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Just as Jeff Morley, despite their differences over the assassination, has maintained his friendships with Gerald Posner and Max Holland because he enjoys their dialogs, I am a member of a JFK assassination Facebook Group – Truth Be Told –

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It  is administered by a number of dedicated Lone Nut believers, many of them very knowledgeable about the case.  It is far more interesting there than at the many conspiracy groups that, like the dedicated lone nutters, have also known who killed JFK and have closed their minds to the matter.

One of the more interesting reactions I got was when I mentioned that I read all the books on the assassination and have found something new and interesting in most of them, including Gerald Posner and Vincent Bugliosi, some of which I use in my own work, and enjoy citing them as a source.

In the course of reading all books on the assassination, I generally ignore the opinions of the author and concentrate on identifying anything new – names, places, events, dates – that haven’t appeared anywhere else before.

The most recent issue was when I cited Vincent Bugliosi as the source for the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Washington DC correspondent Joseph Goulden as having called Assistant Dallas DA William Alexander and questioning him as to whether he was going to charge Oswald with “furthering a commu8nist conspiracy.”  Alexander replied that from the records they obtained from Oswald’s apartment and Mrs. Paine’s garage he was clearly a “communist bastard,” and yes, Alexander was considering the communist conspiracy charge

JFKcountercoup: Joe Goulden and Assistant Dallas DA Bill Alexander

This of course, continues the early trend to attempt to blame Castro Cuban Commies for the assassination that was expected to be considered a conspiracy, what Peter Dale Scott calls the Phase One Cover Story, that was quickly over run by the equally false but more easily digested Phase Two – Deranged Lone Nut Cover Story.

In my article The Tipping Point –     [   JFKcountercoup: The Tipping Point  ]

It quotes Bugliosi in full in regards to the Goulden-Alexander phone exchanges, and how it was resolved by LBJ, who when he learned of the possible charge of communist conspiracy, he had his aide Cliff Carter call Texas Federal Attorney Barefoot Sanders who tracked DA Henry Wade down at a Dallas restaurant and told him NOT to charge Oswald with a communist conspiracy or it could start WWIII.

Of course Bugliosi doesn’t tell you that Goulden had previously tried to float the false balloon that Oswald had an FBI informant’s number and was a media asset of David Atlee Phillips, and is now responsible for Phillips’ papers.

When it comes to Gerald Posner, one thing in Case Closed  jumped out at me, and that’s where Posner says that when Oswald was in the custody of Dr. R. Herzog as a juvenile delinquent in New York City, he was given the Minnesotta Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory  (MMPP) test, which isn’t the type of test you can get right or wrong answers or pass or fail, but rather it asks questions that indicate what type of personality trait you have.

I was given the MMPP test before entering the University of Dayton as a freshman, and it appears to be very similar to the written test that the Parallax organization gave to Warren Beatty in the movie Parallax View,  a test they have a maniac killer take in order to get Beatty into the program.  The Parallax View book was written by Alan Sagnar, a former OSS agent during WWII who told Len Osanic on Black Op Radio that the tests were based on the tests the OSS gave him.

According to Posner, and I don’t recall reading this anywhere else, Herzog concluded that according to Oswald’s MMPP results he had a “Passive-Aggressive” type of personality.

This didn’t mean much at the time, but when I read the pulp paperback Operation Mind Control, by    Walter H. Bowert.  

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There’s a chapter (that begins on page. 161) on School for Assassins, based on an article in the London Sunday Times. The Times reporter, at a NATO conference, talked with US Navy Lt. Commander Thomas Narutt, who was associated with the US Navy Neurological Institute in San Diego, where they selected targeted individuals to train as assassins, and assigned them to embassies abroad.

Narut told the reporter they used films of violence to de-sensentize the subjects, much like Beatty was strapped to a chair and forced to watch a film in the Parallax View.

And what struck me the most was the fact that Narut said that the best subjects for such training tested “Passive-Aggressive” in the MMPP test. And if Herzog gave Oswald the MMPP test, and I took it as a college freshman, I think the Marines gave all incoming recruits the MMPP test as well. 

KELLY NOTES: I intend to retype the entire chapter in Operation Mind Control and post it on line as I think it is that significant.

Well we know from Posner and Herzog that Passive-Aggressive was Oswald’s MMPP personality type, we know that was the type of person the Navy was looking for to train as assassins, we know the USMC comes under the department of the Navy, and that Oswald was stationed in San Diego at the same time as Narut before and after his service at Atsugi, and that in the end he stands accused of being a presidential assassin.

When the US Secret Service commissioned a psychological study of all presidential assailants to see if there was a personality type that could be identified, they failed to consider what I call the COP personality – the Covert Operational Personality that I believe Oswald fit to a Tee.

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