Friday, March 12, 2021

 Free the JFK Files During Sunshine Week March 14-20, 2021

I am asking for the umpteenth time, to try to direct the Sunshine Week conversations around to the ultimate government secret of all time – the still secret records on the assassination of President Kennedy.

Like 2017, when the JFK Act required the government to release all of its records on the assassination in full, but failed to do so because President Trump was convinced to continue withholding them, his deadline is over this year, possibly in April, but definitely by October, unless, and it’s a big unless, President Biden co-tows to the Deep State and orders them to be withheld, again.

Now it’s up to one man, and one man alone – President Biden, to do nothing and let the records be automatically released, or issue an Executive Order to continue withholding them.

In addition to persuading President Biden to just release the records, the Congressional Oversight Committee must conduct open public hearings on the JFK Act to determine why a law passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bush is not being enforced, what became of the many missing and destroyed records, and why haven’t those responsible been held accountable?

The last oversight hearing on the JFK Act was over 20 yeas ago,

Now that the Democrats have the power, and dominate the committees, you would think that it is more likely to happen, but don’t bet on it, as this is not a liberal-conservative, Democrat-Republican or right wing-left wing issue – it is one of national security, and one the Deep National Security State takes very seriously.

The new chairwomen of the House Oversight Committee is Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D. NY), whose district covers lower Manhattan. If are a constituent of hers, like New York attorney Larry Schnapf, you can write her a letter like he did – link to letter:

While Larry is a lawyer and wrote a really good letter that will get her attention, and the attention of the attorneys and staff of the Oversight Committee, letters should be short and concise, confined to one page, and emailed, faxed and sent by regular mail.

There are slightly more Democrats than Republicans and if you are represented by any of these men and women you should contact them and request they ask the chairwomen to schedule a JFK Act oversight hearing, as only the chairwomen can do so.

[ ]

Of those on the committee I am only familiar with Elenore Norton, the non-voting representative of the District of Columbia. Although she can’t vote, she is a ranking member and the other members of the committee listen to her. I think she is our champion on this committee and I will be asking all of my Washington D.C. friends and associates to not only write to her, but seek a meeting with her and Carolyn Maloney at the Oversight and Reform offices. A short meeting with the top researchers in DC could be very persuasive, as will a reasonable write-in campign by everyone interested in this cause.

Larry Schnapf recently appeared on Len Osanic’s Black Op Radio Show 1032 on March 4 in which he talked about these things. [ ] as well as a Senate Resolution 281 that urges the president for full release of the records [  ]

Read Larry’s letter to Rep. Maloney: [ / ]

Committee Web Site:  [ ]


If you wish to contact the Committee, you may write to or call the below information:

2157 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5051
Fax: (202) 225-4784

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