Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Response to Max Holland's Assessment of the Release of the JFK Records


Why Oswald ws not the Sixth Floor Shooter

By William E. Kelly

In response to Max Holland's assessment of the recently released JFK records and the continued withhold of many more, I must comment on a few items and correct the record on others.

For starters, Holland's division of reality into only two conflicting categories - the majority who believe Oswald was part of a conspiracy and had confederates, a clear majority, and those who believe one man alone was responsible for the crime.

Actually there are many more plausible possibilites and scenarios.

For instance, a conspiracy does not have to include Lee Harvey Oswald, especially if he was what he claimed to be - a Patsy, set up to be the fall guy.

Whilie wrapping up his book "Reclaiming History," the late Vincent Bugliosi called on John Judge, the director of COPA - the national Coalition on Political Assassinations, to see if he missed anything.

"I understand you don't believe Oswald acted alone?" Bugliosi asked in phone conversation.

In response Judge said: "Oh, I think Oswald acted alone all right. I just don't think he shot anybody."

One case for conspiracy rests on the exoneratioin of Oswald as the Sixth Floor gunman, something that can and has been done, as the witnessest themselves testified to, and as physics demands.

It can be clearly demonstrated that Oswald was not on the Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) at the time of the shooting 12:30 pm, CST, which means that Oswald was not the man in the white shirt (Oswald wore brown) and bald spot, a clearly identifiable physical characteristic, one not shared with Oswald.

The idea that Oswald did not fire the shots that killed JFK is a well founded proposition based primarily on witness reports and testimony and the facts as described in the Warren Report itself.

A number of eye witnesses in TSBD said they saw Oswald on the h first floor at 12 noon and 12;15, when pedestrians on the street saw a man - some a man with a rifle on the Sixth Floor. If that is the case, the man on the sixth floor with a rifle was not Oswald.

Ninety seconds after the last shot, Oswald is seen by Dallas  Police motorcyle patrolman Marrion Baker in the second floor lunchroom. Actually, as Baker testified under questioning from Bugliosi during the London Mock Trial, he saw Oswald through the one-square-foot window of the 2nd floor lunchroom door.

If that was the case then the door had to shut and Oswald had to be on the other side of the closed door. It had to be completely closed becuase if it was open only an inch or two, basic physics requires the dimenstions of the window decrease significantly, reducing the size of the winow enough that it is too small to see anything from the angle Baker was viewing from the top of the stairs.

If Oswald was the sixth floor sniper then he would have had to come down those stairs and go through that door in the ninety seconds after the last shot, but there were four witnesses - two secretaries coming down the stairs from the fourth floor, their supervisor standing on the fourth floor landing, and a TSBD worker on the fifth floor landing - and none of them saw or heard Oswald descend those steps.

In addition, and this is the clincher - Officer Baker was behind TSBD superintendent Roy Truly, who would have had to see Oswald go through that same open door two to three seconds before Baker got to the top of the steps, turned to the left to follow Truly, when he claims to have seen Oswald through the window of the closed door.

So these six witnesses, if they are to be believed, clearly provide the proof that Oswald did not come down those stairs, did not go through that door, was not on the Sixth Floor at the time of the assassination, and did not fire the shots that killed the President.

The testimony of these witness it bustressed by other witnesses, including a court clerk from across the street who saw a man in the sixth floor window moving boxes aound four to five minutes after the last shot, indicating the sniper white shirt with bald spot did not immediatly leave the scene but took his time and stuck around for awhile.

Robert Groden also interviewed a TSBD secretray who stayed behind to answer the phone, and told Groden, believe it or not, she gave Oswald the change for a dollar that he used to buy coke.   

In addition, Brennan, the hard hat worker who saw the sixth floor shooter, and said he would be able to identify him if he saw him again, correctly identified the black guys from the fifth floor as they came out the front door, but didn't identify Oswald as the shooter as he came out the same door a few moments later.

So the contention that Oswald had to have co-conspirators for there to be a conspiracy is a false assumption, as the witness testimony clearly indicate Oswald was not the Sixth Floor shooter, and was what he said he was - a Patsy set up to take the fall for a crime he did not commit.

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