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Hitler at the Grassy Knoll

 Adolph Hitler Schicklgruber @ the Grassy Knoll

On April 10, 1963 someone took a high powered rifle pot shot that went through the Dallas home office window of former General Edwin Walker. The shot was later said to have been taken by Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President Kennedy.

While there are still many unanswered questions regarding this crime, most of the analysis of the known facts either comes down for or against Oswald as being the culprit, while other pertinent facts that could help us understand the Walker incident fall by the wayside. 

Among those points that are not usually discussed are associated with Adolph Hitler and the July 20, 1944 assassination attempt to kill him (aka Operation Valkyrie), which is a neglected but recurring theme that runs through the story of the Walker shooting and the assassination of President Kennedy.

For starters, the name Adolph H. Schicklgruber is a name written in Marina Oswald’s notebook, a name Allied propagandists claimed was Adolph Hitler’s real name. As documented by Alan Bullock ( Hitler – A Study in Tyranny), the name is exposed as a lie first brought out by Allied war propagandist Hans Habe in an attempt to make fun of Hitler’s questionable family background.

One question never asked is - why Hitler’s false name, propagated by allied disinformation agents, is inscribed in the notebook of the wife of the accused assassin of the President?  Another unasked question is whether Oswald himself was the subject of a similar pyschological warfare effort to falsely brand him as Kennedy’s killer.

Oswald himself was never officially a suspect in the Walker shooting until after the assassination when a German newspaper first mentioned it, probably at the suggestion of Walker himself. That article also falsely reported that Oswald was arrested for the crime but released on the orders of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, part of another related psychological warfare effort to blackmail RFK in the murder of his brother for approving CIA assassination plots to kill Fidel Castro, that are actually related to the Dealey Plaza operation.

Then Marina acknowledge that Oswald admitted to being involved in the Walker shooting and possibly taking the shot, actually mentioning Hitler in her statements and testimony, saying that Oswald believed Walker should have been killed as Hitler should have been before he got too powerful.

That dove tails with what Volkmar Schmidt told me about his long – 2 hour conversation with Oswald at a February 1963 party at his house. The party was set up by George deMohrenschilt for the purpose of introducing Lee and Marina Oswald to Ruth and Michael Paine. Like deMohrenschildt and his two housemates, Evert Glover and Norman Frederickson, Schmidt was an oil engineer who worked with his housemates at Magnolia Oil, and all knew deMohrenschildt, so they agreed to host the party.

DeMohrenschildt thought they should meet because Oswald expressed interest in the communist beliefs of Leon Trotsky, and Michael Paine’s father was a founder of the Trotskyite political party in the United States. In addition, Ruth Paine was learning the Russian language and Marina spoke Russian. So while Marina and Ruth spoke in Russian in the kitchen, and Michael Paine didn’t show, Volkmar Schmidt had his conversation with Oswald.

As Volkmar Schmidt explained to me, he was born in Germany, and lived with his best friend whose father was a psychology professor at the University of Heidelberg. While talking with Oswald Schmidt said he used a “reverse psychologiy technique” on Oswald that was taught to him by his surrogate father Professor Wilhelm Kuetemeyer, a psychosomatic specialist.  

While talking about the right wing segregational racist General Walker, Schmidt calls him a “nazi” and suggested that perhaps Walker should be killed much like Hitler should have been, and he specifically mentioned the July 20, 1944 Valkyrie attempt on Hitler’s life.

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It just so happens, as Schmidt told me, Professor Kuetemeyer was a friend of two of the high German military officers who were involved in the Valkyrie plot Von Trott and Frederick Von Halen, who was captured, torutured and executed before the attempt on Hitler.

As Kreskin has so effectively demonstrated, the power of suggestion is very powerful and is a form of persuasion, and shortly after his conversation with Schmidt, Oswald bought the rifle said to be used to shoot at Walker.

And, Schmidt said, he felt very guilty after the assassination, about Oswald’s alleged attempt to kill Walker and the murder of the President, especially whenever he drove through Dealey Plaza. “… naturally it was a terrible responsibility,” Schmidt said, “and for years when I drove past the underpass I literally had to cry because, you know. But I exonerate myself completely because I had the best intent, embarrass Kennedy, and I certainly didn’t tell him to take a pot shot at him…. I may have triggered it. Actually, a few days after I talked with him, he bought his weapons.”

Once deMohrenschildt had introduced Marina and Ruth Paine and Lee Oswald with Michael Paine, he began to prepare to leave for a new job in Haiti, but before leaving deMohrenschildt and his wife stopped by the Oswald’s apartment to visit them.

Viewing the rifle in the closit, deMohrenschildt looked a Oswald and jokingly asked, “How did you miss?” - an obvious reference to the recent Walker shooting.

Oswald then returned a box of classical records deMohrenschildt had lent him. That was the last time deMohrenschilts saw Oswald.

On his way to Haiti, deMohresnchildt stopped in New York City where he met with CIA officials at the offices of John Train, who was responsible for the operations of CIA propriety companies, like airlines they owned. The briefing was ostensibly about Haiti, but I wonder if deMohrenschildt didn’t tell them the most significant piece of intelligence he had – that Oswald had a rifle and he pbobably took the shot at Walker?

Then deMohrenschildt traveled to DC where he met with Col. Samuel Kail and Dorothie Matlack, agents of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) – the Pentagon’s intelligence agency, where he had the opportunity to tell them the same thing. Kail had been stationed at the US Embassy in Havana when Castro took power and both are mentioned by Antonio Veciana.

Former CIA officer Rolf M. Larson said at the 2019 CAPA conference in Dallas that if the CIA had known of Oswald’s attempt to kill Walker, they would have used that to blackmail him into doing their bidding.

[ ]

When deMohrenschildt returned from Haiti, he took his box of classical recordings out of storage and among them found a copy of the backyard photo of Oswald with the rifle and pistol and copies of the communist publications The Worker and The Militant. Scrawled on the back of the photo was the inscription – “Hunter of Fascists! Ha, Ha,” – that Marina is said to have written. 

This of course was yet another joke on Oswald in reference to the Walker shooting.

In late September 1963, while the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Maxwell Taylor was on a special mission to Vietnam, and Air Force Chief of Staff General LeMay was acting chairman, they were briefed on CIA covert operations against Cuba by the head of the CIA’s Cuban desk Desmond FitzGerald.

Among other items of interest, FitzGerald told LeMay and the other Joint Chiefs that the CIA was conducting a “detailed study” of the July 20, 1944 attempted assassination of Hitler by the German General Staff, with the idea of using the same procedures in Cuba against Fidel Castro, and getting disenchanted Cuban military officers to stage a Coup – and assassinate him.


As General Krulak’s deputy Colonel Higgins noted in his memo:  “He (FitzGerald) commented that there was nothing new in the propaganda field. However, he felt that there had been great success in getting closer to the military personnel who might break with Castro, and stated that there were at least ten high-level military personnel who are talking with CIA but as yet are not talking to each other, since that degree of confidence has not yet developed. He considers it as a parallel in history; i.e., the plot to kill Hitler; and this plot is being studied in detail to develop an approach.” ]

While they had identified a number of such unhappy Cuban military officers, they had not developed the confidence enough to talk among themselves.

That wasn’t a problem in the Pentagon, where the Joint Chiefs of Staff were united in their displeasures with and hatred for President Kennedy – from the failures at the Bay of Pigs to his refusal to go to war over the Soviet missiles in Cuba, to the ostensibly secret backchannel negotiations then going on between Castro and JFK at the United Nations.

As Kennedy aide and historian Arthur Schlesinger told Anthony Summers, if the anti-Castro Cubans knew of JFK’s supposedly secret backchannel negotiations with Castro it would give them a motive to kill the President, and it is now quite clear that they did know, probably tipped off by the Republican ambassador to Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge.

And it is also quite clear that the CIA’s “detailed study” of the July 20, 1944 Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler, adapted for use against Castro, leads directly to Dr. Rolando Cubella (AMLASH), whose case officer was Desmond FitzGerald, the head of the CIA’s Cuban desk and the man who briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the covert operations against Cuba.

Even former Warren Commission and Rockafeller Commission attorney David Belin mentions in his book Final Disclosure, that there was much discussion in the CIA about whether Hitler should have been assassinated, as it applied to Castro, so such talk was not limited to Oswald and Schmidt, but was a common topic of the day..

Belin: “Moreover, inside the CIA people were developing scenarios to show why the presidential order (not to kill foreign leaders) was not necessarily appropriate for all occasions. The example most often cited was Adolf Hitler. ‘Would not the world have been better off it we had had a CIA in 1938 and someone had gone over to assassinate Adolf Hitler?....Yet there is still that question to be answered. What would we do if there were another Adolf Hitler who came into power and threatened world domination?”

While Belin joins others in the crowd that tries to blame the CIA Castro assassination plots on RFK and JFK, he did  take charge of that aspect of the Rocky Com investigation, and personally interviewed Shefield Edwards and William Harvey, two key participants in the CIA plans to kill Castro, and recognized their significance to the assassination of JFK.


But we still aren’t done with Hitler in the assassination story.

One of the most important and neglected characters in the JFK assassination story is Dallas oil man D. H. Byrd, the owner of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) at the time of the assassination. On November 22, 1963, Byrd was in Africa big game hunting at Safariland, owned by German Weiner Von Alvenslaben, whose father is described in an OSS document as an “assassination specialist.”

Von Alvenslaben supported the July 20, 1944 Valkyrie assassination attempt and coup, and wrote a phamplet in its support after its failure.

And finally, at the very moment of the assassination, the Joint Chiefs of Staff – minus General LeMay, met with the German General Staff at the Pentagon, two of whom were also involved in the July 20 Valkyrie plot, but escaped scrutiny and survived the resulting purge.

The Germans were a bit perplexed when the meeting was told of the news of the assassination, but Chief of Staff General Maxwell Taylor then continued the meeting as if nothing had happened. When news of the President’s death arrived, and the meeting adjured, they were again perplexed by Taylor’s actions – he took a nap.

In any case, “Hitler” is a keyword in the JFK assassination story and as Hitler’s name is mentioned numerous times throughout the narrative, its relevancy should be understood.

From my perspective, I think that the CIA’s attempt to use the Valkyie plan against Castro by formenting a coup by disenchanged Cuban military officers was redirected, by the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff,  to JFK in Dallas. 

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