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JFK May 29 1917 - 2017

JFK - May 29 1917 - 2017

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John F. Kennedy would be 100 years old today if his head wasn't split open by a sniper in Dallas in 1963.

Most presidents and heroes are remembered on their birthdays - Washington and Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr., but JFK is always remembered on November 22, a date that is embedded into our national consciousness as December 7th and September 11th, and 1917 is a year that will also be remembered as more than just JFK's 100th birthday.

My mother would also be 100 years old this year, as she too was born in 1917, the year that a reluctant United States was drawn into World War I - the great war to end all wars and the establishment of Camp Dix in the Jersey Pines - now JBMDL - Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst.

It's hard to imagine JFK as an old man with a beard and wrinkles, sitting on his Hyannis porch in a rocking chair, smoking a birthday Cuban cigar and looking out at the sailboats on the horizon. In our minds and in the history books forever to come, JFK will always be 48 years old, the youngest president, the World War II Navy skipper, the most popular president of the 20th century, and the man who may have saved our civilization from total destruction

After being burned by the CIA at the Bay of Pigs, during the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy was reluctant to follow the unanamous advice of his military advisors to attack and destroy the Cuban missile bases in Cuba, invade the island with the US Marines and forceably oust Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro.

Kennedy balked, and recalled the lessons belatedly learned as detailed in Barbara Tuchman's history of World War I - "The Guns of August," when the political leaders and military generals stuburnonly clung to outdated policies and military strategies, and millions died as a result, a whole generation of young men.

As accurately portrayed in the Kevin Costner starred film "13 Days," Kennedy knew that if the USA invaded Cuba, the Soviets would attack West Germany in response, and the events would unavoidably lead to a total thermonuclear World War III that would result in the deaths of tens of millions of people and the total destruction of our civilization, as we know it.

The film "13 Days" is a prequil to Oliver Stone's "JFK," giving deep background and an understandable history to JFK's murder, a political assassination planned, executed and covered-up, not by a lone, deranged Marine defector, but by his enemies in Washington D.C.

In "13 Days" Costner portrays JFK's schoolmate and friend Kenny O'Donnell, while in "JFK" he plays former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who investigated the New Orleans aspects of the JFK assassination and brought it to a grand jury and court room. In "JFK" Costner's Garrison calls the jury's attention to the hundreds and now we learn thousands of still secret government documents on the accused assassin and the assassination, that are scheduled for release at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) by Thursday, October 26, 2017, unless the president orders they be continually withheld.

Garrison told the jury that he knew he wouldn't be around when they were scheduled for release fifty years later, but he said that he told his young son about the still secret government records on the assassination of President Kennedy and asked him to be there when they were released and read what they say.

Now that date is fast approaching, and we are all anxious to learn what they say, but no one as far as I know is predicting that there will be any "smoking gun" document that will provide the proof that the president was murdered as a result of a conspiracy, and those responsible got away with murder.

Instead, as Mike Nurko recently predicted, "On October 29th they are going to announce that all the assassination records have been released and there is no conspiracy."

And that's probably what will happen unless that expected Mainstream Media message is preempted with the truth - that there have already been many "smoking gun" records released, and there most certainly will be document gems to be discovered among the nation's most precious family jewels, some not even connected to the assassination.

Let it be known that the basic truth about the assassination of the President is already known, and believed by 80% of the citizens, and that is the established fact that JFK was not killed by a deranged lone nut case, but by a covert intelligence operation, a conspiracy designed to utilize special deceit and deceptions to shield and protect those actually responsible. for the crime.

Well the game is up, we have figured it out, and so on this 100th Anniversary of JFK's birth, let the word go out that the true facts and the circumstances of his premature death will be known to the world, and those responsible for his murder will be identified and if alive, confronted with their crimes.

Whether the law and legal justice system will react is another matter.

God Bless John F. Kennedy - May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963

"Nations may rise and fall, men may live and die, but ideas live on." - JFK

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