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Disrali Gears -Truth in Action

Disrali Gears - Truth in Action - The Legal Imperatives in the Case of the Murdered President

By William E. Kelly, Jr

The fiftieth anniversary of the assassination presents of President Kennedy is the last chance for truth and justice for JFK, as witnesses die, the public loses interest and the case slowly fades from a cold case homicide to an historical anomaly that may remain unsolved and justice never served.

One of the main characters in the JFK assassination drama, David Atlee Phillips, besides writing his autobiography “Nightwatch - 25 Years of Peculiar Service,” also wrote a spy thriller novel called “The Carlos File,” and “Money, Sex, Scandal,” a work of non-fiction on the true-crime Cullen Davis murder case.

As a  Fort Worth, Texas native, it was like a homecoming for Phillips to return to Texas to write about the trial, and he sought out the counsel of an old family friend who he refers to as “the Old Judge,” and quotes saying: 

“Knowing (who) is innocent or guilty would only resolve another murder case,” he quotes the judge as saying. “The thing that matters … is the integrity of the law, the conduct of the process. That’s what matters! Disraeli defined justice as truth in action, and I’m still trying to locate the truth in action…” 

-         David Atlee Phillips – Quoting “The Old Judge” in “Money, Sex, and Scandal – the Great Texas Murder Trials – A Compelling Account of the Sensational T. Cullen Davis Case.

“Knowing who is innocent or guilty would only resolve another murder case. The thing that matters is the integrity of the law, the conduct of the process....justice as truth in action.”

When it comes to the assassination of President Kennedy, the integrity of the law has been ignored, the conduct of the process violated, justice avoided and truth lost, and no one seems to want to rectify the situation.

As every official inquiry has shown, the government does not want to know the truth in the assassination, and therefore refuses to follow the constitutional requirements to resolve such a crime - dishonors the integrity of the law, and neglects to put the truth into action.

Rather than a third class crime that can be legally ignored with the words of a falsified official report, the murder of the president must be considered a terrorist act against the office of the presidency, and all of the powers available must be put to use to resolve the crime.

Today, the assassination of any public official would be met with a Joint Agency Task Force, a special prosecutor assigned to handle the case, a special grand jury convened to examine the evidence and witnesses and in Obama’s words, “the full weight of the government” should be pressed against those who committed this crime. 

If those individuals responsible for the actions of the government today refuse to do it, then it must be done by private individuals on the their own - and in this time and place, it can be.

Towards that end,.....

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