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John Judge and Mae Brussell

John Judge and Mae Brussell

Mae Brussell: a deep state researcher many years ahead of her time ...This One's For John
 Mae Brussell and John Judge 

John Judge and Mae Brussell were major influences in my life and research, John for directing my attention to the assassination of President Kennedy and Mae for inspiring a well read and rounded knowledge of all the players in the Great Game and how they are all inter-connected.

While Mae focused on the Nazi connections, John was more attracted to the Joint Chiefs of Staff as primary culprits in the assassination, and while I was very skeptical of both while they were alive, my current research is confirming them. And I wish they were alive so I could tell them.

After recently re-reading Mae’s Rebel article on the Nazi connections – I could almost hear her voice as she writes the same way she talks – like a machine gun rattling off names and their associations – beginning with Nazi General Gehlen and Allen Dulles and the Nazi Paper clip scientists who augmented the CIA and American scientific programs after World War II.

The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination by Mae Brussell

Far from me to correct the late, great Mae Brussell, but in her Nazi article in Larry Flint’s Rebel magazine, she mentions Volkmar Schmidt, but in the wrong context. She says that Volkmar Schmidt worked for General Walker, when that was Larry Schmidt, same last name but no relation.

And it was Volkmar Schmidt, in a telephone interview, who first called my attention to the importance of the July 20, 1944 Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler and it’s multiple connections to the assassination of President Kennedy.

In our conversation I asked Schmidt about the party at his house that was arranged by George deMohrenschildt for Ruth and Michael Paine to meet Lee and Marina Oswald. While Michael Paine didn’t show, Schmidt had a lenghly talk with Oswald and Marina and Ruth became fast friends, and remained so until the assassination.

In his conversation with Oswald, Schmidt admitted to using a “reverse psychology” technique taught to him by a Heildeberg professor who knew some of the participants in the failed Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler, that Schmidt specifically mentioned to Oswald, suggesting that right wing General Walker should be killed like Hitler should have been. Schmidt said he later felt guilty about planting the seed in Oswald’s mind to take a shot at Walker, and kill the President.

Former New York Times reporter Phil Shenon wrote an entire book around a “Twist Party” in Mexico City where he claims Oswald could have been encouraged to kill Kennedy, a party that Oswald didn’t attend, while no one seems interested in the real party that Oswald did attend where he was encouraged to assassinate General Walker, and apparently tried.

Schmidt’s conversation with Oswald was only the tip of the Nazi iceberg, as other associations piled up, aking me focus on the Valkyrie plot as a key to understanding what occurred at Dealey Plaza.

John Judge on the other hand, always said that the bullets that killed JFK came from the Pentagon, and in fact there’s a document that traces the bullet and shells found there to a batch of bullets sold to the US Marine Corps in the 1950s, even though the Marines didn’t have a weapon that could fire those rounds.
John always said, both privately and in public, that his suspicions of the Joint Chiefs of Staff originated, not from books, but from his mother, who worked at the Pentagon estimating manpower requirements for the military.

She told John that in the immediate aftermath of the assassination she was told to revise her statistics for Vietnam and Southeast Asia from a less significant amount to 500,000 casualties and  50,000 deaths over a ten year period. She couldn’t believe what she was told and reaffirmed them directly from the J\int Chiefs.

John told that story to me and others over dinner a few times, and publicly, the first time I know of at an American University Media and Politics forum that was carried over C-SPAN TV.  John said he was only asked to fill in for someone who couldn’t make it, and made some good points, but after Dan Moldea tried to pin the tail on the Mobsers, John responded with a broadside that put Moldea in his place, saying the mob didn’t control the autopsy, the military did, and didn’t run covert intelligence operations, and then he told the story about this mother and the manpower estimates being changed a few days after the assassination.

John and I had formed the Committee for an Open Archives a few years earlier, and suddenly, after the AU Media and Politics forum was cablecast over C-SPAN, we received an unbelievable response in memberships, donations and inquiries. One check John got in the mail was made out to the Committee for Open Assassinations.

American U. is a special place in regards to the assassination for a number of reasons. Oliver Stone worked with a professor there on a special series on the Secret History of the USA, Max Holland’s wife teaches there, and it’s where President Kennedy gave his June 10, 1963 Peace Speech.

When Senator Ed Kennedy asked people not to celebrate JFK on the day he died, but for what he accomplished, John and I decided to hold a special vigil at the monument at American U. where JFK gave his famous speech on June 10, and for over a decade we met there, read portions of JFK speeches, and then went to lunch.

After John’s presentation at the American U.  Media and Politics forum, National Public Radio show host Diane Rehm asked John to be on her nationally broadcast show to talk about Oliver Stone’s then new movie “JFK.” 

Sure, John said, do you want me to bring along Fletcher Prouty, the real “Mr. X,” portrayed in the movie by Donald Sutherland? And so John Judge and Col. Fletcher Prouty, who worked in the Pentagon, and was the first person to mention the significance of General Krulak, had an office just down the hall from Prouty and the Joint Chiefs.

John was fond of saying that he started from the ground up while Prouty started from the top down, and they met at the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Both Marine General Krulak and Colonel Prouty believed they recognized US Air Force General Lansdale, the counter-insurgency and asymetrical warfare expert walking through Dealey Plaza shortly after the assassination in one of the Tramp photos. They were wondering what he was doing there?

At the time Krulak was responsible for the US military support for CIA covert operations, especially those against Cuba, and it was Krulak’s adjunct Colonel Walter Higgins who attended and took detailed notes of the September 25, 1963 briefing of the Joint Chiefs by CIA Cuban Operations officer Desmond FitzGerald. According to Higgins’ notes, released under the JFK Act, FitzGerald informed the Joint Chiefs, then temporarily chaired by Air Force Chief of Staff General Curtis LeMay (because General Taylor was in Vietnam) about a number of significant items, though one stood out to me.

FitzGerald, who took over the Cuban Operational Task Force W post from William Harvey, and informed the Joint Chiefs that among the psychological operations the CIA was conducting was a “detailed study” of the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler that they were adapting for use against Castro.

When DC FOIA attorney Jim Lesar recently asked the CIA for any and all records about that study, the CIA responded saying they had nothing – zilch, which for me confirms Peter Dale Scott’s “negative template” thesis that the most significant records no longer exist.

That the CIA was conducting a detailed study of the German military plans to kill and depose Hitler and was informing the Joint Chiefs of their intentions certainly brings both Mae’s Nazi connections together with John’s Joint Chiefs suspicions.  And for me this intersection is a major key to understanding what happened at Dealey Plaza that day.

Joshia Tink Thompson once said that in all of his hundreds of investigations as a private detective there came a point where a new clue led to the resolution of each crime, except the assassination of President Kennedy. Well after fifty years of doing this I am experiencing that sensation now, as by following these leads, they are panning out, and I am deciphering exacatly how JFK was killed, and that will lead to those responsible.

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Idon't blog, just read said...

Hi Bill, Talked with you for just a minute in'92 at the old ASK Conf. and met John Judge. I was all wet on yer old buddy. I thought nobody could be this intelligent. Man had a photographic memory. Maybe he was a plant? But, he turned out to be prescient! Robert Morrow's First Hand Knowledge is definitely a key to the case because isn't it interesting that about each main person he mentions has something suspicious about them not mentioned by Morrow. Mario Kohly's son was interviewed by Anthony Summers , and said his father knew what happened to JFK. Not maybe,or even probably.Then you have Mickey Weiner some NJ Atty. who was digging up dirt on JFK and his affairs and alleged secret marriage as of summer of'60. according to Hersh's Dark Side of Camelot.Marshall Diggs is mentioned in Ganis Book, and the Military Intelligence people that are maybe even more curious.Obviously,he threw in a lot of crap to basically discredit himself I think if things got too hot. But,no way as I alluded too, did he just pick those names at random,way too many coincidences. Another book that seemed like total crap when I read it before I knew anything and may be.except for his main point, I now wanna reread is Appointment In Dallas,because what if his main argument is actually true? An Assassin was paid in Haiti? Joan Mellen's Our Man In Haiti shows there was a lot of parallel skullduggery going on from around April'63 to The JFK Hit down there.

Chris Bennett said...

Thanks for this article. I’ve long been a fan of John, but Mae is actually pretty new to me. I’ve been binge listening to her radio shows and 5ey are quite enlightening.

Why do you think neither of their papers are housed in a university collection?


William Kelly said...

Hi Chris, Mae Brussell's archives and papers are in storage and under the control of her daughter.

John Judge's papers and the COPA archives are in the possession of John's former girlfriend, who dissolved COPA and took over the COPA bank account and that of the Hidden History Museum and took the archives to her hometown of York, Pa., where they are stored in a strip mall. She is selling off the books over the internet.