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The Significance of the CIA's Hitler Plot Study


It is incredulous that in 1963 the CIA could conduct a “detailed study” of the July 20, 1944 German military plot to kill Hitler, to be adapted for use against Fidel Castro, but today they can find no record of it what so ever among its extensive files. The CIA claimed that it could only find one mention of it at all in all of their records.

Even though there’s no written record of their “detailed study” in the CIA files today, we have come to know a lot about it, and don’t need their study to know how the German military plotted to kill Hitler, and we’ve seen how the same basic plan was used in the attempted assassination of Castro, via Dr. Rolando Cubella (AMLASH), and we can also see how the same procedures were used against President Kennedy.

For starters, the total absence of any record at al on this major historical event, when there should be, and there are distinct references to it in other records (ie. The Higgins Memo), certainly indicates these records have been intentionally purged, and their disappearance validates Professor Peter Dale Scott’s “Negative Template” thesis, that the most significant records no longer exist.

Actually, to one acute observer, who has followed this case since the beginning, there are many good reasons for the CIA to purge it’s files on any mention of the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hiter, code named “Valkyrie.”

The significance lies in the fact that it isn’t about the failed coup attempt against Hitler, or the failed attempts to kill Castro, or even the successful assassination of President Kennedy, even though we’ve only come to focus on it as it is mentioned in the records released under the JFK Act of 1992, but rather the significance is because the “Valkyrie” plan became the re-useabe template for all political assassinations and coup d’etats the CIA used throughout the world over decades.

To encourage disgruntled military officers to revolt against their leader, assassinate him and take over the government is not an idea unique to the German military during World War II, nor unique to Cuba, where the CIA could identify only 10 military officers disenchanted with Castro, though they didn’t have the confidence to communicate with each other, as the CIA’s Desmond FitzGerald put it to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

That was not a problem with the highest level U.S. military officials in 1963, as the Joint Chiefs of Staff were unanimous in their objections to the President’s policies and leadership.

JFK himself said that a military coup as portrayed in the book (and movie) Seven Days in May was possible, IF there was a Bay of Pigs type of incident, a Cuban Missile Crisis in which the President ignored the advice of his military generals, and then, if there was a third similar type of incident, that could be a trigger to motivate them to take action and move against the President.

And that third similar type of incident was the supposedly secret Backchannel negotiations with Fidel Castro that were on-going at the time of the assassination. JFK’s aide and historian Arthur Schlesinger said that if the anti-Castro Cubans were made aware of those talks, they would have the motive to kill the President. And it seems that the Republican ambassador to Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge told them.

Again however, as our astute observer noted, the CIA files on the Hitler Plot no longer exist, not because of Hitler, Castro or Kennedy, but because that plan – it was a plan, not a plot, that plan has been adapted as a template for re-useable use – and was used in Guatemala, Iran, Vietnam, Cuba, the Congo, Dominican Republic, Egypt and at Dallas, as well as many other countries where the US or CIA wanted a friendly and easily manipulated government in place.

The purge of the CIA files on the Valkyrie Hitler Plot is reminiscent of Edward Lutwak’s book “Coup d’etat – A Practical Handbook,” being banned throughout South America, where dictators were afraid the processes described in the book would be used against them, and they were right, just as the CIA is right in that their detailed study of the Hitler Plot would expose their procedures for assassinations and coups throughout the world.

Did the CIA officers responsible for responding to the AARC FOIA request for their “detailed study” of the Hitler Plot recognize that their records must have been purged?

In one of their responses to the AARC request the CIA acknowledged that they asked the official CIA historian David Robarge about the “Hitler Study” records, and he should have known if the records had been removed or destroyed.

The memos, emails and phone call records requested by the AARC that are being withheld under the “deliberative clause” would tell us, and the Supreme Court’s determination on that could have a major impact on all FOIA cases that withheld because of the deliberative clause.

BK NOTES: This will be the last of a series of articles I have posted recently, and I will try to put them in their proper sequence for those who are new to this line of inquiry. I am working on an article on the four major virtual JFK conferences that will take place this November, an important update on the whereabouts of General Curtis LeMay at the time of the assassination, and I will review Dr. Cyril Wecht’s new autobio – The Life and Deaths of Dr. Cyril Wecht that has just been released. Stay Tuned.

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JYL said...

Hi Bill - this is important in re-constructing the operational elements of the Big Event.

As you have outlined, there was no need to create a completely new plan, just a customization of already existing plans to re-purpose for each unique environment.

So, again, Dealey Plaza Operation = Valkyrie + Pathfinder + Mockingbird with the first two being the operational elements for the initial removal and transfer of power, and the last being the control of the communications of the pre-planned explanation (which as noted, changed from Phase I the Commies did it to Phase 2, lone nut did it). As you say, fighting any information on the existence of a study of Valkyrie really opens the complete "sources and method" playbook for all to see. I mean, presumably, it is an open secret as to what the continued "national security interests" are that provide the need to continue to suppress complete release of the records. Nobody left alive that had anything to do with this wants to have to answer the question as to why "Executive Action" was taken in this particular case, nor get into all the other regime change actions outlined here, although these have been pretty thoroughly covered in other books - but not taught in basic US history classes as part of Cold War operations, that's for certain.

It would seem (speculative comment here) that LBJ, with prior knowledge of the specific impending transfer of power immediately nixed the phase 1 cover story ("We might have WWIII"), and quickly had the agency and co-conspirators move to a phase 2 story which is where the greatest opportunity for issues to arise did arise. Namely, the Zapruder film (Phase 1 explanation does not require a lone shooter), and the body. Plus, possibly, Oswald was supposed to be eliminated in a "blaze of glory" and not captured alive. But that does lead to the other question as to who else would have been implicated in a phase 1 plot that presumably would have led us to war. So, in many ways, to me, it is quite incredible that the weekend adjustments made on the fly at the farm by Dulles and company (David Talbot covers this aspect well in the Devil's Chessboard) is truly incredible to me. I mean, there were many loose ends that were not tied down that have since come to light, but because Mockingbird completely shut down the investigative press and others who knew were too afraid to attempt to speak up, this was pulled off.