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Dispensing with Oswald - The Patsy



As those who want to fall back on the Warren Commission Conclusion that one man alone was responsible for what happened at Dealey Plaza – it is time to revisit the facts in the case.

Beginning with the evidence at the scene –

THE RIFLE – The rifle was ostensibly ordered by mail by Lee Harvey Oswald under the alias Alex Hidel, using a Post Office box, a month after he ordered the pistol, but both ostensibly arrived and were picked up on the same day – a day when Oswald’s work at Jaggers/Chiles/Stoval is well documented on time charts. That day he worked for opening until closing, some of the time on graphics for the Sam Bloom Advertising agency, who just happened to handle the details of the motorcade – and the PR for Jack Ruby’s trial. While Oswald could have purchased a rifle for the same price at any sporting goods, department store or pawn shop within walking distance of Dealey Plaza (as John Hinkley did), he instead orders it by mail to intentionally create a paper trail. Except there is no PO receipt for the rifle, and no one at the post office recalls handing the rifle over the counter to him. The guy at Klines who mounted the scope said if that rifle was used to kill the President – it was luck.

According to the official scenario, the rifle was picked up by Oswald the night before the murder, taken from a heavy wool blanket in the Paine’s garage, disassembled and packaged in wrapping paper taken from the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD). Both Wesley Frazer and his sister saw Oswald place the package in the back seat, and Frazer saw Oswald carry it under his arm as he walked to the TSBD, and both said the package was too small to be the rifle, even if disassembled.

Oswald then, according to the official record – got the gun in the building without it being seen, reassembled it and used it to kill the President.

According to Oswald’s brother Robert, a USMC marksman, “If Lee didn’t practice with that rifle and scope in the days and weeks prior to the assassination, he didn’t take the shots that killed the President and wounded Governor Connally.” – And the Warren Commission concluded the rifle remained in the blanket in the Paine’s garage until the day of the murder, Oswald never fired it before, and did not practice with it, ever.
THE SCOPE – The scope could not have been used in the assassination as it was misaligned and had to be properly sighted, that can only be done by shooting with it.

THE STRAP – The unique strap on the rifle found in the TSBD was later determined to be the strap of a US Air Force officer’s sidearm – where did that come from? That’s a question those who claim Oswald killed the President should be interested in, but aren’t.

THE BULLETS – They say it isn’t who fires the shots, but who bought the bullets, but no one knows where Oswald got the bullets they accuse him of using to kill the President. Like cigarettes, you can’t buy bullets one at a time, but they come in packs, boxes and crates and according to a government trace of the bullets, they were sold in a batch to the US Marine Corps in 1948, even though the USMC did not have a weapon that could fire them. Where did the bullets come from? Those who accuse Oswald should be able to determine that. 

I think they came from one of three arms caches that play into the story – the Houma Arms Cache that David Ferrie and his crew of idiots took from the Schulmberger bunker in April 1961. Or possibly the arms cache the CIA put together for William Harvey that Harvey delivered in a U-Haul Trailer to John Rosselli’s JMWAVE Cubans. Or maybe the bullets came from Venezuelan Arms Cache that the CIA tried to use to convince JFK that Castro was spreading his revolution to South America, the last thing that JFK did in the Oval Office before leaving for Dallas.

THE SHELLS – The three shells found in the so-called “Sniper’s Nest” window, were originally seen by TV news cameraman Tom Alyea, who pointed them out to Homicide Captain Will Fritz, who according to Alyea, picked them up from their neat row under the window, showed them to Alyea, and then threw them back down on the floor in a random pattern, and violating all rules of the preservation of evidence.

THE PAPER SACK – The paper sack, that was allegedly found next to the heater pipe near under the window in the Sniper’s Nest, was not seen by any of the first responders, or photographed before being removed. It apparently matched the brown paper used to wrap books that were being shipped, and used to hold and conceal the rifle as it was moved around.

THE CLIP BOARD – JACKET - Oswald’s clip board was found on a nail on the Sixth Floor a week after the assassination, as was Oswald’s jacket found in the window sill of the first floor Domino Room, where Oswald said he was eating lunch, and where others saw him.

OSWALD’S MOVEMENTS – Apparently after leaving the Domino Room, where he saw two of the black guys walk through – as they said they did – Oswald went to the front of the building where he was seen at 12:15 by a secretary – at a time 12:15 when two people on the street saw two men on the Sixth Floor, one with a rifle. If Oswald was on the first floor, who was in the window with a rifle?

In the minutes after the shooting, one of the TSBD supervisors told a reporter he saw Oswald near the front door next to the stairwell leading to the second floor. According to the official version of events, Oswald is next seen walking past the closed Second Floor lunchroom door window – by DPD motorcycle policeman Marion Baker, who stops Oswald, points a gun at his belly, but is told that Oswald is “OK” and works there by TSBD superintendent Roy Truly. For Oswald to have been the Sixth Floor sniper he would have had to come down the steps Truly and Baker were ascending and go through that door that Baker saw Oswald through the window. But since Truly was ten steps ahead of Baker, Truly would have seen Oswald go through that door – but he didn’t. So Oswald left the lunchroom through the same door he entered, and encountered another secretary, who saw Oswald with a coke in his hand.

In addition, there were two secretaries on the steps in the minutes after the assassination, who didn’t pass anybody, and two other witnesses on the fifth floor and fourth floor landings, who didn’t see or hear anyone until Truly and Baker came along. So Oswald did not descend those steps, was not on the sixth floor at the time of the shooting and was not the sixth floor sniper.

THE SNIPER – Both eyewitnesses to the sniper shooting from the sixth floor window describe him as wearing a white shirt (Oswald wore brown), and one of the witnesses said the shooter had a very distinguishing bald spot on the top of his head, a physical attribute not shared with Oswald.

One of the witnesses (Howard Brennan) said that he would recognize the shooter if he saw him again, and was told to wait by a police patrol car at the bottom of the TSBD steps by the curb. There, he called the cop’s attention to the three black guys who were in the fifth floor window, as they left the building, but he didn’t notice Oswald as he left a few minutes later, waltzing right past him, not the sixth floor sniper.

OSWALD the SUSPECT – Oswald was not considered a suspect by Roy Truly when he was buying a coke in the second floor lunchroom ninety seconds after the assassination, but Truly then put Oswald on the top of the list of employees, and notified Capt. Fritz – as he found the rifle on the sixth floor – AFTER being briefed by Captain Lumpkin. Lumpkin had been the driver of the Pilot car that traveled a mile ahead of the motorcade, looking for trouble, and stopped at the corner of Houston and Elm to tell the traffic policeman there – and the Sixth Floor Sniper – whoever he was – that the motorcade was coming.

Lumpkin and Truly then told Capt. Fritz Oswald was missing, and gave him Oswald’s address at Mrs. Paine’s house in Irving, so Fritz sent some cops out there to see if Oswald was there.

IN CONCLUSION – So in conclusion, the opinions of the majority of citizens that Oswald did not kill the President alone – or at all – is well founded in the facts and evidence derived from the scene of the crime. Oswald did not kill the President, but somebody did.

If there are over 2,000 books on the assassination and that many conspiracy theories floating around, if Oswald didn’t do it – then one of them is right.

I agree with Maj. Ralph P. Ganis, USAF (Ret.) who says in The Skorzeny Papers that Oswald was what he claimed to be - a Patsy.
JFKCountercoup2: Major Ralph Ganis on Oswald - From the Skorzeny Papers

Dashiell Hmmett's Fall Guy: 

Those who want to continue chasing Ozzie the Rabbit, Patsy and Fall Guy can continue to do so, while the real assassins slip away. 

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