Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Wink is Missing from NARA


The Wink photo is missing from the National Archives and Records Administration and no one is looking for it. There have not been any Congressional Oversight hearings or any oversight whatsoever of the JFK Act or of the JFK assassination records.
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City-On-A-Hill said...

I was a little boy when President Kennedy was assassinated. I distinctly remember seeing the gentleman to whom Lyndon Johnson is looking at wink at him. I was immediately suspicious at the behavior of Johnson and the gentleman who winked at him.

Christopher said...

The man who is winking with Johnson is Albert Thomas, a very prominent Houstonoian and good-ole boy.

Christina said...

Thanks, Christopher.
He was also a member of the 8F group, worth looking up. Closed circle of the most powerful men in Texas, all right wing Texas industrialists who meshed politics with their personal interests in big oil, construction, insurance, tobacco, cotton, Halliburton.