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21st Century Forensics - Sonalysts and the Dealey Plaza Matrix


Re: "21st Century Forensic Science demonstrates that Oswald was almost certainly the lone gunman in Dallas." 

BK Notes: "almost certainly" is almost certainly an oxymoron. 

Dear Professor Sabato:

In the article you wrote with Philip Shenon (“How the CIA Came to Doubt the Official Story of JFK Murder” – Politico, August 3), there is the following statement –“21st century forensic science demonstrates that Oswald was almost certainly the lone gunman in Dallas”.

Would you be so kind as to send me your information regarding this reference.

Thank you.
Very truly yours,
Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D. 

Dear Cyril,
Thank you for the note. Prof. Sabato discusses this subject at some length in his book, “The Kennedy Half-Century.”   I have not read Mr. Shenon’s book but I would imagine he addresses the issue in his book (“A Cruel and Shocking Act”) as well.

Kyle Kondik
Managing Editor, Sabato’s Crystal Ball
University of Virginia Center for Politics

Dear Kyle,

Thank you for your prompt response to my recent inquiry.

I have checked the reference you gave me to Professor Sabato’s book. The only “scientific” 
discussion I note therin deals with the acoustics analysis that the HSCA relied upon. 

I would like to receive a more specific response to my question re: “21st century forensic science demonstrates that Oswald was almost certainly the lone gunman in Dallas.”

I am certain you can appreciate the fact that as a forensic scientist deeply involved and interested in the JFK assassination for more than 50 years, such an important reference has great significance to me.

I have had no hesitation or problem in relating to major WCR defender – proponents over the years. Indeed, I developed good relationships with Specter, Bugliosi, and Posner.

I am not seeking to engage in a personal dispute with Professor Sabato. However, I cannot ignore the statement made by him and Mr. Shenon in a widely disseminated article that will be given much weight by thousands of readers.

Their comment is quite specific. Accordingly, the basis for that comment must be quite specific, also.
Just exactly what are the 21st century forensic scientific studies that buttress and validate the WCR’s conclusion re: Oswald as a lone gunman?

I believe this is a fair and logical question to be addressed to a high level academic entity.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you,
Best Wishes,
Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D. 

Dear Dr. Wecht –

I would direct you to Prof. Sabato’s and Mr. Shenon’s books.

Best, Kyle
Kyle Kondik
Managing Editor, Sabato’s Crystal Ball
University of Virginia Center for Politics

Dear Kyle:
I would appreciate a definitive response to the inquiry I set forth in an e-mail I sent to you on August 10.

I am certain that Professor Sabato agrees with me that forensic scientific analyses of the physical medical evidence is extremely important in studying the JFK assassination.

Thank you.
Sincerely, Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D.

Dear Mr. Kondik:

               I am extremely disappointed by your response to my inquiry, directing me once again to “Prof. Sabato’s and Mr. Shenon’s books”.

               The hard fact of the matter is that neither book documents any specific reference to any new  “21st century forensic science” studies, techniques, or tests that prove that Oswald was the lone gunman in the JFK assassination.

               Professor Sabato must know this, and so do you.

               To slough me off as if I were some unknown simpleton is highly insulting, especially since Professor Sabato was an invited speaker at the JFK Conference in 2013, sponsored by the Cyril H. Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law.

               More importantly is the harsh fact that Professor Sabato and Mr. Shenon have publicly expressed a statement that is untrue.  Millions of people who have read their article are now misinformed.

               If Professor Sabato disagrees with my comments and does in fact have specific references to “21st century forensic science” tests that confirm the WCR’s conclusion re LHO as the sole gunman,  I assume he will so inform me. (And please don’t tell me he is too busy). I did six autopsies yesterday along with numerous other professional endeavors, atypical day for me.

               I am bringing this matter to the attention of numerous individuals who have been deeply involved in the study of the JFK assassination.  I am certain that they will be anxious to learn what Professor Sabato’s response is to this letter.

               Very truly yours,

                           Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D.






Company Overview

Sonalysts, Inc. a national defense contractor, develops software solutions for military and commercial clients. The company produces game-based modeling, simulation, and training products; and licensable game framework and simulation engine (SE II) for continuous learning, modeling, and simulation. It also provides Cyber Health Analytics platform that offers a proactive defense strategy by delivering actionable information of network activity to customers; and periodic auditing and assessment strategies. In addition, it offers Spatial Analysis Link Tool that provides spatial analysis for the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Virginia; and wXstation, a weather and aviation product ...

Founded by former Nuclear Sub Captain David Hinkle

Mr. Hinkle has formulated a whole theory of corporate management based around what he calls the "matrix" system found in every submarine: a mix of iron-willed discipline and freedom all centered around the knowledge that every member of the crew has the power to sink the boat.

"When things go bad," he said, "you're in this little enclosed cylinder. Everybody can kill everybody else."

New Conversion Spin: Military Contractor Really Rocks:

BK Notes: There are numerous submarine connections to the Dealey Plaza operation that might prove relevant. 

1) Clay Shaw, indicted by Jim Garrison for conspiracy to kill the President, wrote a play about men trapped in a submerged submarine. 

2) George deMohrenschildt's DC roomate at one time was a former Navy sub commander. 

3) DeMohrenschildt tried to get Oswald a job with Collins Radio by introducing him to retired Admiral and Collins executive Chester Brouton, a former Navy submarine commander who specialized in sub radio communications. 

4) On April 10, 1963, the evening Lee Harvey Oswald, later accused assassin of the President, is said to have taken a shot at General Edwin Walker, the nuclear submarine USS Thresher went down with all hands, probably because of mechanical failure due to faulty product - O rings. 

5) Employees of Bendix, the defense manufacturer of the Thresher O rings were visited by three men in suits who claimed to represent JFCOTT - Justice for the Crew of the Thresher, who threatened to kill the Secretary of the Navy. 

6) From Russia Oswald wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Navy (John Connally) who he was later accused of shooting, requesting assistance in returning home, and James Reston, Jr. has written speculation that Oswald was trying to kill Connally, not the President. 

7) In August 1963 Ruth Hyde Paine visited her husband's relatives at the Forbes family island off Massachusetts - adjacent to Woods Hole scientific laboratory, where top secret acoustical studies are done for the US Navy and the home port of the ship that located the Thresher. 

8) The novel The Parallax View, written by former OSS officer Alan Segar, doesn't end as in the movie at a luncheon at the Texas Trade Mart, ala JFK, but instead it ends with a murder in the swamp and barrier island bay between Wildwood and Cape May, New Jersey where there was located a large, sealed off US Navy station that included an elongated antenna used to communicate with nuclear submarines. 

9) Larry Sabato commissions Sonalysts - founded by former nuclear sub commander, to do acoustical analysis of the HSCA studies. Sonalysts also do combat simulations for the military and other top secret contracts.  

10) On April 28, 1965 President LBJ appointed retired Admiral William Raborn as the seventh director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), "despite having no intelligence experience." Raborn was previous Director of Special Projects at the Bureau of Weapons tasked to develop a submarine-launched ballistic missile, reporting directly to Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Arleigh Burke and Navy Secretary Charles Thomas. 


Diane Matthews said...

Please, the USS Thesher story is simply incorrect. Sonalysts performed a faulty analysis of the acoustic evidence, as pointed out by Dr. Thomas.

William Kelly said...

What's incorrect about it?

JYL said...

With the then recent development of the deployment of the Nuclear powered ballistic missle submarine (SSBN), which of course became a key component of the Nuclear triad, any move towards peace and nuclear missile disarmament would have been a major impdediment to the growth of this industry, and its contractors.