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Previous Legal Actions Taken in the Assassination of JFK

Previous Legal Actions Taken in the Assassination of President Kennedy

1-         JFK’s body removed from Parkland Hospital and Dallas before an autopsy. This was reportedly settled when the Dallas Coroner recognized the President’s physician Dr. Burkley as maintaining the chain of possession of the body if he stayed with it until the autopsy was done. (He didn’t, he left the body for the swearing in aboard AF1)

2-         Oswald charged with the murder of JD Tippit.

3-         Oswald charged with the murder of the President

4-         Jack Ruby Charged with the murder of Oswald

5-         There may have been a grand jury indictment of Ruby since Ruth S. of the Dallas Committee on the 50th reportedly served on this grand jury even though her family knew Ruby.

6-         Congressional Investigation threatened or began but was put off by:

7-         Executive Order establishing the Warren Commission, which was responsible fore issuing a report on the assassination.

8-         Warren Report Issued – Sept. 1964

9-         New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison convenes grand jury that indicts Clay Shaw.

10-         Clay Shaw trail in New Orleans ends in acquittal of Shaw

11-         Shaw indicted for perjury by Garrison, which was dismissed.

12-         Executive Order establishing the Rockefeller Commission, responsible for issuing a report on post-Watergate intelligence agency abuses.

13-         Congressional investigations sparked by the Watergate scandal included a number of significant congressional inquiries including

14-         Pike Committee - House of Representatives                     
15-        Senate Church Committee Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Activities (SSCIA)

16-         Schweiker-Hart Subcommittee of Church Intelligence Committee SSCIA

17-         House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) 1977-78

18-         Association of Former Intelligence Operatives (AFIO) David Atlee Phillips files libel suites against Liberty Lobby (Mark Lane), Washingtonian Magazine (Fonzi) and in UK against Anthony Summers. Not all cases carried out in court.

19-         JFK Act of 1992 established the temporary agency ARRB

20-         Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) 1994-95

21-         Congressional Oversight Hearing on JFK Act extended life of ARRB by one year. 1996

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