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Castro and Oswald - September 7, 1963

Casrto and Oswald, Veciana, Philips and AMLASH
September 7, 1963 A Harmonic Convergence

By William Kelly

Phillip Shenon, as Jefferson Morley contends, may be a real investigative reporter with an open mind and willing to follow every lead wherever it goes, able to accept new evidence and facts and adjust his opinion and theories if the information warrants it.

Morley says Shenon is not a certified disinformation agent or intelligence asset propagating a demonstrably false story that Castro Cuban Commies were behind the assassination of the President like Carlos Bringuier, Guss Russo, Brian Latell and Bob Baer - all with tight CIA connections and all parroting the same sordid story even after they've been proven wrong.

That Castro Cuban Commiess were behind the Dealey Plaza covert action was a black propaganda psychological warfare operation built into the plan that was originally designed to kill Castro but redirected to JFK in Dallas. And it is one aspect of the plan that failed, as it was and continues to be rejected by all objective observers and only actively promoted by those with direct CIA associations - Bringuier, Russo, Latell and Baer. It's failure gives us insight into the operation, just as Watergate did.

Which brings us back to Shenon - is he a real independent and free thinking investigative journalist pursuing the truth or is he an adherent and proponent of the first conspiracy theory that has been proven wrong?

In his Politico article  (w/ Sabato) Shenon offers three primary documents as evidence of Castro's complicity, or Oswald being encouraged or supported by Castro Cuban Communists - 1) an official CIA historical account of director John McCone and the assassination; 2) a letter from JE Hoover, not seen by the Warren Commission, calling attention to Castro's September 7 interview threatening JFK, and 3) a CIA report on these activities prepared at the request of David Belin and the Rockefeller Commission in the 1970s.

While Dan Hardway deals effectively with Shenon's falty analysis of the official McCone history in his review - [ See: Thank You Phil Shenon. ], I will give further analysis of the September 7 Castro interview and why Shenon's spin is incorrect.

Shenon, and Hoover and Belin and the CIA report all discuss the September 9 (Daniel Harker) AP report as Castro threatening the President - taking it out of the context it is set, a context that gives meaning and sense to it.

The Monday September 9 article that Shenon says so enraged Oswald to kill JFK was on page 7 of The New Orleans Times Picayune paper and is headlined  "Castro Blasts Raids on Cuba." It refers directly to the CIA JMWAVE support of such raids, including industrial sabatoge and the infiltration of commandos with high powered rifles, some of whom were captured by Castro forces and confessed to CIA support and training. Similar articles were published in the two Communist papers Oswald subscribed to including the issues he holds in the "Hunter of Fascists"  backyard photos.

The CIA JMWAVE maritime fleet included a few large mother ships like the Leita and the Rex, and small boat commando teams including one led by Julio Fernandez and trained by Army Ranger Brad Ayers, and a sniper team trained at Point Mary off Key Largo by Army Ranger Ed Roderick that was supported by Colonel Rosselli - John Rosselli - whose case officer was William Harvey.

Harvey's official biographer says that when Harvey was replaced on the Cuban project by Desmond Fitzgerald, some of the covert ops started by Harvey, continued unknown to Fitzgerald.

Rosselli later said his team was captured when it was infiltrated and paraded on Cuban TV, and Rosselli said they were tortured by Castro and turned and sent back to kill JFK.

There were some National Security Council Special Group approved missions as well as some unapproved Alpha 66 missions that attacked Cuban industrial targets and deposited infiltration teams. In his book Red Friday Carlos Bringuier lists the names of some of the anti-Castro Cuban commandos who were captured by Castro, some with high powered rifles that Rolando Martinez, a JMWAVE boat captain, said "were not to be used for hunting rabbits."

But it wasn't just the maritime raiders that so upset Castro to say that if the "US leaders supports those who attack Cuban leaders, they themselves are not safe," it was Rolando Cubella (AMLASH).

While the AP article was published on Monday, September 9, the interview took place at the Brazilian embassy on Saturday night September 7.

That just happens to be the day Alpha 66 founder Antonio Veciana met with David Atlee Phillips and Lee Harvey Oswald at the Southland Center in Dallas, as well as the day Manuel Rodriguez arrived in Dallas to set up a branch of Alpha 66 and leased the safe house on Harlandale Avenue in Oak Cliff.

Most significantly Saturday September 7 is the day Cubella met his CIA case officer IN BRAZIL where they discussed organizing a coup and assassinating Castro.

Given the expressed belief in some CIA circles that Cubella was a double agent, it is supported by  Castro's unexpected selection of the Brazilian embassy to give his speech and interview threatening Kennedy, all relevant facts that give the Castro interview meaning and sense, but all ignored by Shenon, who wants the article used as a false motive to "enrage" Oswald to kill JFK in support of Castro.

Of course the CIA was well aware of all these relevant facts but kept them out of their lengthy report in response to David Belen's request, but as the files released under the JFK Act tell us, and we ourselves know, so should Shenon.

Will Shenon follow up on the leads he provides that go directly to the JMWAVE maritime operations, Alpha 66 and AMLASH?

Or will Shenon now that the deranged lone nut story is determined to be untenable, follow the certified disinformation agents - and fall back to the original preconceived but false cover-story - that Castro Cuban Commies were behind the assassination?


Dennis Bartholomew said...

Bill, Yes, I was very disappointed that this article paints LHO as pro-Castro when even the HSCA in the 70s discussed his ties to the anti-Castroites Bannister and Ferrie. Surely Sabato would know that? Is this a disinformation article?

William Kelly said...

Yes, Sabato would know that, and he is working with other disinformation agents.