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Arthur M. Young - Updated

Arthur Middleton Young

Arthur Young with his model helicopter - the First Drone

As I have previously mentioned, Arthur Young was one of the most interesting persons I have ever met, and I have met my share as a working journalist for over three decades. 

I first read his name in Gerald Ford's book "Portrait of the Assassin" that Ford was criticized for using records that were sealed and unavailable to anyone else. Ford said that Ruth H. Paine, Michael Paine's wife, wrote a letter to the pregnant Marina in New Orleans offering to take her into her Irving, Texas home until she had the baby. If she agreed, Paine wrote, Marina should write to her c/o in care of Arthur Young, Paoli, Pennsylvania. 

Apparently Ruth Paine took an annual late summer road trip to the North East visiting relatives - including her father in Ohio, sister in Washington D.C., and her husband Micahel's mom at the Forbes Island off Massachusettes and her farm house outside Philadelphia, near Paoli, Pa.. Michael's mother had been married twice before - including to Lyman Paine, Michael's father, one of the founders of the Communist Trotyskite Party in the USA. Oswald subscribed to the Trotyskite Militant newspaper, which he can can be seen holding along with the rifle and pistol in the backyard photos. 

Ruth Forbes Paine had divorced Paine and married Arthur Young - an equally eccentric inventor of the Bell Helicopter, who arranged for Michael Paine to work at Bell when they opened the Texas production plant. 

When I obtained his phone number I called Arthur Young at his rural Philadelhia home and requested a formal interview, which he granted, if I would read his books first. I then ordered and read his personal history of the development of the Bell Helicopter, and a second book on his philosophy of Process. 

I then drove to his historic colonal farm house on the Brandywine Creek, not far from the Revolutionary War battlefield in which George Washington was almost shot by a Scottish sniper but spared, as the sniper didn't want to shoot him in the back. 

Sometime in early ninties, I will get the exact date from the tape, I visited Paine at his historic old farmhouse hard on the Brandywine Creek. And while his wife, Michael Paine's mother - Ruth Forbes Paine Young sat with a visiting young women in the garden, Arthur Young and myself sat in his living room - study with all the walls lined with books. He was a well read man. 

Young permitted me to tape record our conversation so I set the cassette recorder on the table between us while he sat back in a chair and asked me my date and place of birth, saying he was going to do my astrology chart while we talked.

The son of two fine artists, Young knew that he was a genius and while attending Princeton, argued over Einstein's theory of relativity - saying that time was not a constant but a variable in the equation, something he learned from the sudden death of a brother. 

After graduation in the twenties, Young said he went to the Patent office in Washington D.C. looking for something worthwhile to invent - and after reviewing the work being done on color film, video, steriophonic sound and other yet to be invented ideas - settled on trying to resolve the problems with vertical flight - the helicopter, which he thought was the easiest of the lot. 

Young was proud of the fact that no one died in the experimentation because he used scale models - and indirectly invented the drone - and it took almost two decades to perfect - eventually obtaining a patent for a stabalizing bar that ran from the front to rear propeller shafts allowing for controlled flight. 

Once he was confident he had it right, in 1940, Young put his toy helicopter in a box and took it to Bell Aircraft in upstate New York where they were manufacturing fighter planes they sold to the Soviet Russians. 

Larry Bell's secretary told Young he had only fifteen minutes of Mr. Bell's time, so Young went out to the huge assembly line area of the factory, set up his model plane and began flying it around the room, halting production. When Bell came out of his office to see what was going on, Young flew the helicopter model around some more and then landed it at Bell's feet. 

How long will it take to build a full scale version?, Bell wanted to know. And Young didn't know, but they signed a contract and Bell gave him a building and a team of engineers to build the full scale version of the helicopter - which took over four years - too late for World War II. But it was the first helicopter commercially approved by the federal government - the Bell 41A - which is better known as the glass dome and girder MASH helicopter - some of which are still in use today. The first one is still on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art, something Young said his artist parents would be proud of. 

It was while living with Young and his mother and attending a local college when Michael Paine met Ruth Hyde at a folk music and dance social. Michael Paine and Ruth Hyde were married in the quaint, local Quaker town of Media, Pennsylvania.

When I asked Young why Bell moved the helicopter factory to Texas he said it was for "security reasons," and it was in Texas where Young arranged for his wife's son - Michael Paine - to work at the Bell Helicopter plant as a designer, so that stimulated their relocation to Texas. 

After the helicopter, Young and his equally eccentric wife Ruth Forbes Paine embarked on what he called the "Gee Wiz" years - exploring a number of radical ideas that peaked his interest including ESP, Remote Viewing, remote medical diagnosis, UFOs and the secrets of the Egyptian pyramids. 

In 1972 he formed a research institute the Center for the Study of Consciousness, that still exists in California. Young said that he had earlier formed a earlier non-profit research institute but he didn't like the financial backers who he implied, tried to control things. 

Meanwhile, Michael Paine's mother Ruth Forbes Paine Young developed an interest in the United Nations and supported Cord Meyer, Jr.'s World Federalists - which also included a neighbor - college student Priscilla Johnson (McMillan) and CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite. Cord Meyer, Jr.'s father, Cord Meyer, Sr. was an early aircraft pioneer and with D. H. Byrd, co-founder of the Civil Air Patrol in 1941, an organization that Oswald would be affiliated with in New Orleans before he enlisted in the Marines. 

While I was aware of Mrs. R. F. P. Young's work for the World Federalists - hosting a Main Line black tie fundraising ball, she was too old and infirm to answer any questions when I met her. 

Nor was I aware at the time of our meeting of her close association with Mary Bancroft, that Bancroft mentions in her book "Autobiography of a Spy," that also details her amorous affair with Allen Dulles and their OSS escapades during World War II - including assisting Gestapo officer Hans Bernd Gisivious in the July 20, 1944 Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler. 

I also later learned that at the very moment of the assassination, Michael Paine was sitting in the Bell Helicopter cafeteria having lunch with a co-worker who later said that at the very moment of the assassination Michael was talking to him about the "character of assassins," certainly ESP - extra sensory perception at work - and something Arthur Young would have appreciated. 

I think our conversation lasted over a few hours, and I still have it all on tape, but at one point Young stopped talking about himself and asked me if I was an alien. 

Taken aback by the question, I asked if he meant if I was from Ireland? 

No he said, my astrology chart indicated I could be an alien from the Plaedies - a group of planets hundreds of thousands of light years away. I think he was disappointed when I said I was from Camden, N.J., just across the river and wasn't from the Pleadies. 

Incredulous, I asked him about this, and he explained that we have been visited by aliens from the Pleadies for quite a while, as they have been studying us. And while they look like us, they are not the only aliens visitors, and are at war with other beings from another planet - called the Greys, who look like the Close Encounter aliens.

They come here in giant "Beam Ships," that can go anywhere in the universe instantaniously, and they park the Beam Ship at the end the solar system - so as not to interfere with gravety, and then send out flying saucers, that we know as UFOs. 

When Young realized that I was suspicious of all this, he said it was okay if I didn't believe, but it was all well documented. 

Well documented? Where? And he went into the next room and reached up and pulled a book off a shelf - about regular alien visitors to a farm in Germany where they land their flying saucers and drop off and pick up those who have been living among us and studying us. Complete with pictures - including one of a beautiful blonde alien who was heading home after visiting us for awhile. 

I took note of the author's name - Col. Wendell Stevens, USAF Ret.), and was surprised he was a U.S. Air Force Colonel and not some crackpot. 

Before leaving, Young introduced me to his wife, Michael's mom, and we chatted politely for a few minutes but it was clear, as Young told me, she was incapable of responding to any questions. We then went out to the barn, a huge large brick barn where he built model helicopters, and he gave me an 8 by 10 glossy black and white photo of him back in the late 1930s flying one of his helicopter models around the back field.

When I got back home to Ocean City, N.J., I looked up Air Force Colonel Wendell Stevens, who wrote the book on the aliens from the Plaedies, and quickly located him in New Mexico. The next day I called him on the phone and he politelyl admitted to writing the book, but it was out of print and he was working on an update. Where did I see his book? h. Arthur Young showed it to me.

Ah, yes, how is Arthur? 

When I asked him where he served in the Air Force, he said mainly at Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio. I told him I attended the University of Dayton, and was quite familiar with the base. 

The retired Air Force Colonel explained that he had been assigned to Project Blue Book - the Air Force study of UFOs. 

I then asked him - who was his commanding officer? 

Why that, he said, would be U.S. Air Force General Charles Pierre Cabal - the brother of the mayor of Dallas. 

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