Friday, August 21, 2009

Covert Operational Profile


COVERT OPERATOR – Either state sponsored/controlled or possible renegade with official support.

SEX: Male.
[Note on sexuality of political assassins: historically, there is no known example of a female sniper-assassin, and few others besides Sara Jane Moore (an FBI informant), Squeaky Fromme (a Charlie Manson disciple) and the Pennsylvania Mall Commando spree killer, though there is one female sniper in fiction (Ian Fleming’s Soviet Russian cello-assassin in “From a View to a Kill”].

RACE: Caucasian, or possibly Latin.

NATIONALITY: American, or possibly foreign national, Cuban-Latin American, with U.S. military training and control.

AGE: 22-32 years old.

MARITAL STATUS: Single or separated/divorced; maintains private apartment.

EDUCATION: High School, some college, technical training; fluent in at least one foreign language, with on-site experience and training in covert intelligence crafts and procedures.

FAMILY: Dominant mother, very strong or no father figure, brothers in military.

IQ – 110-130- above average; tests “Passive-Aggressive” on The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), and among the 20% of population that is easily responsive to hypnosis.

MILITARY: USMC or USN (Sub/SEAL), possible Active Reserve Status; trained in codes, ciphers, interrogation techniques, languages, technical, electronic communications, familiar with all types of weapons, expert marksman. If Army, special ops training at Fort Bragg or Fort Bennington.

CHARACTER: Independent personality but disciplined, doesn’t talk unnecessarily, followers orders, is “organized” and focused, doesn’t smoke or drink to excess, and blends in nicely in any environment.

EMPLOYMENT: Civilian blue collar worker; trained technician.

MOTIVE: Ideologically motivated, believes in operational goals.

MODUS OPERANDI: Covert Operative, utilizes intelligence tradecraft, maintains Post Office box, valid passport, uses aliases, dead drops, codes and ciphers, maintains confidential and clandestine communications, fluent in foreign language, and operates on need-to-know basis, under command of case officer; military superior.

KNOWLEDGE: Of military and government procedures, lines of authority and communications.

SPECIALITY – Expert marksman, rifleman, sniper. Special Detachment; primary overseas duty.

STATUS: Contract agent, not a salaried line officer; but possible active duty or active reserve military.

TYPE: Fits Serial Killer profile as a repeat offender, organized personality, involved in three or more separate events, premeditated, select type of victim, thinks he will never be caught (and is usually correct), controls events.

[Note: Because Lee Harvey Oswald fits the profile in more than one category, if he had anything at all to do with the assassination, the motive is elimination and motus operandi for the assassination is that of a covert intelligence operation; but because Oswald was not an expert marksman, and too unreliable a shot to be placed in that position, and the circumstances of the crime scene suggest he has an alibi, it is doubtful his role was that of a shooter.

Also note that if Oswald was responsible for both the assassination of JFK, wounding of Connally and murder of Tippit, the classification of the crimes would be that of spree killer, as well as an assassin and serial killer].

EXAMPLES: John W. Booth; Leon Czoigosz; Byron DeLa Beckwith; Lee Harvey Oswald; Luis Angel Castillo; Frank Sturgis; Felix Rodriguez, Gerry Patrick Hemming, Kerry Thornley, David Morales, Angel Murgado, James Earl Ray; Charles Whitman; Michael Townly; Timothy McVeigh; Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi.

TYPE II American assassin: (disorganized personality) psychologically motivated, mentally deranged, though conditioned and controlled by a handler. Examples include Charles J. Guiteau; Luis Angel Castillo, John Hinkley; Mark David Chapman; Siran B. Siran;

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