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JFK Declassified Episode 2 - More Dis

JFK Declassified – Following Oswald – The History Channel – Episode 2 – More Dis 

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Former CIA officer Bob Baer (left) meets with KGB officer Oleg Nechiporenko 

Tagging along with Bob Baer and his team of investigators that includes a former LAPD Lieutenant and a former US Army intelligence officer who did tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as local guides in Moscow and Mexico City, we are following Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President Kennedy. 

Recap of Part 1 –

In Part 1 Bob Baer, intrepid 21 year CIA veteran, stated at the get go – that he believed the Warren Commission was right in that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter and assassin of President Kennedy, but that he could not have done that alone without the support of an intelligence network, and his goal was to prove that the KGB were behind Oswald.

Bob Baer: “Fifty four years ago the President of the United States was murdered. I for one have never been satisfied with the record on this. The official investigation tells us that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. The pieces never fit together for me. When I was at the CIA I investigated assassinations. One man cannot plan this without support.”

“Oswald met with our main enemy (The KGB) and then came back and assassinated the president. If someone met with ISIS and then committed mass murder, can we really say he acted alone?”

“If Lee Harvey Oswald was working with the KGB it would mean the Soviet Union was responsible for the assassination of the American president.”

While some of what Robert Bob Baer (BB) says is true – much of what he says is false – fake news – that we’ve either known for some time and isn’t news, or is totally wrong all together.

First off – Fake Fact #1 – That Oswald killed anyone is simply not true. Oswald was not the lone assassin, he was not even on the Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) at the time of the shooting and was what he claimed to be – a Patsy, and he should be properly referred to as the “accused assassin.”

Fake Fact #2 – This program pretends to be based on recently declassified government files – it’s called “JFK Declassified,” yet, after two programs, he has yet to introduce any new and relevant information from the recently released files.

Fake Fact #3 – BB correctly states that over 2 million government records have been released by the JFK Act – a true fact, but then he falsely states that, “No one has analyzed them. Until now.”

In fact John Newman, Jeff Morley, Peter Dale Scott, Bill Simpich, Malcolm Blunt, Larry Hancock, Jerry Shinley and dozens of other independent researches like myself have been poring over these records for years, and none of us were consulted for this program titled "JFK Declassified." 

When will we get to the new smoking records that have been declassified and contain startling information? 

Fake Fact #4 – BB’s US Army Intelligence officer and associate correctly states that Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin and self-declared patsy, utilized intelligence tradecraft – something that must be taught from a specialist and not just learned from a book. And he certainly practiced such tradecraft, but then BB attributes that to the KGB, “who perfected” such techniques, when in fact every intelligence agency in the world practices the same tradecraft, regardless of nationality.

In the first program, BB and his team go to Mexico City where they check out a former CIA “LP” Listening Post across the street from the Soviet embassy, where everyone who entered and left were photographed, except for Oswald.

After finding four Mexico City postcards among Oswald’s effects – apparently taken from the Paine garage in Irving, Texas, a provenance tidbit they don’t bother to tell you, they start chasing the bull. 

They discard three of the postcards as “decoys,” but they like the postcard of the bull fighter and go to the bull ring. They do this just to prove that Oswald could have possibly went there among 30,000 people and secretly met with the KDB without being under CIA surveillance, and when BB does meet with his pal without the LAPD Columbo or the Army Intel guy watching them, he declares that to be “proof” Oswald could have met the KGB there. False logic. 

They don’t tell you that Oswald did meet with the KGB at the embassy, and did meet with an American bull fighter (Buick) at the Hotel Luma, and that Jack Ruby had tried to make a deal with a Mr. Odum whose phone number was in Oswald's notebook, a guy who tried to organize bullfights in New Orleans and Dallas, but that doesn’t seem to be relevant to these crack investigators.

So after their first visit to Mexico City BB and his B Team go to Moscow, where according to their massive computerized government records data base – they review a Chronology of Oswald’s movements in Russia and learn that when he arrived in Moscow he stayed at first at the Hotel Berlin, then moved to the more swanky Metropol, and BB wants to know why.

“We are going into a hostle area – what the CIA calls denied area,” he says, as they check out the Metropol Hotel room where Oswald stayed, and using state-of-the-art radar and x-ray equipment they check out the walls and find that Oswald was monitored by the KGB! Imagine that. 

Then, BB says, “According to his diary” – wait a minute. It wasn’t a diary or journal – the HSCA determined it was written in two or three sittings, two years after the events happened, so it is not accurate chronology of events.

BB says, “The Warren Commission never came to Russia to investigate this,” – but Judge Tunheim did and he saw the KGB files and says they were five feet tall stack of documents that reflect the KGB’s high intensity surveillance of Oswald the two years he was in the Soviet Union.

Then they bring in Steve Gomez – an FBI profiler –who says that Oswald’s personal diary was never looked at – (totally untrue) and is “a window into his personality – a window into his soul,” but they don’t bother to tell you it is NOT A DIARY.

When ordered to leave the Soviet Union when his visa expired, Oswald writes in his "historic diary" blames a, “Petty official” and “bad planning.”

So he fakes suicide, and does it by the book – “cold water”  – “slash wrist,” as BB quotes for Oswald's fake "diary," his  “dreams are shattered. His world is shattering.”

“Oswald's a planner," BB says, "Consider he was planning this for two years – he’s 19 years old, so this takes it back to 17 when he was in the Marines. Did something happen in the Marine Corps trigger this?

Yes, but BB doesn’t bother to go there. Why not review Oswald's time in the USMC. How can you "follow Oswald" and not go there? Maybe they will. They got four more of these to air, so it may get pretty thick. Get your gas masks out. 

“Nothing that he does is random, he’s a planner. He didn’t really want to commit suicide, he wanted to take some sort of action that will keep him there.” And it worked. 

“October 28 1959 – written two weeks after his attempted suicide. He meets with officials including KGB.”

Now BB gets serious and says, “We need a KGB agent – active in the sixties,” and they find one.

“We are at the doorstep in determining if the KGB was involved in the assassination. I have no idea what he will tell me.”

Oleg Nechiporenko tells them,  “He was suspected to be working for American intelligence.”

Oswald arrived in Moscow on October 16 1959 and moved to Minsk six months later.
They show a photo of new Russian wife Marina and daughter – but it’s not their daughter, it's a doll. More fake news.

BB says he didn’t know what KGB agent Oleg Nechiporenko would tell him, apparently having failed to read his book, or run his name through their massive data bank computer file of government records he's got at his disposal, or bothering to review his Wiki profile before they met, which would have told them:

According to Wiki: 

Oleg Nechiporenko (Олег Максимович Нечипоренко) is a Soviet and Russian foreign intelligence and security operative, lobbyist and author. He is known for his subversion work in South America and Europe, as well as for his involvement in formulating Russian censorship policies and spying on Russian dissidents abroad. He is considered expert on counterintelligence, black operations and information warfare.

In 1961-65 and 1967-71 Nechiporenko was stationed in Mexico under the cover of the Soviet consular office. In this capacity he claimed to meet Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963. This alleged encounter led to speculations that the KGB was behind the JFK assassination and later attempted to cover up its involvement through a systematic campaign of disinformation.

In 1979 Nechiporenko and another KGB operative, A. Itskov, worked with a CIA defector Philip Agee on his book Dirty Work II which was meant to tarnish the image of the CIA and the United States. Nechiporenko passed Agee a list of CIA officers working on the African continent and wanted, along with Pedro Pupo Perez, the head of the DGI (Cuban intelligence) to time the publication of Dirty Work II to coincide with the conference of non-aligned nations in Havana, presided over by Fidel Castro, in September 1979.

JFK Assassination Controversy

In 1964 a KGB agent Yuri Nosenko defected to the West. Nosenko, in his CIA debriefings, insisted that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman. This thesis was later corraborated by Nechiporenko in his book on JFK assassination.  In his 2007 book Tennent H. "Pete" Bagley, former chief of the CIA counterintelligence for the Soviet Russia ("SR") Division and Division Deputy Director accused Nechiporenko of deliberately planting a story to support Nosenko's account as part of the ongoing Russian intelligence disinformation campaign about its involvement in the JFK's assassination. According to Bagley: "Nechiporenko revealed that books like his own were actually parts of ongoing KGB operations. A West German editor complained to him, at about the time Nechiporenko's own book was appearing, that another author, Oleg Tumanov, was refusing to fill in the details in his manuscript recounting his twenty years as a KGB penetration agent inside Radio Liberty. You are naïve, Nechiporenko replied, to expect details. Tumanov, he explained, ‘‘was a link, a part of an operation. . . . And this operation isn’t completed.’’ If the author were to tell all, ‘‘CIA would know what the KGB was doing today and tomorrow. The KGB is not dead.’’ Similar claim was made by Lt. General Ion Mihai Precepa, former head of the Rumanina foreign intelligence in his 2013 article: "In 1993, when the U.S. commemorated 30 years since Kennedy had been killed, Moscow definitively tried to wash its hands of the case. “Passport to Assassination: the Never-Before-Told Story of Lee Harvey Oswald by the KGB Colonel Who Knew Him,” is a KGB book written for an American, not Russian, audience, by a “retired” KGB officer (Oleg Nechiporenko). It claims to present “definitive proof” that Kennedy was killed by the CIA." Similar doubts on Nechiporenko's account of his encounter with Oswald and the JFK assassination were expressed by a Russian journalist Yuri Komiagin in 2016.

Propaganda Activities

Oleg Nechiporenko has a reputation of a spin doctor and public expert working on behalf of Russian intelligence services. In the 1970s Nechiporenko started collaborating with the KGB Press Department (set up in 1969 by Yuri Andropov) on creating a positive image of the Soviet secret police. In 1987, during perestroika Nechiporenko authored a book on the CIA which presented the agency as a terror organisation («ЦРУ – государственный терроризм США»).

He has also published a book on the assassination of J.F.Kennedy in both Russian and English and a book of   "Living Undercover". Oleg Nechiporenko is a member of the editorial board of «Lubianka» magazine, edited by the Russian State Security Veterans Club. «Lubianka» in Russian signifies historical headquarters of the Soviet State Security Services in Moscow.

Please note that the CIA's interrogation records of Yuri Nosenko are scheduled to be released in October. 

After a short conversation with the Nechiporenko the KGB officer, who tells him the KGB take on Osawld, Baer turns 160 degrees, and flat out says that, I am now convinced the KGB had nothing to do with the assassination.”

But he’s not done yet, and we can see where this is going with this, as he will now try to pin the bull's tail on Fidel Castro Cuban Commies, just as was the original cover-story tried to push. 

Back to Mexico City – they come up with a document on Sylvia Duran dated – 28 September 1963.
Sylvia Duran is the clerk at the Cuban embassy in Mexico City who met Oswald when he came in to see her about getting a visa to Cuba. 

“Oswald met with Cubans – this file could change everything,” BB says excitedly.

“We have to get to the bottom of this.- Sylvia Duran – Who is she?” – Wait a minute, Baer has claimed to have been “immersed” in the Kennedy assassination for decades but he doesn’t recognize Syliva Duran? Impossible.

Baer: “Look at this – CIA Cable – Duran arrested – a key witness – essential to finding out what happened. 23 Nov. 1963 – within hours of Kennedy’s assassination. This is incredible.”

“What do we have on her?”

LAPD guy: “Guess what? Nothing.”

Baer: “Your telling me we are getting a blank to a key witness.”

“The Warren Commission doesn’t talk to her.”

There was an arrest warrant.

“If she was arrested she made a statement to the Mexican police, who have a file on this women.”
They go to the Mexican archives for the Police files – historian Jorge Sanches – national archives - archivist – finds them.

“These are redacted. When you have a criminal case you don’t redact,” the LAPD guy says.
“Someone is playing a little game here.”

Yea, Bob Baer and his friends are playing a game on us.

Duran said,  “normal day at work.”

Oswald applies for visa.

“Oswald was so angry and crazy at the moment.”

“She tells him he needs a photo for visa application. He turns dramatic and starts to make a scene at the consulate.”

Duran in her statement to the police says she met Oswald only once and never saw him again.
“Why would she have her own file if she is just a clerk. Why was she arrested? What is crazy about this is the US asked for her arrest. The US had something against her. She was more than a clerk. This is explosive. We have to find her and talk to Duran.”

The search for this Mysterious Witness – “One of the last living witnesses to the assassinations.
What’s the secrets she has kept all these years.”

To find her BB explains they us what they call a “skip trace – used to locate people – utility bills – landmarks to find them.”

“Something about Duran flagged the CIA – and made them suspicious.”

He knocks on Sylvia Duran’s door and announces: “This is Bob Baer, we are doing an investigation.”
“She has something to hide.”

They conclude: “She’s hiding out. She ran for it. She will take her secrets to the grave. Who can shed light on this? Linking Cubans to the assassination of President Kennedy. This could change history. Digging deeper to Oswald’s connections to the Cubans.”

Except Sylvia Duran’s story is well known. She was arrested and violently interrogated by the Mexican police at the request of the CIA. Under torture she told them she did meet with Oswald outside of the embassy and had sex with him.

Then the CIA had a very prolific agent – infiltrate Duran’s family, moving into her house, and reporting back to the CIA about Duran hosting a “Twist Party” that was attended by Oswald and Cubans from the embassy who allegedly encouraged Oswald to kill Kennedy.

But they don’t mention this, yet. Maybe it’s a hit that’s still coming in a future episode.
As Baer concludes, “The more we get into it, it doesn’t look like this guy is a Lone Wolf. He had accomplices.”

Then promising to present, “Oswald’s motives for killing JFK,” which we can presume will be to promote the Castro Cuban Commie revolution. 

It is now quite clear that there is an active CIA countermeasure to deflect public attention from the upcoming release of secret assassination files by promoting the original (Phase One) cover-story for the Dealey Plaza operation - that it was a Castro Cuban Commie conspiracy, and Bob Baer joins Max Holland, Gus Russo, Brian Latell and Phil Shenon as part of this operation on this important mission. 

Stay tuned, there's more to come. 

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