by Attorney General Janet Reno during the Clinton administration. It replaced a more restrictive policy imposed by the Bush administration under which the Justice Department defended any sound legal argument for withholding records.

"We are making a critical change that will restore the public's ability to access information in a timely manner," Holder said.


Patrick Henry said...

Bet you were really surprised to find out that Gen. Edward Lansdale who was spotted in Dealey Plaza on the day Kennedy was killed reported to my number one suspect in the JFK hit, Maj Gen Charles Willoughby during World War II. Many JFK buffs forget that the U.S. Air Force started out as the Army Air Corps. So Lansdale was probably acting as an agent of the Willoughby forces in Dealey Plaza that fateful day then, right? So why do all JFK buffs, apparently you included, only focus on the facts that they want to believe and those they want others to believe? Lansdale in Dealey Plaza previously was cited as absolute and positive evidence of
nothing but CIA involvement in the JFK hit, when in fact you should realized by now that current or former Army Intel, ONI, DIA and ASC operatives were deeply involved as well. What is your issue with accepting the fact that Willoughby, Morris, Walker and the John Birch Society were involved as thick as thieves with the JFK Plot? Even Jack Ruby himself, who certainly knows a whole lot more about the JFK than you do, implicated Edwin A. Walker and The John Birch Society as the main plotmasters. So what sort of special qualifications make you even smarter than Jack Ruby about the case? Inquiring minds want to know. Just because your father was a homicide detective makes you some sort of expert on Project Valkyrie, the JFK hit and Who Killed Cock Robin?
Tell us more. Just because the John Birch Society, Charles Willoughby, Robert Morris and Edwin Walker can not be linked to the CIA or the FBI, you deliberately choose to ignore the evidence against them? How short-sighted! How obtuse, how narrow minded and how very con-veeee-nient! Just because YOU did not discover Willoughby, you have to put down anyone who did contribute to his identification as a primary suspect as the mastermind of the JFK hit. I think many people see right through you and cut to the quick. You were probably sympathetic to ex-McCarthyites like Sarah McClendon, the former White House correspondent who was on the founding Board of COPA, right? And how about that M.D. from California whose parents ran John Birch Society meetings in his home for years? Ever wonder why he did not investigate The John Birch Society or Young Americans for Freedom of William Buckley? Well wonder no more. Should be obvious to everyone.
For you have just been BUSTED!

A four page cable from SAC, Miami to Director and SACS, Dallas and San Antonio reads: "Ernest Aragon, U. S. Secret Service agent advised that about midnight Nov. 24-25 he received information from SS in San Antonio that a long distance telephone call had been placed by Jose San Antonio Cabaca in Mexico City to Dr. Emilio Nunez Portuondo in Miami. The conversation was in Spanish. The gist was 'plan of Castro carried forth. Bobby is next. Soon the atomic bombs will rain and they will not know from where.'"

Now that you have been informed that Portuondo was the Latin American Editor for Charles Willoughby's Foreign Intelligence Digest and for Spas T. Raikin's American Friends of the Anti-Bolshevik Nations Intelligence publication doesn't that sort of throw your 40 years of research into hell in a hand baskeyt? How does it feel to spend 40 years of your life on something only to get almost every detail absolutely and totally incorrect? We all know that The John Birch Society, WACL and the ABN led by Morris, Willoughby, Stetsko, Vonsiatsky,
Draper's man at WACL The Pioneer Fund, Roger Pearson, et al really killed JFK and then blamed it all on the CIA, why don't you? There is still time to save face and jump on the "Right" bandwagon, why don't you give it a shot? Inquiring minds want to know. I think you are so dead set on blaming US Gov active employees for the JFK hit that you have totally missed the mark on all those who USED to work for the US Gov but had been drummed out ignominiously and embarrassingly years and years ago like MacArthur and Willoughby and all the others on the John Birch Society like Edwin Walker.

William Kelly said...


What does this have to do with opening the records? Why don't you write your own book and everybody can read that instead of your reactionary responses to others?

And you never answered by question on the Ed Forum - how do you type and roll those metal balls around in your hands at the same time?

BK - I need a pseudoname alias that I can use -