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JFKToday2013 Calendar


JFK TODAY – 2013

COPA Calendar

January 1 - 2013 - the 50th Year Since JFK Was Assassinated Begins. 

January – 21 Monday - Martin Luther King Day in 2013

February - 21- 1965 Malcolm X assassinated in Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom 

February 25 - lawyers for the Justice Department will be defending the JFK assassination cover-up in open court in Washington DC .

March – 10 – 16 Sunshine Week – Your right to know.
March – 16 – James Madison birthday.

March – 25 – Jack Ruby’s birthday.

April – 4. 1968 – MLK assassinated in MemphisTennessee.
April 14, 1865 – Lincoln Assassinated.

May 29, 1917 – JFK’s birthday.

June – 5, 1968 – RFK assassinated in Los AngelesCalifornia.

June – 10 1963 – 12 PM - JFK gives “Peace Speech” at American University. Annual COPA memorial observance at JFK Monument at AU.

July 4, 1966 – LBJ signs the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which went into effect the following year.

August 2, 1923 – President Warren Harding died suspiciously while traveling.
August 20, 1940 – Leon Trotsky assassinated in Mexico
August 21, 1983 -The assassination of  former Philippine Senator, Benigno Aguino.
August 22, 1962 – French President Charles De Gaulle of France survives one of several assassination attempts against him 

September 1998 – The Final Report of the Assassinations Records Review Board is Released

September 14, 1901 – President William McKinley assassinated in BuffaloNY
September 21, 1976 – Orlando Letelier of Chile assassinated in Washington DC

October 17-19 - October  Conference – “Passing the Torch” Cyril H. Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law Duquesne University Ben Wecht Program Administrator 319 Fisher Hall 600 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh, PA  15282 P: 412-396-1049 F: 412-396-1331

October 26. 1992 – The JFK Act becomes law.

November 5, 1990 – Rabi Meir Kahane assassinated in New York City.

November 22 – DallasTexas COPA

December 14-15-16 – James Douglas and RFK aide Paul Schrade host a JFK, the Unspeakable & 2013 at Rowe Camp & Conference Center 22 Kings Highway, Rowe, MA 01367 Phone: (413) 339-4954
Email: info [at]

2017 Project – 2017 is when the JFK Act of 1992 requires all of the remaining government records related to the assassination of President Kennedy to be released to the public, unless specifically withheld by the President. The National Archivist is to certify to the President that all of the JFK Assassination records are now public. We will be organizing a series of events around this date in order to try to generate the remaining records be released before then.

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Unknown said...

This calender is a glaring indictment of the justice department of the united states and is a clear indication that the "evil" inclinations of a small segment of humans has and continues to thwart the development of humanity on this planet. The fact that life on earth could be a heavenly experience for virtually all its' inhabitants is being actively subverted by psychopathic members of the so-called privileged class. This cannibalistic behavior seems to expose a flaw in the evolutionary process of life, and the fundamental folly of education, and points to the eradication of mankind from the universe by his own stupidity. The greedy, the self aggrandized, the self righteous, and the self made fail to see that they are the biggest fools of all.