Sunday, June 16, 2019

On a Mission

B.K. Notes: Apologies for being MIA for the past week.

After two years of inaction, I was suddenly called for a special mission by Uncle Sam - and have been active in the field 12 hours a day and will be away
for the next week as well.

While the details are classified, this work is important to me, and vital for our national security.

When I return in about ten days, I will resume research and writing and continue posting daily at JFKCountercoup, and don't expect any further disrupltions. I expect to work on JFK research full time for the rest of the year - leading up to the Nov. 22-23 CAPA conference in Dallas.

In the meantime, when I get a chance, I will try to repost some of the best of from the early blog posts that recent readers may have missed.

In the past week I have been asked for articles I wrote years ago about the disposition of ONI records, that Jim DiEugenio is looking into and I hope he follows up on while I  am away.

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Then in the course of Alan Dale's interview with Malcolm Blunt, Malcolm mentions an ARRB document he passed on to me that I investigated. It concerns an Oswald from New Orleans, in USMC uniform - who flew to Europe on a Military Air Transportation plane out of McGuire AFB at the same time Oswald suposidly traveled to Europe by steamship out of New Orleans.

ALAN DALE: Malcolm, is there anything that you'd like to close with in terms of things – anything that really stands out in your own mind about something that you know requires more investigation? I'm not necessarily saying, you know, a recitation of all of the mini choke points to which you've referred in the last couple of conversations we've had, but particular areas where you think there is really reason for us to be interested in this particular area.

MALCOLM BLUNT: I do think – I do think the travel of Oswald when he went to the Soviet Union, I think needs really a hard focus, because that – none of that makes any sense to me whatsoever. I mean, when you get a, I think I probably mentioned to you before, when you get a counter-intelligence staff printout, again with a missing cable, and the cable title is 'London unable to determine exact time of Oswald's departure' I mean, that's just like – I mean, that's a big – that's a huge red flag that there's something very amiss with the travel of Oswald back in '59 to the Soviet Union. I think it's – you know, via Helsinki. I mean I think, you know, I sent some stuff recently to Bill Kelly, you know, a document about an HSCA interview with a woman called Louise Steenbarger, who says that in October of 1959 she and her eight year old son were on a Military Air Transport (MATS) flight from McGuire Air Force base in New Jersey to Europe where her husband was serving in some capacity in France.

ALAN DALE: According to Bill Kelly* she told the HSCA that her husband, Maurice Eugene Steenbarger, was a civilian auditor stationed with the Air Force working for the Office of the Auditor General in Phalsbourg, France.

MALCOLM BLUNT: Right. On this journey they were going to, sitting in a seat nearby was a marine with the name Oswald, Lee on his tunic, and it just seemed such a curious thing to me: A, it came in very late to the House Select Committee. I never did find any further investigation. It's about 3 or 4 pages, and it's a very strange document.


MALCOLM BLUNT: So – and maybe the alternative travel was via a military hop and then into - into, you know, into Helsinki. That way – in some other way. I think they had – the Agency had a lot of assets in Finland, certainly, and they were able to – they would have been able to get Oswald in, I think. I'm sure. So again, that would be somewhere I would like to look, I would like to look for it. In fact I – I had plans this time to look in the House Select Committee 

Flight From McGuire - July 1, 2014
JFKcountercoup: Flight From McGuire

Another Interview with Malcolm  Blunt:
(14) Malcolm Blunt Speaks with Alan Dale - JFK Records and NARA HD - YouTube

In the meantime I hope you will continue to support my research and writing via JFKCountercoup GoFundMe, and I promise I won't disappoint you.

And my current intense 20 day mission is not unrelated to our mutual interests, as I will try to explain when it is over in nine days.

I am currently in the field working off my phone, and being called back to duty.

That's it for now.

All the best,

Over and out.


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