Saturday, December 15, 2018

The San Francisco Summit - Where do we go from here?

December 15, 2018.

The San Francisco Summit - Where do we go from here?

A group of serious JFK assassination researchers met for the second time in San Francisco today - Saturday, December 15, 2018, a summit conference of sorts that may or may not amount to anything.

I think it will because of the caliber of the participants - Dr. Gary Aguilar is the host, providing the conference room at the medical center he is affiliated with, and featuring Professor John Newman, who will give an update on the presentation he made last year on anti-Castro Cuban terrorist Antonio Veciana, who figures into the JFK assassination story in a number of ways, and has been misunderstood in a number of ways, and Professor Newman straightens things out.

Dr. Newman will also revisit his presentation at the Lancer conference in Dallas in November on Samuel Halpern, effectively debunking his orchestration of fake stories attempting to implicate Robert F. Kennedy in the CIA plots to kill Fidel Castro.

Both the Veciana and Halpern stories are covered in Dr. Newman's latest book - Into the Darkness, the third volume of his multi-volume study of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Besides Dr. Aguilar and Professor Newman, other local San Fran luminaries expected to attend include Professor Peter Dale Scott, the dean of assassination researchers, and Paul Hoch, attorneys Patrick McCarthy and Bill Simpich, and David Talbot, who before the summit even occurred, produced a paper as a Joint Ten Points of Agreement Statement that everyone should be able to sign on.

While a final version is being agreed on, and the most celebrated and respected Warren Commission critics are brought on board, it will be publicly released in January 2019, in time for presenting to the incoming Congress.

It may be even be published in full page ads in the New York Times (ala the FPCC), Washington Post, and/or The Wall Street Journal, if someone coughs up the six figures needed to print it.

The final product won't be available until the new year, I did get an advance peak and will be posting them one at a time, energizing new commitments along the way - Ten Days of Christmas - coming to terms with the assassination of President Kennedy.

The Ten Points of Agreement, originating with David Talbot, was done via emails, so that it won't be too much of the discussion at the Summit.

CAPA attorney Larry Schnapf is flying in from New York City on the Red Eye Express just to attend this event, while others from closer by should be there, including Lisa Pease and Jim DiEugenio.

Most of these people have known each other for decades, have been researching and writing about political assassinations, so this brain trust - a new think tank of highly respected researchers and writers, should come up with something substantial.

Where do we go from here? That's the question on the table, and the answer is pretty clear to me.

All of the possibilities must be followed, all of the legal buttons must be pushed, all the American people must be rallied, as they were in the aftermath of Oliver Stone's film "JFK," so Congress can be instigated to act, or react to the failure to enforce the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and JFK Act of 1992.

I don't know what will come out of the San Francisco Summit, but I have high expectations, and as CAPA's co-coordinator of the Research Committee, I am going to try to take this to the limit.

I am going to try to organize a conference call of the top researchers in the country, support the idea of holding a similar East Coast Summit in New York City in early 2019, and attempt to orchestrate a Congressional Briefing on the JFK Act in order to stimulate a Congressional Hearings that would inquire into the destroyed, missing and wrongfully withheld records on the assassination of President Kennedy in the new Congress.

That's a Big Agenda for the new year, but I have a feeling that things are beginning to fall into place, and it all might come together, or maybe it will all fall apart.

Let's wait and see, and it just might be up to you which way it goes.

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