Monday, December 5, 2011

JFK Assassination Records Act Internet Symposium

From: William Kelly

To: Select Group of Specialists in JFK Assassination Records
Re: Invitation to participate in the first JFK Assassination Records Act Internet Symposium
When: To be aired live in January, 2012 and archived on line.

Dear Friends and research associates,

Because of your special interest and knowledge in this subject, you are invited to participate in the first JFK Assassinations Records Act Internet Symposium (JFK ARAIS I), and are requested to present a paper on a specific aspect of the records or a case study, one that you can deliver live on computer camera and streamlined over the internet, and also as a written paper that can be posted on line.

You will also be requested to answer questions afterwards and participate in at least one live panal with two or three others in an area of special interest and have a dialog and/or debates on a particular subject that's related to the JFK Assassinations records. The focus of the JFK ARAIS will be strictly limited to discussion of the records, and will not concern who killed JFK or why and how they did it, but can address any issue related to the records that were destroyed, are missing, were released or are still being withheld.

We hope to conduct the JFK ARAIS I over a weekend in January (possibly the 13-16 MLKDay weekend)or early February, with the idea of building up public interest in the release of all of the remaining files by November 2013 and getting Congress to conduct required JFK Act oversight hearings. If hearings are held they will obtain new sworn testimony and determine the disposition of certain records.

If you want to participate, please email me and sign on to our Facebook page at: and I will forward additional information, including a list of those who have also been invited to participate. Also please consider what specific topic you would like to address and I will give you a list of panels to see which one you would like to be on.

You may pass this invitation on to any of your associates who might like to participate and have them email me and sign on to our Facebook page for further directions.

If you or if you know anyone who has special knowledge of the JFK Assassination Records, the JFK Assassination Records Act, the work of the Assassinations Review Board (ARRB) or the disposition of the records and would like to participate in any way, please sign on to our Facebook page and email me as to what level you want to participate.

Besides those who have been or will be especially invited to make presentations and be on a panel, there will be a limited number of observers and other on-line participants who will be able to ask questions, make comments, and provide information that can be included in the discussions.

Please register at Facebook and email me before January 1 if you want to participate.

Thanks to all, and any ideas or technical assistance will be greatly appreciated, as I hope you are as excited about the possibilities as we are,

Bill Kelly

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